Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Another momentous day for the perps when they allow me to use my new power supply unit (PSU) in this PC, a fanless Seasonic 460W, Gold energy efficient and all the rest of it. We shall see when the power bill comes in, though the assholes have been known to jack with that for its own sake.

And as this was the second shop visit in two weeks, the first a "warm up cookie" with the old 900W fan PSU, which they "forgot" to give back to me along with the Seasonic goodies that came with the new one, like all the wire harnesses. Funny how that happens, but they didn't forget to give me back the Antec Veris bay insert, though they somehow "forgot" to pull it out last time as instructed. Much fuss and bozo games over that, the person making out that it was software and then they couldn't find it. What does it take to ask for crissakes, never mind that I supplied a panel to cover the empty bay. Other missing things at this shop in the past were my reciept for the CPU that was in the box; it somehow went missing, another possible exploitation ruse, because if it goes then how do I prove that I purchased it? Endless FUD and permutations and combinations thereof.

The putative problem that slowed down this PC was Avast anti-virus software, though the jury is still out as it could slow down anytime, and there will be another $150 pissed away over this PC. And it still too early to tell if this PC really got fixed, as it is less than an hour since I got back from the insane gangstalk show that went with it. A prior trip to Walmart with my mother, and then she insisted on getting coffee there to then bring in the PC repair shop, sitting there while I was at the test bench with the technician (fugly red curly hair- much Unfavored), running come commands and applications to supposedly test this PC. I suppose it was all about the fact that my mother was on the other side of the wall with the coffee in hand, and I was looking at a different display device, a CRT instead of this LCD. Given the number of times I get hounded with cell phone display panel gazing Fuckwits, I suppose this was a more elaborate version, and having me a block away at the new oversized Walmart with my mother for 40 minutes and the senseless parade of freaks that travelled around me in the store was all part of the "location stalking". In other words, keeping me in close proximity (less than a block) to the PC repair shop at the new mega-Walmart (first time I had been there) was all part ot the scene, my mother as the FFF quisling accompanying me, and plenty of Fuckwits passing between us, all duly scripted and coordinated. And what was the fucking deal with all the grannies in various blue colors constantly dogging me, and posing all over the place? But at least the store had wide aisles and wasn't the usual constricted stores I get here where I live.

Back in 2005-06 they had me put in a fanless PSU in my PC that then became the one that I gave to my mother when the joint PC rebuilds were arranged in 10-2009. I ended up with a new 900W PSU that was installed four months ahead of the the rebuilds in 07-2009, and I assume this was important for the new PSU to get some "fallow time" in before the rebuilds were conducted in 11-2009. My mother got my old DVD drive, motherboard, memory and PSU and a new hard drive, graphic board and a case. So she has many of my hand-me-down components from my old PC in hers, and mine was all new save for an old hard drive I kept, and as mentioned, the PSU installed four months in advance. A long way of saying that the PC PSU is an item of huge importance to the perps, and that includes all its wires, wire coverings, harnesses, internal electronic components and its fan. Based on past history, the perps need me to have a fan in the PSU for a few years, and then they don't want me to have one for a few more (18 months since the 900W one was put in). So now, my mother and I each have fanless PC PSUs, and I assume, for some kind of harmonization/comparison between the two devices. It never ends, all this technical interest, not to mention that of the perps' interest in the colors of everything, including wire and cable insulation.

Still functioning at a high capacity, no slowdowns so far. But outrageous incursions, such as not letting me take an item from my pocket, and other finger fumbling today, upping the rage-fication to at least 30 so far. Each time I am about to move, from this desk to the kitchen, they crank me up, then when in the kitchen they do the same by one of their many provocations (e.g. sending me to the wrong drawer, cupboard etc. jabbing me for no reason or of no conventional cause), and then again when in the bathroom, another multiple plunging shit, and recalcitrant shit on the plunger and then after it was cleaned, why, they put some more on for me to clean off yet again. Endless insane provocations just to get me screaming infuriated, which is their first and seemingly favorite play. And we are not done yet.

The Google settings, the Firefox tab history lost on restart setting is still getting fucked and of course none of the Google found solutions are working.

And this infernal planted ideations over Dremel tools, those small handheld rotary cutting tools and shaping burrs. For months they keep planting the notion that I should get such a tool to sharpen up the new coarse grater that has dull teeth, even if it is an expensive Microplane that made their reputation on sharp graters due to their proprietary metalworking methods. I have never owned a Dremel, not for any particular reason but that I was never exposed to their multiple uses and that I was never into the fine detailing and wordworking they are typically used for. So finally, I look these tools up online and survey the models, the cutting burrs and attachments as well as the prices and local availibility, a whole two hours worth. But what is the point of that? If, and a big if, I am allowed to find a coarse cheese grater that has sharp teeth so it doesn't tear up the cheese, then it would be a whole lot cheaper than pissing around with a Dremel tool ($100+) and attachments, and make myself open to further insane abuse/exploitation as I haven't owned or used one before, and the perps would be sure to drive me stark raving mad, just like any other new tool of any complexity. And this whole ridiculous exercise would never have started if they let me follow my own predilections in not purchasing the Microplane coarse grater in the first place, as they wanted me to know it wasn't very sharp unlike their other graters, and they had me buy it anyways. The simplest fucking things end up being this chain of senseless sabotage and tangents they script in this bizarre and uneconomic string of known sabotage abuses they typically have laid out for me.

And for saying the above, I get the ceiling (12" concrete and steel) pounded overhead and get to scream at them again to shut the fuck up. The big deal seemed for them to get the noise through my earmuffs, and once I took them off, most of the pounding stopped.

More extreme rage over forced typos, and this will be then end of today's blogging on the abuse they have applied. They have gone totally beserk today, likely because of this new PSU and all the electromagnetic differences it brings, and I will assume more tomorrow. The assholes have also cancelled yoga for tomorrow, the third week in succession, but at least it was in advance.

Blogging off for now,and on with whatever insane abuses and fuckery are going to come down. Maybe by then I will be allowed to recount how I spent my no-PC time and the reading topics that they have given me. There are some very definite themes over spying and espionage, and I have no idea why they are so fixated that I am to read about it so often.


Anonymous said...

As a TI, I've found that trips to Walmart were plenty scary. That's where they "cultivate" their new fuckwits, so to speak. Even trips to the mall weren't as bad lately. Sure the mall had some scary types there, but the Walmart is always the scariest. Plus, Walmarts I've been to have people in the parking lot doing skits and "watching". I've been getting a lot more of smirking fuckwits in their idling parked cars listening to the radio at a volume I can hear from outside, for whatever reason. Always a dumbass with a smirk or fake smile on his face.

The freaks I see, well, I'm not sure where they get these types. I figured they have a special "Freak Garden" where they cultivate and grow them, and when ripe, pick them and send them out on gangstalking duty. Maybe they grow them at Walmart, in a hidden aisle. When they're "ready, they go out and gangstalk you at Walmart. And once experienced enough in the gangstalking trade, they send the freaks out on the street.

AJH said...

Answer to: As a TI, I've found that...

I generally avoid Walmarts give the economic suckdown wreckage trail they leave. It was my mother who needed to go to a nearby shopping mall, and this was near my PC repair shop. As it is not nearby, it will be a once/twice per year visitation, if that. But this Walmart is one of their superstores, groceries and the whole bit, so it was as much a tourist event as anything else. But I have to say, the local LD store's prices are looking rather high by comparison. We shall see where this one goes, as I was encumbered to some degree with my mother's presence, though likely the real reason the perp show was all over me there.

As for the freakshow that abounds wherever I go in public, and also visits me on TV (once per week that I watch), and online if I don't have it AdBlock-ed, there is sufficient consistency as detailed in the Favored and the Unfavored classes/demographics blog posting to the right, that it seems to be largely about displaying visages of each of these in varying combinations that relate to subconcious traumatization associations during my memory-deleted years of age 2 to 5 y.o.
After many freaks on the city bus today, and when walking in downtown, I purchase a black undershirt for farm work next week, and head out, and lo, if there isn't the blonde babe thrusting her jaw out in an attractive way (like for a kiss, though 20' away), and he has this freaky black toque with earflaps on. And it seems that toques are OK, but the earflaps are, to me, a little freaky. Where this came from I don't know, as I never had these kind of "reactions" prior to 04-2002, when they went overt/beserk on me, and are still, keeping me in a living in hell on earth. Anyhow, this is just an example of sometimes hundreds in a day, especially like the aforementioned Walmart visitation, where they mix a little of freaky (Unfavored) and a little of the attractive (Favored, blonde girl) in one person. Though, for most of the Walmart visitation yesterday, it was more of all-freak (e.g long grey haired male with wood staff and big hat) and then immediately diverting my visual field to an attractive person nearby. Thanks for the comments.