Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Start Up the Vacuum Cleaner

The apparent new management of this apartment building is heavy on the vacuuming, especially outside my door, as if I haven't had enough of that particular noise and phenomenon intrusion for the past eight years. From extra suck-trucks to mobile vacuum services to the vaccum cleaner, all bringing vortex action to the TI, me in particular. And the new flavor of operation is to have multiple interuptions with hallway chat. That EM spike from turning motors on and off, interspersed with amygdala processing specific banter. It seems from the myriad stunts around vacuum cleaners, from truck size drain cleaner machines on down, the harassment technologies are enhanced by localized vortices, giving credence to the many esteemed researchers' (Kozyrev, Nachalov) theories that never seem to get the respect they deserve. Makes we wonder about science, especially when it goes into vituperative convulsions over, say, "cold fusion", whose main "crime" wasy being assigned the wrong name, getting unrelenting condemmation from the supposed objective scientific thinkers of our age. Others have noted in hindsight, that Fleischmann and Pons should of got a Nobel Prize for discovering a new energy source, but  lets not go on another conspiratorial round. My all time favorite example of scientific self-denial/avoidance is the paper, "How I Control Gravititation", by Thomas Townsend Brown in 1929. It should of rattled the scientific establishment and taken science in a whole different direction, but instead, sits ignored as a curiousity. And so it goes; you have heard me before on this topic. Funny how it keeps coming back.

I got some "sticky" gangstalkers this morning, ones that kept on re-appearing at each aisle and location checkout, this roundelay of Fuckwits and their particular Unfavored aspects; two large women, the shiftless semi-vagrant males, the curly haired and the geriatric open mouthers as some examples. Then one houndog on my ass at LD reprised himself twice more at the local supermarket, as I made a rare double shopping trip, getting the Rx filled, (now replete with both red AND yellow warning labels on the bottles), getting chocolate, new trays for the cleaning sponges as the prior ones erupted with rust "from" their four small chromed rivets, milk and other items. For weeks the perps have been fouling my face cloths with scuzz that won't come off in the laundry, and then skunked me out of getting bleach at the LD store today, and then "forgetted" me about getting an alternative at the supermarket, usually having a small selection of "green" products that LD doesn't. All these planted notions over the past three weeks, and one unsuccessful attempt, to get my white items white again, and then they screw me around over aquiring the bleaching solution. The perps tell me that bleach is too overpowering for the chemical ether; ask me if I care.

An hour nap from 1600 to 1700h; the same deal as the past four naps,- put-on-the-deep-olive-green-sweater either before or after the nap. This week's T-shirt color is navy blue, last week was black, so it would seem the perps are using their very favorite entre colors to continue their games of garment color combinations. That my mattress is a deep navy blue also helps their cause, and I can be sure that early stage gangstalkers are wearing these colors, as well as packing yellow envelopes or wood.

This morning's exit from the building was a total jerkaround, with the red-coated Fuckwit bantering with the managers at their lobby office with another red-dressed Fuckwit still remaining, who then departs just ahead of me, and then they call him back so he puts on the dither in the open doorway, blocking my egress at first for at least 3 seconds, and finally responds to me standing there with a grimace and thinking "fucking asshole", to begrudgingly allow me personal space to exit the building. Just another doorway antic, this time in red and a red reference Fuckwit left in place. No doubt they were there for a half hour or longer if past knowledge of their games is accurate.

Other goings on have been the hallway banter outside my door later, and it even was ramped up when I did laundry in the laundry room. For some reason someone had left the ordinarily locked door open for me to hear the dude talk (banter) from the supposed tenants in nearby apartments. Regular readers will know that I contend there are no tenants in this 140 suite building, as it is consistent with past locations that were bereft of tenants, especially in adjacent apartments. (And most notable for fire emergencies that once erupted with regularity). Whatever it is that they are beaming at me at whatever intensity it is, they don't want anyone else around me for overnight. Even the neighbors around the First Feral Family house seem strangely absent when I visit on my usual Sunday afternoon through Monday morning. And I know they are beaming me magnetic energy, as I measured the magnetic field in 2008 to be over 1600 Gauss, up from 200 Gauss in 12-2002. Though I suspect there is much more to being irradiated as I appear to be, possibly unconventional energetics, though not ionizing radiation (apha, beta gamma etc).

Onto more music tonight, and I will blog-off for now.


Anonymous said...

I remember in the early days (2005), they used to send in the raging crazies to scare the daylights out of me.


Warning: bad language in the clip.

One girl came in after closing, insisted on being closed, and started launching into an f-word laced diatribe, just like this "Iron Sheik" character here. I believe this is an act all the way. If not, there is something wrong here. I can't see any evidence of this "Ultimate Warrior" character anywhere. Presumably, he's in the direction the "Sheik" is yelling and spewing venom, yet there is no evidence he is actually there.

I believe this "Iron Sheik" guy is formal perp shill. He started this "raging" act in 2006, when the perps were going overt on me. I'm sure the perps want me to see his act on YouTube. Note the foreign-ness as well as the brown-skin reference, as well as the mustache and bald head. To complete the Unfavored, we have the shaved/bald head.

For some reason, the perps love to expose me to the word "fuck" a lot. I guess they are testing my aversion to such expletives. Of course, the perps know I used to watch wrestling a whole lot, and of course, it makes sense to get one or two doing their "shill" work.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the perps have used profanity-laced tirades by shill as part of their "act". I suppose it could be a test of favored/unfavored traits. That was a hallmark of theirs in 2005/2006. They have other "unfavored" words they like to have gangstalkers throw at me. They one guy who whose perp-scripted act included being mad at me for something, and then having him drive past me yelling "Fuck you!" with the window down, just like the Sheik was doing in that clip. In those days, they'd have a boyfriend/girlfriend get into a heated argument, and then have me witness the girl getting shoved and slapped around by the boyfriend. And they still continue these "conflicts", including one recent one, where the boyfriend comes in and confronts the "cheater" girlfriend. The guy kept saying "you're a slut!", but all the while, he was surprisingly friendly towards me. Either something's wrong with the guy, or it was an act. There was a "violent confrontation", where the same two, who were working in this hole-in-the-wall fast-food joint, disappeared into the back. The guy was screaming at the top of his lungs, but when I asked the girl, she looked scared and kind of hinted that it was an act, but I didn't have to run my mouth about witnessing it. It sounded like he was going to brutally beat the living daylights out of the girl. I did a little reviewing of the perps' tactics, and they apparently like to have screaming conflicts between two people in public, which appears to be headed towards violence. Odd now I realize all of those "about to erupt in violence or murder" acts were yet more perp stunts. Of course, they want these things done right, and they really had me fooled, except for one time in '06. That one production had a guy/girl yelling at each other, as in he was trying to force her to get into the car, but she was yelling and refusing. This was happening as I was walking past the two. As I got further away, the fight started dying down, and they were just standing there, laughing while they were talking. When I came back around again, I was approaching the two again, and they started up with the "get in the car!!!" arguments again. And after I passed, the girl got in, gently closed the car door, as did the guy, and he calmly drove off.

I know it's a classic perp stunt, having one shill acting all berzerk like he's going to harm someone. But it's all an act. Likewise, the about-to-turn-violent arguments between two people. The perps even had one guy punch his girlfriend in the arm repeatedly, under the guise of, well, he's real tough, and she likes it. He asked me if I wanted to "fight" him, and I told him to fuck off, and he got scared and left me alone. I knew he was a perp shill, and I wanted no part of his act.

All of this was just bullshit.

AJH said...

Answer to: I remember in the...

Ah, yes, the F-word. Don't I know that, as it is embedded with my regular vocabulary usage in reaction to the myriad fake touches, jabs from nowhere, and the rest of the constant physical adversity in which I exist (am subjected to). So it must be important for the perps, using it as a noun, adjective and all the other syntactical constructs for which I am ignorant of.

Also, the perps do like to arrange circumstances where one person is in jepardy; this raises one's fear alert center, an brain region they have a particularly strong interest as it is so deep at the brainstem. Also, empathy with the victim is also incurring certain psychic energetics they wish to elicit, and thereby remotely detect; maybe the psychic energetics/consciousness of human empathy. The perps are so consistent, and it does make me ponder if our entire world isn't arranged around their covert research agenda, especially the more variable and devastation weather events like floods that are presently occuring in both N. and S. hemispheres simultaneously. Just my conspiratorial take of course. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Of course, the perps have...

I have witnessed more than a few mock (or perhaps real) rows in the street, and it is most odd to me that everyone passing by has their head down, pretending it isn't happening. Again, I sense there are some elemental psychic energies of human (and animal) interaction that the perps are attempting to elicit, not to mention raising the fear level of the participants. Thanks for the comments.