Friday, January 07, 2011

All Over Town

Yet another call from the ISP and cable company, attempting to get me to get TV service. I had told them I don't have a TV and don't want one at least a year ago, and the person said they would record that detail so I don't get called again. Such luck, and it seems that their calls are also timed for the moment like all the others. Moments like supreme interest in a particular product that I encounter online, or when updating my knowledge of something. Earlier, my mother called just after I had put a tortilla on to cook in the frypan, timed to get me out of the kitchen for a few minutes with the next ingredients out on the countertop.

And a major Fuckover day, with at least 30 rage-ifications, and double that for lesser jerkarounds. First my brother did his "hurry up" to arrive at his place by bus, the asshole reneging on giving me a ride. Then the city bus freakshow, ringed by at least six dudes who were heavy on the looking stupid act, one with the proverbial coffee in hand, aka the Coffee Corps. I got at least two unwarranted starings on the bus by passing Fuckwits. And the redcoats again, and even if it was still raining, at 2.5 days worth, some in red shirts no less and no umbrella. It seems they like to get close to me with the umbrella, bathing in its aqua blue color.

And maybe the perp excitement was all about getting me out after an night on my just-laundered bedsheets, in keeping with their fascination with my laundry and the seeming energetic effects of sleeping on it.

The perps even kept me in place as the bus was coming into the bus stop by having a coin leap out of my hand and at my feet, and then they dumped a large splash of water 6" up from the pants cuffs. Good trick that, as they could only pull it off by keeping me frozen so I would not get the coin while the bus was moving next to me.

I get the training session on caring for in-town brother's cat and house while he and his Thai girlfriend are on holidays for four weeks. I cannot imagine them travelling as they don't seem together in the first place. All the Christmastime advice he got was to cut her loose so he wouldn't be had up for spousal support of a common-in-law wife. He still doesn't get it, and has no idea of what a supportive spouse is like. Having had native Indian girlfriends and live-ins before, it seems to me it is all about the brown skin, on behalf of the perp's intense interest in the color brown, skin tones being part of their research.

Then my brother gives me a ride to the bus stop, and still no buses after 10 minutes, which if most odd for that route, so I suppose it was about the gangstalking wierds, one cretin in particular was doing his back and forths and then got progressively closer with each pass until I moved. Then a pink and red dressed gaudy act came to the bus stop, then a native Indian couple of obesers, and still no bus. And lo, if said in-town brother doesn't come by, and I get a ride downtown. Another major vehicular gangstalking show was on for the ride, and then he strangely pulls off to the L side of a one-way street to let me out into traffic packed around his vehicle, one being a trash hauling truck that also "happened" to be passing by the bus stop before he came. Then to the LD store to get a bus pass, replete with untold numbers of Fuckwits, though not a bad as last night. I get my consort of dudes in and out of the store, especially before entering and exiting, with one in lead-ahead gangstalk mode when I departed. Regular readers will know that the perps also have an insane obsession over my wallet contents and the plastic cards in it, and of course, the magnetic stripe on some of them, the monthly bus pass being one. I haven't had a bus pass since 10-01-2010, three months, so I suppose this was sufficient "fallow time" to try it again for whatever the fuck they are looking for. I have had inumerable wallet thefts in the past, and they still won't come out of the closet and declare what is so fascinating about my wallet contents, especially the colored bills we have here. In the past month, they let me have red $50 bills in my wallet, the first time since 2003 when the ATM's suddenly stopped dispensing them.

Then back to my place with my gangstalking entourage and just-stand-theres (with coffee in hand), and even door service and lobby gangstalking in place before I took the stairs up to my sixth floor apartment. I had an early lunch as I had a doctor's appointment at 1300h, so back to the city bus freakshow again.

Then I got screwed in having the correct lunch ingredients on hand, more cognitive sabotage, "thinking" I had tortillas on hand which I didn't, only a frozen package and no microwave to thaw them. By then the oil was heating up in the frypan, so I had to settle for the meat and tapenade ingredients only. I have been through this many times, when back in 2006 it would never happen as they then couldn't screw with my recall as to what food I had on hand in the kitchen. Now, they can screw with my recall of every specific kind and duration (short, medium or long term).

Then with new bus pass in my wallet, I waited for the bus to then get a double decker freakshow, with some relief on the upper deck. It is like being a Fellini movie and seeing all these oddities assembled in one location. Then the dudes started arriving stop by stop until ringing me again, one also doing coughing duty, timed to bus noises. And after pressing the "next stop" button I didn't get a bell sound, and when in the aisle to see if the light was on, why a Fuckwit was coming at me and blocking the light for "next stop". Nicely arranged by stopping the bell from ringing. So I had to sidestep this Fuckwit in white camo and blue shoes, surely another arrangement, as they had a white camo coated woman next to me at the bus stop who arrived noiselessly to then sit on the bench with a significant vibration.

Then a trail of four dudes outside the doctor's office, and then at least that many again inside, one on just-stand-there duty with his brown outfit and his red ballcap in hand, standing in the middle of the reception area. And as it "so happened", the appointment date got screwed with, and it was for the 17th and not the 07th, and so this jaunt across town was totally pointless from my perspective. All to have me use the bus and pay with coins, and then a in-town brother visit to get me more exposure in advance of getting the bus pass, and then a bus pass paid trip going the opposite direction, and all for naught.

I walked back into downtown as there was an inexplicable lack of buses returning, though choked with waiting passengers (read, Fuckwit gangstalkers) at the bus stops. At one location a Fuckwit was standing in mid-sidewalk bending over and attending to his grocery bags at his feet. He then stood up to putz with his cell phone as I got closer. I walk past this freak another 40' to the intersection and wait for the traffic signal. And when in mid-crossing, the Fuckwit runs up behind me scaring the shit out of me, making out that he wanted to get across faster than I did, all for him to wait at the adjacent traffic light. Then he tails me from the other side of the street for one block.

Then to the local supermarket, with my brown dressed entourage in front of me, and a dude cluster at the front entrance. I go extra distance to get a shopping basket because some fucker's ass was next the usual stack, and then went onto the tortilla section. I had to pass through the cooked chicken counter, and there was this trio of dudes each in ballcaps, mustering in some choreography. I attempted to get through, but was obstructed, and had to wait for these total wierds, all about the same height and build, and pretending to shop while they did their clusterfuck dance. I have been swarmed before, and I suppose this was the first in-store swarming with such a uniform looking crowd. Anyhow, I made various trips back across the store due to "shortages", Fuckwits on my ass or pre-stationed where I intended to go. Anyhow, I was glad to get out of there.

Continuing adversity with objects pulled from my grasp, water flickings, and so many things "going wrong". At least 50 rage-ifications today, screaming at the assholes at every turn due to provocational extra-conventional abuses.

Even tonight's CD copying and compressing efforts have been fucked with software glitches and never-before behaviors, often forcing me to do things differently, as well as "errors" in file naming, metadata naming. A fucking brutal day, and I am still intensely pissed over all this insane adversity I am being put through.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of wallet-thefts... I had an experience where my wallet had fallen out in the restroom at the one building on campus. My parents had given me a large amount of cash, and I had it in my wallet. As I was walking across campus, I started to realize that my wallet was gone. I went back to where I thought I lost it, and it turns out it was there, in the men's room at the "Forum" building on capus. Well, it was laying right in front of the toilet. When I picked it up, and checked inside, I discovered that some bastard had taken all the money, and left the wallet. I was pretty pissed.

That was back in 1990 or 1991, and I have not forgotten that moment.

Anonymous said...

"Yet another call from the ISP and cable company, attempting to get me to get TV service. I had told them I don't have a TV and don't want one at least a year ago"

Me too.
a rep from the cable company came to my house. told him I was not interested cause I dont watch or own a television. then I was asked by the neilson tv ratings company to become a neilson family. Ha ha!! dont let them rile ya up.

AJH said...

Answer to: KDJ said..."Yet another call from....

I know, there is always an excuse for a telephone intrusion, and the ISP is fairly innocuous, seen as wanting to extend their reach for more services. BUT, all my incoming phone calls seem to "happen" at key perp moments; heightened interest over a web story that I am reading, just after changing my clothes and so it goes. An EMF intrusion, plus holding the plastic reciever next to one's ear. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to; Speaking of wallet-thefts...

Wallet thefts have been a regular item for a long time, about once per two years. The most mysterious one was about 1991 when I went to the ATM and got $200 and went back to work. On account of my chiropractor, I had my wallet in my jacket pocket and not my pants pocket. I was at my desk next to where my jacket was for the entire afternoon, save a five minute visit to the washroom. When I left for the day, a notion came on to check for my wallet, and it was gone. It was totally inexplicable until recent years when teleporting objects has become an every day event, and that there is an overseeing and orchestrating malevolent force. The last wallet got washed in the laundry and was trashed, so all but one of eight or so were thefts. The incremental color density by adding bills in a stack is a big deal for the perps, especially if in a wallet in one's back pocket. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I have had some experiences with leaving various items in my pockets, so the objects wind up going through the wash. Most of the time, it was stuff like coins: usually quarters and pennies. But up to 2006, I was actually "forgetting" to take out my wallet, and the bills got "cleaned" as well as my other ID cards and credit cards. Other times, it was car keys and/or house keys. There have been plenty of incidences of me not noticing I had left my keys in my front pocket. On rare occasions, when I used to have a Motorola Star-Tac cell phone, that got washed a few times, too. Surprisingly, that cell phone worked OK: it just got a little "cleaner".

I believe leaving electronic items in the wash is a big deal, like maybe USB thumb drives, but I haven't managed to do that yet. I'm sure they'll try that stunt, though.

Anonymous said...

That one wallet contents theft was a little strange, as it was Saturday, and there weren't any classes. Very few people were in that building, except for me. Yet, someone was there to raid my wallet. And the chances of that were very very low. Maybe it was a coincidence, or someone could've been "on alert" that I was in the restroom, and went there after I left, and did the wallet-raiding. I think it's a very strange occurrence, however. The odds of someone being in the restroom after me were close to 0.1 %.

When I look back over the years, I had strange things happen to me that look like gangstalking. For example, in 1989, while at University, there was an Asian student (20') jogging very slow, in her regular clothes, and that is exactly what gangstalkers do regularly to me now. Then there was a big, muscular black dude, with a thick chain around his neck. He was looking all strong and menacing, yet he inexplicably tripped on the sidewalk, when there was nothing to trip on. Then, I had the student "jamming" to music on their portable radios. The one dude was "rapping" to a song he was listening to.

Those are just a few odd things that stand out, when I look back in time, knowing that now I am fully targeted. There are more, but I wasn't really looking for them or consciously aware of that the fact that, possibly, these odd things going on around me could be the result of a well-orchestrated machine.

I could go on. There were so many. There were numerous incidents that happened on weekends, like dudes hanging out in the alleyway, looking like they were thugs, staring me down. By that time, it was 1991. And one idiotic asshole was yelling insults from his balcony, trying to provoke me into a rage by yelling insults. I had been at a bar, called the "Brewery", which home-brewed their own beer. And it was very dark, the beer, and it didn't really suit my friend and I very much. Now, putting things together, maybe the dude yelling at me from his apartment was planted there as a gangstalking moment following drinking the home-made (dark colored) beer.

The "Story" is that the dude was at a party in a student's apartment, and he was yelling because of the "party atmosphere". But now I remember that he wasn't drunk, and I never saw the guy again. Odd for a college student never to be seen at a university campus after a weekend of reveling.

The perps tried to "re-enact" this event by having two of their fuckwits in a Gold sedan stick their heads out of the windows, yelling insulting things. The idea is that it was supposed to be the same dude, who was now getting "revenge" on me for that event back in 1991. But these were dudes around 20 or younger, so it couldn't have been him.

That is a constant thing with perps -- getting doppel "actors" of people in my past to portray things I was doing in the past. I just ignored the dickheads in the gold sedan, as I get gangstalked on that Street very often.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have had some experiences...

LOL, I had the "washed wallet" happen two years ago, which incurred getting a new wallet, one that was annoyingly smaller, but not enough to get a replacement. Just to think, with the perps' obsession over wallets and their contents, and with laundry, and why, one's wallet was accidentally laundered. Surely it must of been a perp research bonanza for their remote studies. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: That one wallet contents theft...

No question that adding wierds into one's proximate physical environment is part of the perp's research agenda. (More ether energetic interaction with waving arms and feet). And I would not be surprised that drinking alcohol also serves their purpose, maybe to the level of certain physiological processes they don't yet command, say, in one's kidneys.

The same, non-aged, doppelganger stalkers can occur multiple decades apart in my esperience. One strange over lipsticked biddy who I encountered a few times on the street when less than 10 y.o. "happened" to be passing by about three years ago almost five decades later, looking identical. Another obvious stalker at my last residence location (2007) who put on the charity helper act, was identical to a just-retiree at my office in 1977 in another city, looking identical. And he "happened" to be Scottish, in keeping with the ongoing perp Unfavored show I have come to know. I never heard the 2007 doppel speak to know if that particular accent was in use though. So... all these long ago batty acts were likely arranged for me in an attempt to elicit subconscious traumatization reactions in my case. Which makes me wonder what they did to me for the three years they wiped my recall, aged two to five. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they have ways of pulling memories out that we otherwise don't consciously remember. So that could explain the Doppels that "appear" decades later: to see if we can recognize their faces decades later. And of course, they may even change up their voices, or combine features (morph) with others we have met at any time past or present.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm guessing they have...

I suspect that the perps want to remotely detect all memories, both brain based, and likely body cells. The experiences of organ transplant patients strongly suggests there is memory in the organ that was transplanted from the deceased donor, including if applicable, the moment of violent death. This is true not just for heart transplants but other organs. And at the other end of the cellular memory spectrum, there are the Deepak Chopra types who suggest consciousness and memory in all live animal cells. This notion of cellular memory is a bit "out there", and I haven't researched this aspect very much. But it is interesting to note that if the perps invoke an Unfavored sight on a web page, (meaning, likely subconscious traumatization experiences), they will often spasm some of my muscles at the instant of viewing. Thanks for the comments.