Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cat Care Duty

 I have the ignominious duty of looking after my in-town brother's house kept cat while he is away in Thailand for the next four weeks. Cat care duty started today, with my perp-abetting mother coming along as she offered me a ride to get there, and then back to my place. Or, read in perp activity, come to gangstalk me while I was undertaking inaugural duties in cleaning cat dishes, and putting out new ones, and opening up the cat food and cleaning up his dirty sink. Not even a decent cleaning brush is to be had, so I don't know how he does his dishes.

I shouldn't of seemed too surprised last night on TV to see a program on cats, though I cannot recall exactly what it was, having been exposed to Byron Pitts of 60 Minutes last night, about the most disgusting sight on TV, looking like a real life alien, chinless as he seems. The perps tell me this is part of their traumatization emulation games, but I don't give a shit; if I don't like fugly faces I don't see why they have to keep putting them in my face.

And a stop at the local mall earlier as my mother's printer cartridge plugged up when half full, and a fair number of gangstalking vehicles as well as the dude-force swarms, them and their ballcaps. But the take-away silly sight was two dudes dressed in the same color coats, each getting out either side of the front seat of a vehicle in perfect unison/coordination, one blonde and the other redheaded. Like WTF; don't all these dudes have anything better to do than to pose to be seen for all of three seconds in a seeming "happenchance" glance, putting on the Unfavored redheads, coordinated dudes and adding a dash of Favored blonde-ness (though on females). But it seems the perps like to mix and match Favored and Unfavored features, and having worked me with female blondes (very Favored) gangstalkers for some eight years, plus prior setups with planted girlfriends (read, operatives), it would seem the perps wish to "borrow" some of the Favored features (blonde hair) to then augment their Unfavoreds, e.g. dudes without apparent job or task, but to loiter around or otherwise obviously look stupid and/or planted.

I am reading about Marilyn Monroe  from a used paperback (Godess, the Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe by Peter Evans), I bought before Christmas. The perps had started me on reading library books, (used books) back in the high intensity Fuckover years of 2002 and 2003, and had made sure I was heavily gangstalked at each library visitation. One book I got out had no prior borrowings and was a recent publication about a certain software titan. They would hound me with overhead noise all over my basement suite when I was reading, and eventually I had to give it up. So now, close to eight years later, they are testing me out again on reading used books, and presumably have arranged the prior borrowing personnel, very likely ones that I have encountered. And lo, if there isn't some pounding and clunking noises going on while I read these books, getting through my earmuffs. And I suppose the content is interesting for the perps, as they like to continue their grooming of JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and the entire late 1950's to mid-1960's era. All those intrigues, hired detectives, all the spin-doctors and publicity machinations of the day, and here IMHO, was the perps lurking behind it all, if not manipulating the players. Or at least, some of the time, as I am sure they didn't have the mind controlling abilities that I have come to know and loathe since they went overt/beserk on me in 2002 and which I have seen progressively improved since then, me the first backtest subject as well as the source subject.

And here is a find that might be useful for the uninitiated TI, a Practical Survival Guide to OSEH (Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment). I don't know this person, but it is full of useful tips, and may do for newbies, not meaning any disrespect. The perps wouldn't let me read the article for more than the first line per paragraph, putting me into "skip read" mode when I didn't want to be. That is how it goes these days; not being allowed to read blogs and anything else that of direct interest.

The downside of doing above cat care duty is that I get to have the associated smells of my in-town brother's place, ostensibly from the cat dwelling there for as long as it has, suddenly jammed up my noise as high perp interest moments. Such interest moments are when I am considering bookmarking a job posting, reading the job posting or otherwise entertaining a posted job's possibility as a fit for me. As I have mentioned many times, the perps have an abiding interest in the concepts of employment (or not), work, remuneration (pay, benefits) and all else that one would consider in reviewing job postings. They have also have me stoked for warehouse and drilling jobs, even if I have no experience with either. That is in addition to GIS, the IT trio of business analyst, data modeler and data analyst, and of course my "new" (read, perp managed) trade, farm worker (and now, the vineyard variant), courtesy of local seasonal work. And as part of the online job viewing experience, with the odd bookmarking of a job that seems to offer prospects for consideration, I get noisestalked at key moments, say, while bookmarking. As one can tell, this is all over the map, and at a minimum, is keeping two career avenues going, IT related and the laboring thing they promote with long running ideations about as to where I would live (including relocating), how I would get to work and otherwise function. Just more of the same, and to date, besides farm laboring, there has been nothing of any substance from any of these other careers, despite my efforts to restart the IT work with recent Oracle database training. Other ideations are to dismiss the job search effort altogether, knowing that whatever job comes next is orchestrated after substantial planning initiaves, and will follow both the long term plans and the day-to-day script. Presently, I get my disability allowance, so it seems that seasonal or part time jobs are still important for the perps.

Music ripping and the vexation of finding a metadata (tag) editor. Time to blog off.

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