Monday, January 03, 2011

Red & Yellow Dressed Negroes on the Bus

A city bus, (read, mobile gangstalk platform), freakshow this afternoon, and how. The two deep-black negroes that frequent the neighborhood were wearing red and yellow tops; talk about a red rag to a bull. I loathe red, and I loathe bright yellow, and I especially loathe the combination. Add in two male negroes (very high on the Unfavored list), and each of them wearing one color, and then putting them together across on the othe side of the bus aisle, where they fucked me into a transverse seat, and made sure I saw this ketchup and mustard show far more than I wanted. I turned some to look forward and eliminate them from my peripherial vision, but that plan got messed with as they sat someone beside me. They were on for about five stops and could of walked, but that doesn't stop the perps from putting on a freak show. And they even had others come from the front of the bus to the rear to sit where the red negro sat, and the woman beside me sat where the yellow one sat, across the aisle. Other bus bullshit were two dudes, serially, sitting next to me, both of hyperactive and with tendencies to nudge me, something that erupts every fucking time someone sits beside me on the bus. Fucking bullshit, not forgetting the negro that shoved me in the summer, and then tailed me to the farm job worksite, and even giving me another shove there to keep his agitating cred up.

Anyhow, I dropped off the Rx on the way back at the LD store, another major clusterfuck of gangstalkers in progress. It is a huge deal when any bill or other item is removed from my wallet, and in this case, the Rx paper had been next to the red $50 bill, and I suppose that must of been very exciting for the assholes. And they made sure to cover me with Fuckwits for the short walk back to this apartment, where the managers engaged me in a short conversation about my locker, something that had been in mind for the past two weeks or so, as I want to get the rest of the CD's out so I can convert them into digital files. Funny how the perps always know what is topical for me and have others bring it out through their set ups, most of which seem natural enough.

Overhead pounding some 10 minutes after tea-time with chocolate. That I have my earmuffs on doesn't make any difference, and even pounding the floor and shaking me in my seat is fair game too. On with the Monday show, and all the perp inanity it brings.
Other current action is to have male bellowing, like some kind of growling, all to make sure I am in an extra-alert state.

A in-apartment evening, even if I wanted to go to the LD store for my Rx and chocolate, as I am out. But no, a rare chocolate-less evening, and ditto for tomorrow's breakfast. They must be testing me for brown color irradiance without their props/games of having me eat chocolate. As if I haven't eaten enough this Christmas season, as it has been abounding at the First Feral Family house, and all the better that it be filled with odd colors, particularly red. They tried me on a mint green earlier, and white chocolate with regular chocolate filling. I didn't eat the chocolate with the red lines across it as I thought it was gross, and one can be sure they will try that again.

An evening spent putzing in attempting to convert music CD WAV files to Apple Lossless, to no avail, as I don't have an Apple. My daughter expressed an interest in Neko Case, so I will get the WAV files to her, but first I had to go through the machinations of Tag Scanner, Songbird, Winamp and Media Center to get the metadata, aka, "tags" (dumbshit name) attached. All that wasn't enough, as I ended up doing a copy/paste from Amazon on one of the two albums, and a manual fill in from the CD booklet on the other. It is very important to the perp assholes as to where I get my information from, and the nature of it (booklet, online, web metadata insertion etc), which explains why something so freaking simple becomes an evening-long adversity. Then metadata overwrite "happened" between the FLAC file and the WAV file, and other managed hiccups along the way. So back to modifying the artist name to prevent that, as Media Center, the best of the bunch, managed to interleave the FLAC and WAV song listings, making it problematic to select each kind separately. Thankfully I can get to the files, by Artist, by Album all separately, and so I could mess with the Artist name to make the WAV files appear as separate. All very complicated, and one can be sure the utmost effort was expended to make it be as problematic as possible.

Enough for a Monday, and to ponder how long they are going to keep me up, as this is a regular event post-FFF stayovers.


Anonymous said...

racist quack

AJH said...

Answer to: racist quack...

I am not intending any disrespect to any group, racial or otherwise. What I do note is the inordinant numbers of negroes that "happen" to arrive around me, often when banking or engaging in financial transactions, though in this case, this pair of red and yellow dressed brothers on the bus had a color based harassment. The last most census indicates less than 3% negroes in this city, and yet there are proportionately many more that are arranged as part of the gangstalking scene. That I cannot mention one racial group by name without incurring misplaced umbrage speaks to the self-censorial nature of unthinking buffoons. Next time use your name.