Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IT in the Cards?

A call from a recruiter of a software firm before lunch, a prime moment of perp interest. Nothing too dramatic, this call coming at least a week after I replied to their email, addressed as "Dear Candidate". I didn't take to this impersonal method, but who knows, after 7 years out of the Information Technology (IT) world where I was working, this might be just the way things are done. Though, in living this constrained and highly ordered existence, and the efforts they go to have me called by the wrong name, have someone talk about me in earshot, and otherwise cause introductions to be muffed and names immediately forgotten, I would not be too surprised to consider this impersonal note to be perp arranged. I cannot see the perps having me earn real money, have a decent job, and otherwise be a productive citizen. But true, they could incurr expenses and all manner of other costs, so it is difficult to say. If they won't even let me pick daffodil bulbs as a farmwork without screwing me around with placing teleported bulbs at my feet, then I really don't envision the perps being ready to sit back and have me permitted to be competent.

Which to me, what seems to be their agenda; sap or defeat anyone who is competent, and maybe those unfortuneate recent gun deaths in Tuscon, AZ had something to do with that. The issue of permitted competance is ongoing, as it seems they cannot let me even type without myriad typos and fingertip jabbings. So... maybe this IT recruitment is just an exercise in going to an interview in another city and going through the motions of being in the running. I haven't got a handle on why the perps are so obsessed over the concept of employment and job status, but suffice to say that it has been central.

And it is annoying the perps won't let me study Oracle material, get SQL practiced and generally capable; all to increase the "flail away" possibilities if I should start an IT job. I don't know where this is going, but given their long term plans and cautious spacing of IT training and possible employment of being a year apart, it seems the perps can wait this out, whatever "this" is, for many years to come, like five or more.

The crowd of freaks and hangers on for a 10 minute return to the LD store this morning was another example of how insane they are. It seemed the big deal was to have me backtrack and "forget" to get the three or four items in logical order, and have at least one, sometimes five, Fuckwits placed around the store locations I wanted to go to. I bought three four-packs of incandescent light bulbs as they are going to be banned her before long, and I had this leather jacketed woman hanging around me, not really doing any shopping as she kept flitting from one item to the next, including said lightbulbs. I had a surge of three seeming independent Fuckwits coming at me when I entered, and the smoke blowing (cigarette puffing) wheelchair Fuckwit on my ass when I arrived back. The latter motorized wheelchair act was stationed in the lobby when I exited, and I cannot see why these Fuckwits need to come down and smoke in the open air lobby when every apartment has a balcony. Besides, the Postal Delivery and one of the regular building loiterers did a "pinch in" by constricting my exit from the stairwell, barely allowing sufficient space to pass through the door, and so it goes. Building egress is a matter of supreme national security it would seem, though more like, international security given the fact that this kind of harassment occurs all over the world, and in two countries I have come to experience.

I had a blonde woman gangstalker at the first outbound intersection, doing her strut, and again when in the LD store, another one. She did a side profile to show how chinless she was and then a lead-ahead gangstalk down the aisle, where for the second time, I didn't find what I was looking for. More were on me at the end of the aisle, and another one was on me at the lightbulbs, per above. My 2x reprise leather coated gangstalker was on me for a third time at the checkout, and second instance of a red and grey horizontal striped hoodie dude was also on me there, getting way to close as I found out, but somehow I didn't notice him cruising or creeping in.

It seems to be a continuing objective of the perps to set me up all to find something intended to not be found. Today they put on five gangstalkers when I discovered at this near permanent void in the shelves that there were no Milka bars. Then when in the aisle where the light bulbs weren't to be found, being sent down the wrong aisle as I would ordinarily of remembered, they had more Fuckwits on me. And what is the deal with leather bomber coats these days?

A forced nap immediately following putting on my dark olive green acrylic sweater earlier at 1600h. A 1.25 hour long nap when I don't need them seems to be important for the perps, particularly this time of year and in association with this particular sweater on, or having me put it on immediately after the nap.

And I still feel that I haven't fully awakened after the nap, being somewhat slowed down and feeling sludgy. Been there, done that, too often.

The sirens have just started up for whatever reason, and more and more it seems to be coincident with planted notions, in keeping with their long standing games.

A tight jeans day today; either they got shrunk, or else I got bigger, or both. The perps did draw me into getting size 34 in 09-2009, over a year ago, but seem to have expanded me some in the last two weeks to make tight fitting pants part of their game show. I maintain that the perps can regulate body fat and proportions to a fine degree, and that is what they seem to be doing. The shutdown on any kind of fitness, beyond yoga once/week continues. They made it quite plain in 2003 that I wasn't to go running, and no swimming in 2004. Back in the pre-overt/beserk harassment days 1999 to 04-2002, I could not understand why I couldn't lose weight when I was doing fitness 3x/week, and nor could I understand why I couldn't put in more than 8 minutes of treadmill running. So it seems the assholes were meddling with me then, and this round of some 8.5 yyears of insane abuse confirms this. When doing the gym training from 2006 to 2008, they would sometimes let me run on the treadmills, and one of their focuses was on being able to screw my body memory. If 10 km/h was about my running limit, they would fuck my recall and have me set it at 11 k/h and then be able to dither my sense of feeling that it was faster. Eventually they succeeded so I "didn't notice" I was running faster than usual.

A brutal hour of fighting the assholes who were locking and hanging this PC while music ripping tonight. Even the Task Manager wouldn't display mostly, and if it did, it didn't take any commands. And it wasn't just the browser that locked up and froze, it was two other programs I use for ripping and tagging, to use the lingo that I was uncomfortable with.

The whole idea of the above stunt seemed to get me screaming infuriated with the headphones on, (read, magnets at my ears), similar to what they did last night, but they allowed me to make progress then and didn't jerk me around until midnight or so. But tonight, they were all over me, locking up web pages and even stripping out the music player from Myspace for some five artists in succession, and then forcing me to delete them from my bookmarks list.

Before that, they pissed me around as I wanted to copy some CD files, WAV format like the originals onto a DVD disc and three different programs would not let me, and stalled out over needing a blank CD when all I had were DVD's. Unless I am missing something important, I don't see why I cannot copy WAV files as data onto a DVD. Another jerkaround or else a knowledge management constraint the assholes have put on me. The masers and plasma beams are busy tonight, making this almost unreadable, so I will blog off for now.

Another screaming rage show after I found out how to copy music WAV files onto a DVD as the assholes went and copied the wrong files onto the first DVD. Naturally, nothing of the progress panel indicated such, until I queried the DVD. The perps have constantly sabotaged me for every DVD or CD I have every made, and not many because of it. Some discs won't burn even if they should, and re-examining the specs on the DVD drive, and some files won't copy, and endless permutations of jerkarounds. Even specialized software for UFT-8 (?) won't work, and the support personnel don't know why. Relentless and insane fuckery over the dumbest things.


Anonymous said...

Recruiters usually get in touch with me about positions in other states. Very rarely do recruiters contact me about positions close to my city or in my state. The last one had a position in Hartford, CT, which is 9 hours away. I've been trying to find a position closer to where I'm at. Maybe I will bite on the position in Hartford.

Also, I've gotten some pretty nasty directed conversations lately. This time, it was a reference to the killings in AZ, the lone shooter. It went something like: "Did you hear about that WACKO in AZ? This WACKO went crazy and killed 5 people, including a 9 year old girl". Everything was like WACKO this and WACKO that, yeah this deranged WACKO. Interesting how judgmental the perp abettors are. I find them very hypocritical. And yesterday, at a red light, got an idiot in a pickup truck (perp) behind me. When I looked in the rearview mirror, he was pointing right at me for the longest time.

Interesting that perps have abettors talk about wackos who kill people. In fact, maybe they are trying to hide the fact that the perps themselves are behind the "going crazy" lone shooter act, and he may have even been an operative "on a mission" to discredit TI's.

That guy in the pickup truck... I can tell he was trying to provoke me into giving him the finger or getting some sort of reaction. But he was definitely not worth it. And 2 minutes earlier, they had a guy on a bicycle, like a BMX racer bike, riding along a very busy highway, with an overpass overhead. Mouth was fixed open.

Interesting how the perps, everything they do is geared towards getting a reaction, instead of putting intelligent, competent people around me, they put losers trying to provoke me into a rage. It seems like the majority of people I come across fit this category.

AJH said...

Answer to: Recruiters usually get in touch...

I am not getting any local recruiter interest, that's for sure, so maybe they do want me to live in another town and suffer this same abusive inanity in a work situation, something like what they had me doing 1999 to 2002, before they went overt/beserk. Richmond is a suburb of Greater Vancouver (BC), the site of the company that expressed interest to interview me, so maybe the next gig is there, and working full time, two major transitions for me/them. The sickos have been hammering with all manner of scenarios if living there, and it is most tiresome, as I haven't got to the in-person interview stage yet.

Funny how the rude-dudes seem to know to point at you in public. The open mouther wasn't likely to beget a reaction, but as the perps noisestalk me endlessly over placement of food in my mouth, it seems that the food energetics (color, type, composition) has an immediate impact on neural energetics as it is so close to the brain when in one's mouth. And it seems that these energetic changes, as transitory as they maybe, are vital to the perp researchers, who seem to want a realtime energetic interaction model of all human, and more likely, all living organism's energetic interactions. This is huge, this harassment, given that they essentially own this town, and arrange all the civic works projects, and even building construction projects in concert with my comings and goings and residential location. Thanks for the comments.