Friday, January 21, 2011

PC Recovery Problems

After unloading $200 on hard drive analysis, and Windows reloading, one would think the problem fixed. No sirr, not allowed in TI World, as continued and erratic slow refreshes seem to occur as I type. More downtime ahead I expect. The technician went on and on about the removable drive tray for no seeming reason to me, especially when it hasn't been used much, so perhaps that is the next deemed culprit while all these display and presentation games keep erupting.

And for the second time today, the assholes like to rile me up at the cashier, this time at the supermarket. Some asshole comes in real close when I am waiting for the till tape, keeping me in place. Then the blonde babe cruises by real close as I am leaving, being made to be hot under the collar. Yesterday it was at the PC repair shop where the same Fuckwit that was there when I brought in in, also "happened" to arrive while I was at the cash desk, the asshole stopped and looking at my while I was tending to the carry strap. Then he says, "don't worry" after I glared at the asshole for the second time, to which I replied, "I am the one getting stared at, and I will figure what to worry about all by myself". What a fucking asshole, but these two episodes in two days tell me that they are still scratching around for whatever it is they are looking for whenever I make a financial transaction. Pissing me off at the checkout is just the latest escalation of dumbshit games. Get the shiv out, this could be interesting.

I had dual babe gangstalkers, one each side of me when purchasing crackers for the first time, and then the stocking/stalking Fuckwit cut the corner so his cart was aimed right at me, and he wasn't the least bit apologetic, even after I quietly called him an asshole. I don't do this ordinarily, but this was so fucking blatant that he deserved it or worse. Then two more Fuckwits, and a stocking/stalking cart were arranged around the milk that I get, and then to the checkout to get the fuck out of that wretched gangstalk scene. I am sure much more personal space encroachments are to come, and more to get me riled up in the process.

A mostly inside day today, the perps not even letting me get on with the alterations I need to take to the next block, having me "forget" again, something that has gone all week. And at least 10 episodes of cycling the lighting conditions this afternoon, all starting after I got back from the local supermarket. On with sunshine, then suddenly cloud, and then the same again with a more yellow light color, and more and uncharacteristically fast cycling from sun to cloudy to sun and repeat. Then they crashed my internet connection when I wanted to get back online after tea-time, 100g chocolate duly consumed.

Here is a snippet on brain research the perps like me to know about; "our brain stores expectancy-violating experiences as exceptions-to-the-rule". In other words, there is a neurological basis for first impressions being lasting impressions. I cannot think if the perps have tested me on this in the past, but I would not doubt it, and first impression odd behavior has been noted in the past.

More glitchy goings on, and when I attempted to load the Linux drive in the removable tray it wouldn't even boot up. Somehow, it got corrupted and messed with; there was enough boot information in the boot sector that it knew was version of Linux was loaded, and the file system, but it wouldn't boot up. Back to this nonsense again, for all the effort I made a year ago to have this PC multi-OS with a removable tray/drive. So if you don't hear from me for another week, you will know why. And why the perps need to have this PC taken down twice in a week is beyond me, but it might have something to do with the fact that I will send it back again, and having modified this one back to near original state.

Listening to music tonight, the CD's from a recent Amazon order. An order big enough to be split into three shippings. No doubt the perps like me to retrieve the brown cardboard parcel from the Post Office and walk the two blocks with it in hand. When I picked up the first parcel, adroitly delivered when I was out for an hour that day, picking it up at the PO, they arranged a city bus to be stopped 2/3 into the crosswalk just for me to walk in front of it, much closer than usual of course. It just astounds me the bullshit that goes on at any given instant when I am in public.

And I finally sucumbed to ordering a new Power Supply Unit (PSU) for this here PC, no matter if it may not be the problem with its recent strange behavior. The perps have been going on and on about it, planting it into mind dozen times per day or more. It is a fanless model, and they had me order and use the same kind from 2005 to 2009, now in my mother's PC along with other hand-me-downs like the motherboard, memory and DVD drive. It juist seems more and more that the perps like to "harmonize" all manner of things between her and myself, and this would be one more example.

Enough of my dulldom and to blog off for today.


Anonymous said...

I just watched CNN a short while ago, and they were showing a knee surgery in progress. Well, I was eating at the time, and had to change the channel, as I found it pretty sickening. They showed a knee reconstruction surgery in progress, and it looked like meat had been sliced open. Her legs were taped up pretty good, but they did show the "internals", the inner meat of the knee, and it was pretty gross. I'm sure that's one of the perps' fascination. I'll bet they can't get enough of that sort of thing.

And I get gangstalked pretty regularly at gas stations now. I just figured that the petroleum products (the gasoline itself) and gasoline fumes as well as interactions to me and the gangstalkers are a strong interest to them.

AJH said...

Answer to: I just watched CNN a short while...

The perps like me to see guts and gore too, incresing of late but keeping me down to a dozen viewings a week or so. The Nature show local PBS of the goshawks and other predators of Ellesmere Island in the high Artic was gory, the lemmings getting preyed upon for food for the chicks. I don't know how this fits with the perp agenda, but it interesting that they put this on for other TI's. I have no recollections of seeing excessive blood when young, nor for the memory deleted years aged 2 to 5.

The petroleum products stalking has also increased for me, the drive-by heating oil trucks were out today even, a Saturday. On Sundays they often had the large tractor-trailer gasoline tanker and pup filling up on my driving route to mid-2006. Now, they come on Mondays to catch me driving past the gasoline station filling activity when driving my mother's vehicle then. Petroleum products are a huge part of the gangstalking scene, and I suppose it might have something to do with its provenance (where in the ground the crude came from), and the properties of the refining processes. Two days ago while driving my mother, and about to fill up, they forced me to take a piss while the attendent filled up the vehicle, having me walk some 40' away, and lo, if he didn't make a 12" spill for me to step over, where I was hemmed in by the vehicle and the pump. I just don't get it; why all this covert TI harassment when they could do swab testing or something like that in a more controlled experiment. Thanks for the comments.