Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late Start

The longest non-medicated nightime sleep last night; 11.5 hours. The assholes kept me sleeping in bed until 1100h, the worst piece of sleep duration fuckery I have known, apart from some of their medication games back in 2002.

This meant breakfast then, and a shortened get-ready routine, no frontal shaving today. But a nut shave last night, so maybe they wanted my nuts to "glow" from their shave and not my front. I was allowed to have a face shave today though. And here is and I haven't had any food all afternoon either, I just haven't been hungry, another managed state I have come to know.

And a skim of water on the kitchen countertop this morning when I was finally allowed to get up. A 2'x2' square of the E. facing countertop had this pond of water that appeared to come from nowhere. And it soaked the bottom of the knife block, so it had to be put on the stove burner (not on) to dry out. The assholes took the occasion to then have four knives fly out from the block as I moved it a whole

I did a bus trip to the in-town brother's to see to cat care, and refilling bowls and the like. The outbound bus at 1330h had some 25 passengers, all from the freakshow of the Unfavored it seemed. Even my cretin buddy of last week's back and forths somehow managed to end up on the same bus. And my stickiest stalker was the dude in a deep brown jacket with a light brown lunch bag who also did his back and forths and encirclement at the outbound bus stop. And lo, if he doen't attain "fellow traveller" status by both getting on and off at the same bus stops as I did, brown paper bag in hand still.

And a big black tour bus outside the Sugar Nightclub, about two bus lengths back from the outbound bus stop, and that must be Sara Harmer and band, who play their tonight. Her latest CD "Oh Little Fire" was the first one I have purchased since 2004, whatever that might have to do with perp games. This entire town is radiating and pulsing with some form of energetic treatment, and I have no idea who in the music industry is in on any of this, or if at all. It is unlikely that I will go to her concert tonight, as the perps fucked me out of getting advance tickets for two days, so that is a reasonable assumption. But in TI World, nothing is for sure, especially those sudden thoughts that can be remotely applied.

And in concert with the recruiter call from Richmond BC two days ago, the perps have been relentlessly planting notions as to what it would be like to live there, work in an office and the rest of that nonsense that has no bearing whatsover; if there is an in-person interview, it will be at least two weeks from now I was told. I did get a email today from an IBM consultant outfit for a job in Regina, Saskatchewan, and that is quite far away and maybe just too far. I have no idea where all this harassment is taking me, and how changing job residence locations fits into their sick plans.

And how many times have my saved browser tabs been wiped out at the next logon? At least 15x in the last two weeks, when I never had any problem with this Firefox feature for the prior three years. Then my Google configuration preferences keep getting wiped out; I like 100 results/page and all I get now is 10/page, even immediately after changing the settings. This PC sabotage has become very vexing of late as it has become so persistent.

Another screaming rage show over this PC getting locked up and suddenly sluggish. Even the Windows oversight program called Task Manager won't delete the nonresponding processes. Another stunt they pull while attempting to see what is running or not, is that they dim down the LCD display so Firefox, or Windows Explorer is only at half brightness. This seems to be in keeping with their games of changing light intensity in real life, dimming down Unfavoreds in a special dim light that travels with them. Interestingly, the CD that is the deemed "cause" of the ripping and PC slowdown problems is one that has the artist's signature on it, obtained in the early Fuckover days of 06-2002.

Now the player won't run, surely to limit my activities while the CD's are spinning in the drive. Never have I had so many PC sabotage events come at me one after the other. And as I typed that, the overhead rumbling started up, as if a big sliding glass door could move around overhead and track me, and erupt immediately overhead.

And another round of getting screwed, this time music listening isn't allowed, and the exercise seems to be all about having me switch between the pathetic headphones I am allowed and the earmuffs, designed only for noise attenuation. It is fucking bizarre as it is insane to piss with me and what I want to do. I don't give a shit about someone's noncensual human experimentation and the differences of wearing one item on my head and not another, I want to be left alone. The perps are fucking beserk tonight, continuing last night's insane abusive interventions.

This PC is running very slow tonight, for some applications and not others; e.g. the Firefox dialog box for select, copy, paste bounds are showing but not the contents no matter how long I wait. So.... I will blog off for tonight and attempt to find out what is going on tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Downcast removed her blog. That was a shame, because it was pretty much what I was experiencing, except for the voice to skull stuff. I guess the perps got to her, and she'd mentioned that it wasn't really doing anyone any good, except for giving perps and gangstalkers new "ideas".

Here is the link:

I get this error message: is no longer available.

The authors have deleted this blog.