Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Strange Monday

The sirens have started up again as I begin this journal entry; extra loud to punch through my earmuffs that I typically wear.

And it was a Halloween evening at the home of the First Feral Family, those that I confer this title upon are the very same ones who appear to have sold me into a monitored and governed life by remote and covert means, and who are still fully participating in this ongoing abuse-fest called my life, now over eight years of mindcontrol experimentaiton and abuse, also leading to ever bigger and substantial objectives. From this end, if I am not allowed to turn a light switch without my hand mysteriously flying off and missing, and am still not allowed to take a shit without something going wrong after the in-person and in-apartment abusers plugged my toilet since their high tech noise and light show they treated me to April 15, 2002, then I am living a governed life, scripted to the microsecond as to what light or maser flash I get to see next to these words I type or off-screen as a distraction. Not to mention the resounding ringing in my ears at this moment, and ongoing forced typos and keystroke sabotage that continues after 35 years of typing.

For the most part, Halloween was largely uneventful, within the context of the event, and my mother did most of the getting up and attending to the visitors.

But today, the following Monday, is very much a significant harassment day due to the Sunday night/Monday morning stayover with my perp-abetting mother/asshole, is often a high harassment/gangstalking day. Hopefully the urge to get more chocolate will be supressed tonight, and that I can continue to keep it low key in my apartment for the rest of the day. (More sirens after I return from a pee and resume on this paragraph).

What went on earlier;

I was dropped off near the hospital to catch a bus as my perp-abetting mother went to the nearby arthritis clinic.And the bus stop was outside their new building wing, under contruction. And lo, if it wasn't before 1000h, and the bus some five minutes late, and a parade of tradesman emerged from the building in various dress, predominantly hard hats and overalls, though there was some trendy street-ish wear too. I just don't know what the perp's preoccupation with having shiftless males saunter and loiter about in my proximity is all about, but here was 40 or more them, packing their coffee (read, brown color reference) and the rest of their nosebags (lunch buckets). And it was lightly raining, and I found it unbelivable that this herd of dudes (read, Unfavored demographic), across the street was sitting out in the freaking rain. I have never seen such an absurd spectacle before, but even so, one could conclude that the assholes "got me" with a major dude flush, though thankfully a street width apart.

The freaking bus was over five minute late, and I was getting fed up with this ridiculous gangstalking bullshit as no end of white and silver grey vehicles coursed in between me and the dude flush, gradually building up to the odd red and/or brown vehicle inserted into the greyscale color reference pack. So I decided to walk into town, but before that notion surfaced, I had an walking gangstalker on her cell phone pass me by, then precede me as I departed, and lo, if the bus didn't suddenly materialize at the next stop. It was mostly empty, a rare change, and an attractive blonde was two seats away. One more stop and this fugly fat dude then sits between us; been there, done that, and it is called "blonde aura co-opting", where the Unfavored demographic specimen (fat dude in this case), plants himself behind or in front of the babe that is planted for my distraction and minor viewing pleasure.

I get the bus to downtown, and visit the LD store on the way in, and this at 1030h, it was jam packed and full of the gangstalker assholes, the same ones "finding me" in three or more locations. As is so common there, a big line up at the one and only open cashier, and then a new one opens and I am the first to get there. And I see the assholes have skunked me on my usual laundry detergent, and had me purchase something else. They don't want me using Tide Free (of smells and perfume adjuncts) after three years, but now Woolite. As laundry is an ongoing subject of intense perp interest, they have now decided to change an important parameter (for them). One can deduce that the assholes have a long way to go when their experimentation is at this level of progress.

On the way back, walking on the crosswalk, and this odd dude in a light brown overcoat comes walking straight at me and pretends not to notice. He gets within 6' and causes me to diverge and step on the white crosswalk line, which is what it was likely all about.

A former co-worker was coming to take me to coffee at 1100h (code for public gangstalking in contained cirucumstances) and lo, if she didn't first have some business to transact there, getting her photos printed. And as these LCD screens are such a ubiquitous object nowadays, I reckon this was all about using the LCD as a color reference, as they have me spend hours each day online. And another three dudes were putzing at the self-serve monitors, but as the free one wasn't working, we went to one at the counter where an assistant was. My co-worker made sure to block my view of the monitor, moving right, then when I moved left she did the same in short order, forcing me to look on the right again, which was duly obstructed. More fucking games over chasing me with LCD's is would seem, and that would include laptops on the bus and the latest cellphones with a larger panels.

In the parking lot, I get into my co-worker's vehicle through a tight squeeze between the vehicle next to it, and am sitting in the front passenger's seat, when this supposed LD store staff comes walking over with coffee cup in hand and ridiculously attempts to walk between the vehicles, and brushed both mirrors at the same time. And just as she does that she gives me this hateful stare and then quickly looks away. Like WTF; I had nothing to do with how the vehicles were parked and it was she who "choose" this extra tight vehicle space to walk between, coffee in hand. But of course she was walking over top of where I had just walked in the opposite direction, a gangstalking classic. They simply cannot get their insane Fuckwits over top of where I walk, sit or stand fast enough, especially notable in intersections where now the bus drivers and the cyclists are running red lights and not even looking to see if they are vulnerable.

The drive to the coffee shop, and I see three tattooed women serving there; tattoos are also highly Unfavored, and that might be due to childhood subconscious traumatizations in viewing bald subjects with tattoo lines on their heads that served as some kind of scanning or placement reference. Nearly all me recall was wiped out for my first five years, and I have no direct knowledge of having seen it, but as tattoos, bald heads and other themes are so commonly arranged, it must mean something to the assholes.

My former co-worker and I are at a table, on the S. side of the coffee shop, a busy one to be sure, and this seeming staff member hangs around 5' behind her for some five minutes, doing nothing much. I wouldn't call it "blonde aura co-opting", maybe "brunette aura co-opting", (a rarity), but it had the same flavor where they need to park someone Favored (attractive female) behind an unattractive person. We are there for some 10 minutes and then a large party sets up their chairs to include us (almost), and lo, if one wasn't a male negro in this ridiculous bright yellow safety anorak.

My co-worker offered to check out the N. side for availible chairs, and there was availble seating, so we moved there. And have I not mentioned the countless times that these seeming musical chairs games go on the bus, and sometimes chasing down my seat before it has even cooled down. More chatting at this new seating arrangement, and then it gives me a line on the tattoo-ed staff, and the woman staff member who served us, who said she wasn't feeling well as my co-worker knew her, found time to sit behind me for some 10 minutes. Other posers were the dude show, the now common black and white Adidas track outfit is getting to be standard dude dress, at least for a few of them as some kind of introductory color reference.

I get dropped off at the LD parking lot after coffee, and on my way back, a 50's aged male is coming straight at me, another of these LH drive pedestrians. Another younger dude is loitering around, in business casual wear, and lo, if the Fuckwit coming straight at me pretends he doesn't notice, and doesn't yeild, and if I hadn't jumped out of the way, we would have collided. No apoogy or anything, he just kept going in the second deranged LH drive pedestrian event of the day. And lo, if the cross-over/near collision point wasn't next to this loitering Fuckwit doing nothing but looking stupid. I was glad to get into my cave and not have to deal with any more deranged Fuckwits.

Over two hours spent on ridding my PC of runaway uninstalls and pernicious self-spawning processes along with variable command functions; delete, Erase and Revo Uninstaller had varying degrees of success, and it depended on the moment. A file or folder wouldn't delete with any of them, and then when coming  back later one of the three would work. Then being kept in a cognitive fog in "not noticing" if a file was deleted or not, with the list of files spanning more than one screen height. Fucking brutal; like having a self-mutating virus that kept morphing in various forms such as the parent files, then temporary files. and then in folders. All very ugly, and avoid the Cyberlink suite of CD/DVD disc burning tools at all costs due to this perp-friendly invasive software.

Tues. Nov. 02, 2010
Some 20 screamings at the assholes over dinner making, eating and cleaning the dishes. This is the latest trend, to have me screaming at them during every facet of what I do, not just their obsessional fuckery. An example of the latter would be the frypan cleaning and drying; I cannot count the number of times they have noisestalked me, and even with sirens, at the moments of handling the frypan. All that noise profiling wasn't good enough apparently, so they they supplied additonal provocations of food debris re-arriving back onto the frypan after I cleaned it, more than once. Such are the provocations to rile me at this vital moment of frypan handling; cleaning and drying. Just plain fucking nuts; them that is.

And I see the asholes removed a paragraph I had typed up and saved, and then backed out of the Blogspot editor. Unabashed deletion of my work pisses me off intensely.

I spent much of the day raking leaves today at my in-town brother's place. I had started by 1000h, and he arrives in a.... black and white tracksuit, just back from the gym he says. He sure made an effort to talk to me and align us in many cardinal directions, on top of where I had raked with his plastic tine garden rake, and on differing surfaces, lawn, concrete and rock. Plus he did dumbshit stuff like move the wheelbarrow 6" over to reveal more leaves underneath it, and then asks me to rake the leaves around the wheelbarrow, but not under it in its new position. Like WTF; I am there to rake leaves, and they will blow around if not raked up, so why move the wheelbarrow some 6" followed by this perverse instruction? Later, when he wasn't around, I moved the wheelbarrow 4' away and got all the leaves under and around its former location. Just more plain dipshit games, feints and dodges, and he really isn't a devious person, so there must be someone putting him up to it and making him look so foolish over a single instruction that doesn't make and fucking sense.

And I noticed that he was "paralleling" me in what I ate at lunch time; first he had an omelette, beans and rice, while I was eating canned salmon with organic tortilla chips (yellow colored). Later, as if the first lunch wasn't enough, he is eating exactly what I was eating. Yellow food, including the tortilla chips, seems to be the big perp food research topic of late, as my mother put on an egg dinner last weekend. The perps haven't had me eating eggs since early 2002, Before Overt Harassment began, and whacked with with a seeming congnitive fog onset that I attributed to eggs at the time, putting me off them ever since, save the odd one at the hospital when all the Fuckwits would cluster around me, and an omellete from my hiking associate of the time before she up and wouldn't return calls for no reason.

His Thai girlfriend stayed in the bedroom the entire time I was there, in her usual sometime avoidant behavior. Other times she is friendly and very talkative. Though, they could of had sex before I went in the house at lunch time, as he made sure I saw him pulling up his pants outside the bedroom. The perps like to script copulation events around me, and have done this often, even in the BOH days. Over my adult life I could never figure out why this would erupt so often; upstairs, next door, or whatever, and now I know. There is a big orgone energy release when having sex according to Wilheim Reich, one who postulated on an energetic ether and who had his books burned in Nazi Germany and the USA, Quite a feat, and no one has every disproved his more scientific orgone experiements to this day, and that includes weather modification. The work of Treavor James Constable also supported weather modications as well.

Enough for a day, or two as it came to be, and to hope for a decent night's sleep, unlike last night where I don't think I got any. As always, I don't feel tired from these sleep deprivations.

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