Thursday, November 11, 2010

Print Job Truncation

The two item Newegg order that inexplicably got split into two separate orders and two differing shipping methods is still getting the jerkaround. I get an invoice by email, and attempt to print it, and lo, if they didn't truncate the total off the page. Not onto the next page either, just plain cut off. Same deal with attempting to copy it to Open Office to print it there from the word processor. Insane bullshit over the most smallest details.

Rememberance Day, aka Armistice Day, a national holiday. In keeping with past years, the band marches past as type this, bagpipes, then the bass drum, and then snarre drums follow. And as the bass drum is sounded, why, the very same sounds emanate from above, this rumbling noise that is made out to be some kind of device that is wheeled overhead, and on other occasions, follows me from desk, to kitchen and elsewhere. No holiday for TI's of course, just another exploitation event.

And the perps might of been extra virulent this morning with the harssment fuckery, following a nut shave last night. They nearly always lay on extra harassment these follow-on mornings. And, if recent harassment and captivity experience is a guide, a shut-in day looks to be in progress, and they like me to exit the apartment two days after a nut shave. This will be duly accomplished by scheduling my one day eyeglass repair tomorrow, getting me out to visit the blonde babe at the optician again. Hopefully she will lay off the pink lace dress with the black backing, and wear non-red colors, but no realistic expectation of that of course. Blonde babes are the vehicle by which they like to leverage red color exposures, especially of late.

And the eyeglass lens, just the R side, gets replaced due to the lens coating somehow coming off on the top edge, some 3mm wide now. Even if nearly a year after the warrantly has expired on the lens, I get a warranty repair all the same, no cash outlay for this sabotage. I suppose it the perps' method to get one eyeglass lens out of my posession, and it may also play into the games with recent lens cleaning solutions that I have been using. As it "so happened", the opticians ran out of colorless lens cleaner, and so I had to settle for a light blue tinted solution, which I have been using daily for over 6 weeks or so, as I get regular evening time mess on my lenses, presumably to alter the quality of light that I see then while online.

So..., they get to keep this sabotaged R lens, and I get a new one of the same prescription, and doubtless that will feed the research mill they have in place. I see my mother recently started using red tinted lens cleaner, after having it sit in the kitchen for the past year, so this is a big deal for the assholes, as this eyeglass lens sabotage and replacement has been over a year in the making. The lens coating removal first became apparent within six months of wearing the lens, but as it wasn't in my line of vision I didn't (read, mind-fucked) care. Then in 12-2009, they reminded me I had just walked past the opticians' storefront only that day, and made me "forget" to go inside to see about the eyeglasses. Then I look up the warranty and lo, if the fuckers hadn't timed this to be a few days after the one year warranty expired. So what was the point of that? Don't know, but as this fuckery closes on two years since I purchased the new Rx progressive lens glasses, and I get a "free" warranty extension, one can see this entire episode has long term planning written all over it. Nothing new there of course, just another example.

And I was finally allowed to figure out why the perps split up the above mentioned two item order into two orders, each with different shipping methods. The USB 3 hard drive docking station comes first and gets to sit around in keeping with the perps' long running enforced"fallow time" habits, until the slower arriving 10 outlet power strip arrives, needed to plug it in as there aren't sufficient outlets. They got it all covered, something I hope my readership has come to appreciate through this exposition of these travails.

And the ongoing bullshit over potentially getting a higher paying camp construction laboring job continues today; I thought they would give this one a rest, but no, they are still at it for another round. Seeing that they didn't have me even look at jobs yesterday, much less apply for any, for an entire day of web surfing, one can tell this entire bullshit is nothing but a planted bullshit tour. The perps have unequivocally ensured that constructon laboring jobs are going nowhere for me, as I have never recieved even a phone call in response to the some 30 to 50 jobs that I have applied for. I don't have any construction labor experience, and the local labor outfits made sure to screw me by never phoning, and not even telling me that I should come in each morning at 0600h, which is what they routinely do. Three temp labor outfits did not fully inform me of this practice, and can we spell job specific "employment obstuction" any louder than that? Farm or landscape labor might be the next gig, but that could be 06-2011 if past history repeats itself. That is a big financial hole looming, and I will be fucking pissed if they put me into that state again, something they have done for the past three years, though not this one, knock on wood.

For the second evening, after dinner and an apple for dessert, the perps have me read a chapter of two in ..And His Lovely Wife, by Connie Schultz. It is about her husband's run for Senate, Sherrod Brown, and the details of how they change to such a radical departure in their married life. And each time, the perps turn me into an emotional wreck, which is a totally ludicrous never-before reaction that is very strange. Or is it that the book jacket is red and white and that I just finished eating a red and yellow skinned apple, white on the inside? Anyhow, I am glad that one is over, though I haven't finished reading the book, and it seems that the light source is also important, as are the differing light reflectance on the page, the assholes adding in yellow, that might also be part of their apple experiment.

A shut-in day seems to be the big plan, and doubtless many are planned into the fall and winter I suspect. There is some need for them to string these over several days and then give me some "out time" before another round. All the while, strange noises somehow filter through the earmuffs I have on, and tonight it is featuring a thumpy stereo from a putative apartment neighbor. On with the show, and more web surfing and whatever else that brings, though they seem to not want me listening to music, even if the assholes started me listening a few nights ago after a 7 month hiatus.

A pop-up window that followed a mouse click that was obstructed to close down a Firefox session. Then I respond to pop-up, and then re-click on the x button to close down the session. These thwarted mouseclickings have increased over the past three months or so, and now scripting a pop-up box between them takes it to a whole new level of obsessional inanity (theirs).

Never mind other navigational fuckery, like the cursor not travelling to where it is placed in this here Blogspot blogging interface, and the myriad of text morphing games that are routinely going on now; they mess with text on this LCD panel to have vertical edges skewed or warped, arrange a converging  starburst pattern, or 45 degree angle lines as if made from the spaces between the words, and like manipulations to get my attention. Only one example of the boundless others of plying me all day long with changes or insertions of lines, angles, surfaces, textures and every other visual abberation one can think of, and then some. And of course the forced misreading games continue; read one word and then they plant a different meaning in mind, and at the moment of detection of this logical incongruity, why, a noise goes off or a flash of plasma color or other introduced phenomenon. They cannot get enoughof the fuckery any time error detection or logical discordance is detected, presumably by me still, though I am doubting there is much left for them to know about mind control save attention shifting. I can nearly always count on a noise or light flash when I shit attention, usually after the assholes have planted something irrelevant in mind in the first place.

And so it is that time of evening when my eyeglasses get mucked up by the assholes, these swipes of translucent something to reduce the light to my central vision, and routinely there every evening for cleaning with the above mentioned lens cleaner concoctions they have arranged. Though tomorrow, the glasses come off for a day of the old Rx, and back to the fuckery over being able to read without taking them off.

The tactical pee-ing has also increased for the past 1.5 months since I finished up with farm work and have been putzing around, save the week I was away.. The assholes have me going some 10x a day or so, when 3 or less was normal. And the pee "need" is scripted to immediatelhy follow those all-important perp moments of bookmarking web sites, Windows select, cut, and paste, and even mouse clicking on a hypertext link.

Time to call this one done and post it, another shut-in day of dulldom is nearing an end.

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