Monday, November 29, 2010

Laundry Obstruction

A sheets and towels laundering today, the first for the sheets in Woolite detergent, and lo, if the assholes didn't stop the laundering in mid-cycle, leaving the load soaking wet. So... duly mind-fucked, I shifted the load, even if it wasn't unbalanced, secured more detergent, and restarted the same cycle. And by dint of magic or fuckery, the load did complete the second time, though I have in past laundry Fuckover games, been dispatched to other floors and their laundry facilities to complete the task. And having been burned so many times with laundering in the past, I always ensure a balanced load at the outset, and this particular load has been successfully laundered the first time 90% of the time, but today, for "some reason" (read, malevolent fuckery), the assholes wanted to protract the exercise.

Other bullshit this morning was the continuing campaign to inflict lesions while shaving, not nicks as they are ovoid in shape, nor are they pulled hairs either. And they even treated me to a live lesion infliction no less, to show me how they do it. As I was drawing the razor across my tummy left to right, there was a lesion that erupted with a small amount of blood one half inch below the razor. So it would seem they wanted a blood sample to erupt just as the razor was passing by, in motion. And after two years of full frontal torso shaving, this is where they are at. Along with at least six more lesions they inflicted with varying blood colors, plus another at my lip to then blood-ify the fresh towel I started this morning. Just another day in this insane abusive Fuckover that now runs 8.5 years, and shows no signs of ending, given the more longer range plans they seem to be developing about returning me to more normalcy like involved cooking and longer term employment. In the latter case, they want me doing horticultural jobs for four months of the year, with two or more employers, so I expect the assholes to continue this penurious imposition for 2011, despite all the jobs that I have applied for in vineyards, local and other, not to mention other better paying work. As I have conveyed in the past, the perps put a huge amount of focus on the concepts and nature of employment, job applications, and all associated activities, especially paydays. And it seems to be especially important to the assholes that I am kept in horticultural jobs (read, low paid peseant wage rate) that involve weeding, pruning, bulb picking and handling, composting, flower cutting and the like. Whether this will be the year they allow me to return to IT isn't clear, but by the end of 2011 it will be, as my Oracle 11g upgrade training of late 2009 and early 2010 will be stale-dated by then.

A previous few hours expended on the wonders of metadata identification of music. I swore I wasn't going to get into this as the recent head-banging disfunctionality of MusicBrainz was plenty adversity for a long time, but "somehow" I forgot that resolve and stumbled upon TagScanner, and I could almost make my way around without benefit of the Help files. That high attention effort was also accompanied by overhead pounding, something that has occured before. Any new softare of any kind gets extra attention from me (like anyone) to understand it and what it does and looks like, and this moment of extra attentiveness (and paranoia as to how the assholes are going to screw my cognition as part of the exercise) is a BIG DEAL I have come to know by the process repeating 100% of the time, i.e. noisestalking, aka coincident noise at the moment of cognition or recall.

I even have the files renamed from the metadata, though I am somewhat pissed that the wretched Windows File Explorer doesn't show the metadata even if the TagScanner does, and even renames files so their lineage of song title, artist album name doesn't get lost in the shuffle of playlists and whatever else in the digital file music world. As one could tell, I haven't got into digital players as I don't have a pressing need to, even while doing dull farmwork jobs, as I want to know what is going around me all the time in public places. So.. no headphone wearing for me, which is just fine, leave it to the Fuckwits and all their hacks, especially those on the city bus show.

And so the above mentioned laundry came to conclusion; restarting the same laundry in the same machine after the washing machine obstruction, and lo, if it didn't launder normally and complete with a full spin cycle that drained much more water from it. And I see with this load, done many times, that the extra 15 minutes of dryer time amounted to fuck all; they still take extra drying when in with the sheets. I had this problem with a 45 minute drying time, and an hour long appears not to make a difference. Which means the towels got hung up on my clothes drying rack and are still drying, and we do know the perps like damp laundry to dry in all manner of places, and this is the latest one as it is by the room heater.

All the good and planted intention to go to the shoemaker and get the last pair re-soled turned to nothing, as the above mentioned music metadata games precluded such. It is always interesting to note what the perps promote and what actually occurs, as it seems they like to fill me with ambition and then suck me dry of it, even within hours. And as I type this the overhead pounding and concurrent squeaking noises have started up.

Other fuckery last night was zapping me within 5 minutes of getting into bed last night; an overhead clunk with a concurrent zapped sensation is a sure way to have me scream at the assholes, and that is exactly what they got.

I am being roped into the world of making compressed audio files, though in the FLAC format, not in the familiar lossey MP3 format. Part of the audiophile in me I suppose, though another attribute of mine that has never come to fruition owing to financial pressures even while working, long before the farm ownership sucked me dry in 2000, the quisling ex's last financial folly while associated with me, having been through a few of them before with her. And in retrospect, now I know why she was so reckless with money, as it was all part of the sabotage game that seems to be so important to the perps.

Anyhow, the clunky Exact Audio Copy (EAC) and the TagScanner software are what are enabling me to do the audio file compression and the renaming of the files with metadata respectively. And while in a high alert state to anticipate the clunkiness of each piece of software, why, the overhead pounding starts up. The perps like me in this hypervigilant state, anticipating either software clunkiness or their dynamic sabotage, as it must surely stimulate the part of the brain they are still working on, the brainstem region it seems. I don't know how many times the assholes have put me through the new software learning state, but plenty enough. Last night they had me screwed over Quicken, having wiped out all the renaming rules of the cryptic Payee names that come from the bank download. And so, plenty of renaming again of audio files.

Back in the days when I was allowed to work on real IT work, we did a big application that stored business rules, and dynamically applied them for data loading. It seems that this kind of activity/concept is very interesting to the perps, though I cannot imagine why. Though they do like me to quote the law, should I know it, and set me up with someone who happens to elicit just exactly what I know about a certain recent topic. Adhering to rules is a big deal for the assholes, plus anytime I violate them, within safe bounds of course, say, walking on the "Don't Walk" with no traffic. For them though, they like to have their Fuckwits jaywalking and getting in front of vehicles that have the right of way.

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