Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Barrage of the Freaks

A very strange day in that I was kept housebound until 1430h or so, then the delivery of my parcel, some time spent opening it up and looking at the items (more on that below), then 10 minutes or so reading the enclosed clothing catalog of winter wear, and then I went out to the local supermarket and that is when they went silly with the freaks cum gangstalkers.

Backing up some, they had me listening to music last night until 0130h, The Waifs caught my interest, hence the delay, though they did  rage-ifiy me once with the headphones on (read, EMF device at either side of one's head), and then kept me up for an hour while in bed, tossing and turning along with outside excessive vehicle noise (a Monday night no less), and overhead pounding and creaking as if it was a wood floor overhead. But no, it is 12" of concrete and steel and it doesn't ever creak, and nor can any human pound it while walking as heavy as they possibly can, even a 400lb one. Yet again, more noise and vibration of no ostensible cause.

Then up at 0830h and an ugly and cold day outside, very windy, and by extension, they made sure plenty of it leaked inside this apartment even with taped edges. Some laundry was done (including thre pairs of underwear), and for the most part, they kept me cycling between the news and their latest imposed "need", a backup system for this here PC. This particular topic seems of intense perp interest, and not just what I am doing or not with respect to backing up this as I write, but anytime I read about other products, and particularly when taking the Oracle database course earlier this year, which has backup facilities in the software product.

After lunch, yet more backup and Network Area Server (NAS) research, "happening" to trip upon yet more in the technology news I was reading, spawing yet more tangents, aka cycling between two topics, only loosely related. Then at about 1430h, a ring on the phone to deliver a parcel, and so I let her in, though she did take an awful long time to arrive, and I got fed up waiting, and then went back to NAS products and bookmarked one, and lo, if she didnt' arrive on the heels of bookmarking a site. And have I said how many times the perps have this intense interest in what I bookmark, either musicians, books, objects, software, and of course speciialized PC hardware for backing up one's documents, music, movies etc. Call it an at-the-doorway gangstalking after bookmarking, also in concert with recieving a brown box (parcel). Normally the PO screws me for 10% more taxes when they deliver parcels from the US, but "for some reason" they didnt' today. Anyhow, I opened up the parcel, and it contained the order of 6 pairs of underwear, my replacement for the flagging two year old kind that had to be altered to remove 2" of excessive waist, providing a swatch for the perps for each pair I suspect.

So, the Arrival of the Next Underwear Set, would be a big deal for the perps as they constantly manipulate it under my pants, pack lint on it when in the washing machine when it should be getting clean (but comes out worse), and it also seems to be important to the perps that I purchase it from far afield, WI, USA this time. (NV, USA last time). Like I said, it replaces the two year old undewear set, and this too will likely be a two year old run for this new set. Anyhow, I unpackaged it, put it all in the laundry bin to clean before wearing, and then had a 15 min. read of the enclosed catalog that came in the brown cardboard box. Then it was time to venture out to get more milk as the carton had prematurely soured again, and a few other items like chocolate which was running low. I wore my microfibre coat with the fleece inside, the first time this fall, and the first time since it had been laundered in the spring. (First time it was laundered since new, in 2002). It was next to a goretex (read, teflon compound, an ubiquitous PFOA pollutant even found in polar bears- thank you Dupont) rain shell since the spring, and so I should of not been surprised to find that there were lead-ahead gangstalkers wearing goretex fabrics.

But that was following the lobby, where they had a horrendous looking male negro in dreadlocks who put on the stare for no reason, then another negro outside, making like she was looking up someone on the intercom console, and then a third negro woman across the street. Like WTF, half of the Fuckwits I see within the first 60' are negroes when they are less than 3% of the population here. (Maybe it had something to do with the black underwear in the brown cardboard box, and the catalog too). Others were hoodies and the looking sideways male, about the stupidest way to cross a street given the outrageous run-down attempts I get while on the crosswalks, har, har.

And I see that they dug up the boulevard in front of the supermarket for the first time, as there wasn't any visible need for it to be dug up, but this is the backdrop in front of the store. And have I said how many times the perps like to dig up roads, and any ground whatsoever in my proximity and along the routes that I travel, in this town, and next to past work sites? (When living in Seattle, 2000 to 12-2002, they had a construction project next to my apartment, and another next to my work, and were also demolishing the library to build a new one opposite, never mind the myriad street works and ditching that went on for my 5 block walk to work.

I get Fuckwits with kids crossing my path immediately before getting in the supermarket, Fuckwits drifting in front of me when inside, then another dozen filing out of the adjacent aisles as I walked in front of them to get a basket that wasn't availible when I came in, where they usually are. Each of four aisles in turn emptied out one or more Fuckwits in front of me as I walked along the aisle ends. Then the shopping baskets had two Fuckwits on either side of the stack, and then the immediate two aisles were plugged with Fuckwits standing in place, and so I backtracked to an empty one, and after I turned the corner and lo, if one of the Fuckwits hadn't backtracked and paralleled me in the next aisle, meeting me again. Then onto the chocolate, and lo, if there wasn't two on me as soon as I stood up, coming from nowhere it seemed. Then two more dithering Fuckwits blocking an aisle, so I take an alternative, and lo, if another fugly granny Fuckwit wasn't on me again. Then when getting the tapenade in a open case, two more Fuckwits were barrelling at me, both of whom had backtracked just to pull this off. Then to the milk to get it, and at least four dudes were circulating around, and then to the salad section to get local salad mix, but there was none, the section mysteriously filled with the California import kind. A skunk there, and lo, if there wasn't two more coming toward me, as it seems the perps are totally rabid with gangstalkers and stunts anytime they fuck me into intending to get something and then screw me by obstructing or removing the item from view. Enough of that bullshit in that store, and to the checkout to get the fuck out, thankfully one was availible, a woman in a black wool "bag hat", kind of like an oversized and sloppy toque that hangs backward on the head, creating the look as if the head were extended 6" back.  It was the second black "bag hat" of this very short, less than 200' street walk to the supermarket, but as the negro count had been increased, I wonder if these black bag hats were negro head emulation games? Then a full parking lot outside, four vehicles attempting to get out or in, covering my tracks through the parking lot where I walk through, the big SUV missing a parked vehicle by 1' or less, and then a Mini also crossing my tracks as it attempted to exit, and I attempted to get the fuck out of the parking lot. Then a flush of two dudes who seemed to be in tight company, though seeming at a loose end, who "happened" to then be calling across the street to another pair of dudes they somehow knew, all of them fugly, and not your average button down exec. One in red decides to walk backwards talking to his supposed pal toward me, some 15' away, and by the time he was 10' away he turns around again. It seems the fugly Fuckwit dudes need to get closer without me tracking their faces, and so put on this long observed act of walking backwards on a busy public sidewalk, pretending to be oblivious as to how fucking stupid it is. His dude buddy across the street was also in a red coat, making them almost look like they escaped from somewhere. Then the bag-hag woman ahead of me at the till "happened" to be ahead of me, somehow delaying her exit, and then stepped in front of me when crossing the street, redefining the latest in rude babes. Then I catch up to walk past her by walking through a pile of yellow leaves, and head to the door of the apartment building and lo, if the console looking/stalking negro woman wasn't somehow on the inside and standing there on sentry duty, making out like she was waiting for someone. When outbound, she makes herself to be a visitor at the intercom console outside, and then when inbound, she makes herself out to be a waiting resident on the inside. Fucking insane this infernal idiocy of gangstalking my ass with this Fellini-esque freakshow because the perps don't have the balls to declare their human experimentation agenda; this for eight fucking years.

At least six hours tonight in reworking my static pages to consisely reflect the new titles you see along the right side. Endless typographic jerkarounds all evening, in the thousands, which is why it took twice as long. Plenty of vison perturbations, and their games of moving text on this LCD, and warping my perceptions of lines and edges. Hopefully the rationalizations and categorizations of the sites to the right make sense, and a new Alternity section, with Dr. John C. Lilly's quote about the Earth Coincidence Control Organization (ECCO). I think they know me.

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