Monday, November 15, 2010

New Right Eyeglasses Lens

A new right eyeglasses lens wasn't the only perp managed excitement today, but it may well have been the pivotal event for all the other feints, dodges and ructions. As mentioned in a recent posting, the lens was to be ready in a day (a Friday), but somehow it got delayed over the weekend and was ready for today (Nov. 15, 2010) this afternoon, in conjunction with some back and forthings on account of driving my mother to and fro for her eye appointment. All very clever, to have me at the First Feral Family home this morning after a Sunday night stayover, doing gardening work there, and an early afternoon eye appointment that was within a block of this apartment. All wearing my old glasses of course. But while waiting for my mother's appointment to finish, why, a message on the answering machine indicated that my eyeglasses were back from the lab. So... off I go, but a delay in the lobby and and then the dude force walking out of the elevator to pass me by while talking to one of my farm work mates who now "happens" to be living in this apartment block, one story up. While chatting with her briefly, there were three or four dudes of the ongoing in-building freakshow all lined up and marching in file, like I see all to often as a signature climatic moment of Fuckwits on parade. Then plenty of Fuckwits on my one block trip to the optician, and they even brought in the Big Brown, a UPS delivery van flanked by a white tradesvan on each side, parked along the curb of a in-street turnabout, all three of them on a yellow line no less. Can we say "arranged" and "police exempt" any louder than that, save their incessant obsession over showing me brown colored objects, culminating with a UPS van.

And lo, if that UPS van didn't show up two blocks away some 30 minutes later, after picking up my mother at the eye clinic. It was parked on a yellow line again, and at the corner where I made a right turn next to it, and with the traffic held up by an seeming over cautious Fuckwit ahead of me. More brown exposure time it would seem. That made it the second UPS van stalking today, but the assholes put one on a third time when homebound. Them and the red postal vans that "show up", one time at the Ikea parking lot at 2000h  for crissakes.

Other related bullshit was my mother making a donation of clothing in plastic bags that we took with us, and lo, if the intended donation site didn't put up a notice in front of the store just as we pulled in, to say that they weren't taking any more donations. Like WTF; straight out of a bad movie. So.. when I dropped my mother off and parked the vehicle, after her putting on a dumbshit show over the centralized parking meters and seeding faux confusion, presumably to get me talking, I walked the three plastic bags of clothing donations to the next block and dumped them there, the same block where I live. This was prior to heading out to the optician, so I can only assume that they had me "plastic bagged" over the route I was to take again some 20 minutes later. Earlier in the day, for two hours in the morning, I was hauling around the new blue plastic tarp over the lawn to pick up my raked leaves at my perp-abetting mother's place, how I keep myself in the extra chocolate they compell me to purchase. And there was a surfeit of plastic bag toting Fuckwits everywhere I went today, even on the bus. I have never seen so many bus travelling grocery shoppers in all my life, and they will even travel past supermarkets they could of visited, but for some reason chose to go a longer distance instead. Beats me, save the perp imperative and the plastic bag games.

And so what does a new right side eyeglasses lens mean for the perps? These glasses are 22 months old, and they gave me a free warranty replacement when normally the warranty last only 12 months. I have been using the blue tinted lens cleaner for the past two months, so I suppose it was time for them to switch lenses and determing what effect this has on my neural processing, and more likely, their remote detection of my neural processes. As these long planned events evolve, one has to appreciate their tenacity and capability to isolate this particular variable, eyeglass lens cleaning with tinted cleaner, to now test it over the next few month, though, more likely, years. In other words, the L lens will have had blue tinted cleaner energetics, and the R one won't, and presumably this makes a difference in some downstream psychic/chakra energy signature that the assholes can detect from a distance. Or, supply a comment as as to what you the reader might think this serves.

And did I get enough pit-lamping today? The stopped vehicle with its headlights trained on me as I am walking toward it, twice now that some Fuckwit forgot to turn off their lights while seated in the vehicle, doing squat. Add a third one with its running lights left on in the driveway and nobody home, and you can imaging the attention that I get anywhere I go.

And so I drove my mother back from downtown to the First Feral Family home, she not seeing straight because of the pupil dilating drops in her eyes, and me, with my just-new lens in my glasses. I am sure the perps got great comparative data out of that, but what it all means and how these two situations are compared is beyond me. Just more of the same insane abusive high fuckery as far as I am concerned.

The city bus ride to downtown wan't too freaky today, but just ridiculously over populated. At least 30 on board heading into downtown at 1637h. The wierdest one was the paint splattered dude in the red shirt who sat down at the other side of the rear bench seat, though thankfully they put an intervening woman between us. Two in fact, having one switch out for another of similar age, build, and neutral attractiveness. Another almost wierd was the heavy dude in white baggy shorts for crissakes; we are talking wet, windy and temperatures of 9C today, and this one was dressed for summer it seemed. The trend seemed to be having the iPhone LCD looking passengers around me. I have had the laptops around me before, so I can only assume they are now sizing the LCD and whatever benefit that brings to them.

 I will call this one done for today, and ponder tomorrow's pissing around. Maybe I will be allowed to post my resume after six weeks of enforced obstruction/mind-fuck games.

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