Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nightime Wear Change Up

A cold night, last night, record low temperatures even, and even though I have the windows sealed with tape to stop drafts, I still got plenty of cool air swirling at my feet. So much so, I wore a pyjama-like combination of long underwear, a T shirt and a thick pair of socks to bed. And one can be sure this first-time change in nightwear was a BIG DEAL for the perps, who also kept me up for most of the night, also with meat aerial games, having me count them even. A black top, deep blue longjohns and black socks were the colors of my nightime wear, a similar color combination to my daytime wear, also enhanced due to cold temperatures; black pants, grey socks, black undershirt and a navy blue sweater. A bath was also scripted last night, so between clothing and color changes I got wet, and getting wet seems to be an important component of the perps' ongoing research games and abuses. But to be fair, it did warm me up before bedtime, and that helped me stay warm as well. But as this was the first time I had worn said longjohns for over 20 years, I am sure it was the reason there was a five strong contingent of Fuckwits in the lobby when I set off to the local supermarket.

I walked down the stairwell and entered the lobby, only to have two behind the door, the faux postmen attending to the mailboxes, the new manager was letting out the motorized wheelchair act by holding the door open, and then crossed in front of the closing door, and then another one sittiing in the office, the latter being the Scottish woman, once thought to be the cleaning woman, but seeming to take up near permanent residency as "staff" anytime I pass through the lobby, and twice on the street. A whole five Fuckwits when entering and exiting the lobby, with the wheelchair act in lead-ahead gangstalk mode, "happening" to be going my way and calling across the street to her vagrant pal in sunglasses no less, (no sun today). Why these loud street shouting "cheer-sing" start up in my proximity isn't totally clear, but having me hear human voice is always an important part of the harasssment, as that involved emotional processing of speech in the amygdala brain region, also thought to be the seat of where psychic energies are processed.

The assholes kept me awake for hours once I went to bed at 2330h, and also at least an hour before getting up. It seemed like I was made to be totally awake all night, but I figure I got some sleep in there. As always, don't lament for lost sleep time because nearly always I never have any tiredness reactions or napping need as a consequence. The fact that my sleep needs can be controlled was made plain early on in the 2002 harasment onset, as they could have me not sleep for three days to no adverse effect, which included working for my employer at the time.

A trip to the local supermarket this morning kept me aware of the gangstalking parade, the assholes even blocking egress into the store with a yellow coated male Fuckwit, faux security personnel walking out on the wrong side of the door. I was close enough to knee the fucker, as my knee was raised and kept still momentarily as he was in my way. No apology of course, just the usual rude Fuckwit Faux Security personnel, emulating police uniform colors of this area. All part of the insane games whenever building egress occurs.

Post tea time and chocolate, the second of three 100g bars I am made to eat for the Abusive Cause, and all that it related to their brown color research. But now the overhead scraping and tapping noises have started up, and most annoyingly, they somehow get through my earmuffs. Now the faked neighbor water usuage noise has also started up, doing on/offs, as if someone would ever do this repeatedly in their normal kitchen usage. Now 1605h and this absurd scraping noise has continued on the above ceiling/floor, and if all these floorplans are the same, which is usually the case, then they would have carpet overhead, and somehow, this noise, that which is familiar, should not be happening. The sickos have long given up on scripting an ostensible cause to their stunts, though for the most part they still do, just making it more ridiculous sometimes when a drop of water does a slow hop out of the toilet. And that happens almost everytime I take a piss. Similarly, "drop hop" also erupts from the kitchen sink when using it to clean the dishes. One can be sure that all "drop stalking", the placement of water drops around me from no seeming cause, is their doing, and it has escalated in the past six months here at Abuse Central.

Another managed fluke today was to phone my summer time employer for the job commendation the forman promised, but did not deliver on. And lo, by faux fluke, the foreman "happened" to be in the office as he no longer works there, and as I had phoned for him they put me through as he was speaking with the farm manager. So he promised that one of the senior farm staff would send the letter, though as far as I could tell he wasn't asking permission to make a promise on another's behalf, even when in the same room as the person. Another "go figure"; why tell me how flukey this whole deal was when it was stage managed for months, as the then forman had promised the letter at the end of September 2010, nearly two months ago, and didn't deliver, and I kept "forgetting" to pursue the matter until today.

And I see that it is going to snow tomorrow morning, a Thursday, which should be ripe for a third consecutive yoga class cancellation, in keeping with how they like to fuck me out of that once per week activity. And at no time, for as much as I like yoga, do the assholes ever let me do any in my apartment, as it would be so easy to do so, having a carpeted floor. I can never figure out how they allow such activities to be regular, and then put the kibosh on them for weeks or months. That goes for employment too, all the more of a consideration as I got my credit card statement in the mail, and I have spent way too much money, cleaning out my savings for paying my income tax in early 2011. Looks like I will be picking daffodil flowers in February again, just to keep my head above water into the spring. And hopefully I can get work before June, 2010, as the assholes hung me out to dry until then last year. That was a seven month unemployment duration, and they do like to script these each year, and also to impose financial contraints as well, not to mention mind-fuck games to have me expend monies when I really want to conserve.

The sirens and the chirping sirens noise ran for three minutes or so while reading blogs from other TI's, ones you will see on the right side. I get this through my earmuffs (that is, supposed hearing protection), and yet the Fuckers can still plant these noises in my ear at the same volume level as if I had taken them off. On the new noise front, the pinging sound of faucet leakage in a steel sink can now "get through" my earmuffs. They have harassed me with this obnoxious noise for over three years now, and the earmuffs were a certain method to ensure that I had relief. As of tonight, not any more. Back to the days of putting a sponge in the sink for the water to fall onto to limit the noise, but even this solution begat a new noise. I supposed it was called the Chinese Water Torture for a good reason if my knowledge hasn't been debased by the assholes, something they pull on me more often.

More troving through job postings tonight, looking in Alberta this time, as it seems so hopeless here in BC. It seems the perps like me to spend time in this futile fashion, attempting to get jobs to no avail or result. Like I say, they have constantly noisestalked me over terms such as employment, work, job, task, unemployed, and the entire gestalt. All the while they keep me contained doing squat, seemingly an important component of this harassment as they would of long had me working if it suited their agenda of total containment. Time to blog off and call this dull day done.

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