Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Monday Ructions

An 0730h get-up, and no seeming sleep, though I suspect I got some. The loud mufflered vehicles outside to serenade me while in bed, then a "need" to turn over, and the noise repeats when I thought it had trailed off. These nightime "rotations", turning over in one's bed are part of the imposed "usual" for any given night, but are especially noticeable for a Monday, at 0030h no less.

Then the noise assault from outside to keep me company before a forced pee to get me up. A big siren show at about 0700h when the coconut butter was being spooned out from the jar onto the small size tortilla. The coconut butter (of the same source) is now crumbly and unsuited for spreading on normal leavened bread, so the tortilla solution, aka a wrap, works best, and cuts down on the crumb mess the perps foment at every opportunity. The assholes will even place crumbs in advance of the coconut butter being taken to the table, a few in place in advance, which is the same thing they do for kiwi fruits at lunch and dinner. The coconut butter application was also jerked around by having crumbs fly out from 2/3's down in the jar and onto to the counter. I cleaned these up with my finger, and lo, if there wasn't more coconut butter crumbs that had arrived on the countertop after having breakfast. I clean these up, and then I have chocolate, and get up for another cup of coffee, and lo, more coconut crumbs arrived again. I get back to the table where half the chocolate remains, and lo, if another coconut crumb didn't arrive in my absence from the table. Just another day of the crumb inundation, which has escalated since Oct. 01, 2010 when the farm work ended. Often, when dealing with some crumbs they will re-direct my vision to either more crumbs, often of a different color and/or opposite tonal quality, or else a simulated crumb by way of the small divots they dug into the formica countertop. Call it "crumb continuity" for whatever purpose this fucking insane abusive side show serves a multi-billion dollar covert organization.

Other bullshit this morning was getting faked out to put laundry on, and at about 0810h when there is normally no use of the laundry room, why, someone had just put on a load and the washing machine was filling extremely quietly for a rare instance, ensuring that I only discovered it by opening the door of the laundry room. Normally, I can hear the washing machine from my doorway, some 30' distant and around a corner, but "somehow" it was in quiet mode to suck me into going there and having me retrace my steps. Just like a Fuckwit, retracing one's steps, though I don't do that in public of course, but they do, and seem not to mind looking like total batshit crazy Fuckers off their meds.

Other bullshit in addition to the above laundry caper was to script the dude talk heard through the wall while I was begining to shave with a new razor insert, what I typically do every Tuesday morning. And it was a full frontal shave, having not done so yesterday at the First Feral Family home. The perps have an inordinate interest in me shaving, likely on two accounts; one being that I am cutting a substance with a steel edge and they cannot get enough of that (e.g. intensified noise stalking while cutting up chicken meat), two and three, that I am dragging a plastic item over me as well, the blade insert/mount, and it also has a teflon strip in it, another plastic variant of intense interest given the goretex (teflon membrane) anorak crowd that clusters around me. No doubt the assholes will be all over me when I head out to the city bus to take to my in-town brother's place for leaf raking there.

This should of been posted yesterday, another forced "forget".

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