Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post Shave Noise Onset

And how many major perp obsessions are there, and how many supporting activities that disrupt the proximate physical environment are there? Countless, though the marked increase in vacuum cleaning since this all began in 2002 hasn't gone unnoticed, especially now that the vacuum cleaner in the hallway has started up. It used to be a rare event, but all of a sudden, the seeming management has begun a cleaning obsession. I suppose the perps like the vacuum cleaner for the EMF disturbance with the motor going, the noise (as always), the movement of dust and dirt and the vacuum condition itself. If long neglected Russian science of Kozyrev is to be believed, there are etheric vortices all around us, and what better way to create more investigational vortex perturbances than delivering a running vacuum cleaner outside one's door? As usual, this will then begin a distance dependent series of decrements; vacuuming on the other side of the building, then up or downstairs, in the lobby where I exit, and then the "suck trucks" will be sucking up the plentiful leaf fall that is about and so it goes. Never mind what I cannot see in adjacent buildings, including residential ones, and that seem to be mostly empty.

All to accompany me after shaving this morning with a new razor insert, the usual day I start one for the week. As the perps are totally obsessed over things being cut, (meat, hair, paper, anything in fact), and that I am dragging an extra noise-augmented razor blade over my face and front, why, it is primetime for extra attention from vacuum cleaners. Not to mention the gangstalkers in force at the local supermarket this morning; the light blue coated Fuckwit loitering where I get the light blue packaged chocolate was in place, and after she made her protracted and dithering departure with her mouth hanging open, why, another light blue coated Fuckwit was on my ass.

The salad purchase and consumption obstruction continues for a second week, with no local salad mix, just that California mix in huge quantities that always go bad after a week. I had some yesterday at my perp abetting mother's place, the First Feral Family house, and that might of been the reason for legions of gangstalking vehicles out when I was driving for her. So it would seem my once-weekly salad consumption is done, and I would not doubt that the perp's carefull metering of my salad intake continues. And I see my perp-abetting mother did a red handbag troll immediately before eating the green (mostly) salad leaves. The notional scientific research objective is that this is the digestion of phenolic compounds in the leaves, and for whatever reason (along with digestion of any food), they have a phenolic compound and interaction fixation. And phenolic based glues in plywood explain the plethora of plywood stalkning that goes on, often in the form of box sides for trailers and pickup trucks.

Lets see, I have covered vacuums, shaving, plastic exposure, steel cutting and salad and phenolic compound digestion in three paragraphs, all insane perp obsessions, and that isn't even close to 10% of their fixations. Though in fact, everything I do is a fixation for them, from eight years of fucking me over when typing the word "the" and on up; every concept, object, preposition and structure of speech as well. Then they ran this scenario in mind; the huge numbers of displaced peoples in world history, many of whom learned a second language, and here they still are, fucking me and all other TI's as to every mortal thing that I think of, speak about or interact with.

A fire alarm noise, but no accompanying sirens or firetruck bullshit that I usually get. And they are yellow and white fire trucks in this city, and that is used to great effect when they want massed colors arranged for me to see. And all the more important that they be with large physical objects, and better yet their extension ladders, as if nothing else, this entire Fuckover has been about a plethora of ladders in pickup trucks and every other possible juxtaposition of ladders, what I term the "ladder patrol". A morning of squeaky noises, from faux neighbor water usage to brake squealings outside, and now a faint fire alarm, now some five minutes worth. A near shut-in day looks to be the big plan, and hopefully Purolater will deliver the parcel they have been sitting on. It made it to Vancouver by Nov. 12, and has somehow "got stuck" in their system, this being Nov. 16. Such are the vagaries at Abuse Central, though for some TI's, they don't get to have a location they can call their own, being tipped out into the streets to hang with the homeless, the biggest cover for gangstalkers going.

And before it gets deleted, here is the history of my parcel; note that no delivery attempt was made, no contact was initiated, somehow it is up to me to find out what the fuck is going on and where it is. Been there, done that, with the post office parcels three times this year. In perp mentality, it is now Purolator's turn to make a "non delivery"; that is, no notice, no delivery attempt to my address (their address at 811 Vernon Ave doesn't count), just come and get it without any phone or written notice. And no explanation of why the parcel goes missing for three days between Vancouver and Victoria, a Friday to a Monday. OK assholes, I get it; I am to pick the parcel up tomorrow while driving my mother around as that will be the plan, and we will be in the neighborhood for a mutal "brown event", and fuck you for having me sit around for this today. And I will never send anything by you van gangstalking assholes if I ever have any choice in the matter.

Scan Date     Scan Time     Status     Comment
2010/11/16    08:03    Available for Pickup at via VICTORIA, BC depot  
2010/11/16    06:59    Delivered to RC64301 at RECEPTION of RC64301 VICTORIA RETAIL at 811 VERNON AVE V8X2W8 via VICTORIA, BC depot  
2010/11/16    06:11    On vehicle for delivery via VICTORIA, BC depot  
2010/11/15    08:42    Scheduled Delivery Appointment Required via VICTORIA, BC depot  
2010/11/15    07:55    On vehicle for delivery via VICTORIA, BC depot  
2010/11/12    19:15    Left via VANCOUVER, BC depot  
2010/11/12    18:47    Shipment In Transit via VANCOUVER, BC depot  
2010/11/12    18:46    Picked up by Purolator via VANCOUVER, BC depot  
2010/11/12    10:23    Left via SEATTLE, WA depot  
2010/11/10    20:16    Left via LOS ANGELES - LAX depot  

A serious round of emo-trashing while reading two chapters of And His Lovely Wife, by Connie Schultz. They have been fucking me to a teary eyed wreck by the end of two chapters each day, and tonight, they then had me do a marathon resume update, still not recovered from this fuckery. I cannot wait until I finish the book, as it is clearly a method to screw me over not very much. I don't have much invested in US Senate campaigns, nor that of Ohio where the senate race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, was taking place in 2008. A good book, but for crissakes I am not emotionally moved by election campaigns. But someone decided that I had to be, to get me "prepared" for their next round of abuse, screwing me over getting resumes updated. I am particularly pissed with this, as I could of been doing resume updates and posting over six weeks ago, and apart from one week away, the assholes kept dithering and pissing me around. Six weeks of job search impasse as directed by an insane organization that seeks some kind of benefit from this mind invasive depravity. And does this for over eight fucking years because they lack the gumption to front for themselves.

The Star Whackers came to roost again, I see a prominent LA plublicist, one who got the job done and made friends in the process, Ronni Chasen, was murdered while driving back from a premiere. A significant tragedy by all accounts, as all the A-listers knew and respected her genuine talent and support. I cannot say that I knew who she was until now, but it fits the "star whacking" pattern, taking someone out who knew so many stars, though not a celeb actress herself. Very clever that, altering the target group but achieving the same end of empotionally rattling the said target group. And the perps manipulated my news, as I was reading the tributes at length, and only did the last one mention that she was murdered. Nice touch that, keeping some of the news back. Not to mention that I read the news this morning at 0900h and there was no reference to her demise at all, another adroit news obstruction that the assholes decided I needed.

My movie review evening, something I do once per week or so. A kick ass review about a kick ass actress, Frances Farmer. I sticking with the Pacific North Westers (PNW) on this one, and very possibly Frances Farmer was an pre-WWII target to render one disposessed, a prelude to psychiatry's rampage of abuses of the 1950's; Cameron, Sargent and the large scale MKULTRA abuses that led into the in 1960's with LSD that somehow "escaped" the CIA's grasp and became of wider distribution, so to speak. And an interesting revelation about Kim Morgan's family too, adding some sobering grist to this piece. The perps have me in an actor retrospective mode tonight, reading film review blogs and bookmarking films, many of them of decades ago. All part of the layered emo-trashing manipulations and the latter theme that evolved, with me the last to know by way of blatant web page manipulations and excisements.

And so, blogging off after having something useful to do, after six weeks of getting fucked around over getting resume's online again. Not that I expect a deluge of interest, as my job opportunities are highly circumscribed and the fuckers like to keep me broke.

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