Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sudden Attention

A ridculous phone call from my in-town brother to get me out of bed at 0900h. He was asking me if I was going to come over and rake leaves, and then said there wasn't many leaves to rake. And I told him last week when leaf raking at his place that I would come in two weeks. Like WTF; can we make this any more stupid? (The perps' answer to that is always "yes", and my answer is "sorry I asked".)

At least two hours of forced sleeplessness after getting to bed at 0100h or later. All these fantasical themes, the same ones for years now, keep getting replayed with some add-on variants to see if my common sense detector is accepting of them for inclusion or not. I won't get into all of this, but I am not the only TI with planted ideations that don't serve the present reality.

One of late is that I am to take on a laboring job in a northern camp, getting flown in and out every two weeks. Well, OK, I did work in camps when in my 20's, but every laboring job I have applied for in the past three years has got me nowhere, zip, squat. So why would they want to take on a 56 y.o. construction laboring newbie (in good shape) to a remote camp for crissakes? And the Great Job Fairy will come tonight and explain it all to me. Absurd. On with the nut grind, as in compressed genitals and other manipulations unbidden by me.

Other outside interaction confluences this morning are the ex and daughter are in downtown and have invited me to lunch. So, only diagonal from my bank, and likely following a check deposit, I get to sit and eat nearby for an hour or so, though a very busy intersection. Obviously all my 100's of bus waits at that same intersection of the past few years aren't enough; bring on the freaks du jour.

Then my long standing order (6 weeks) for some decent crockery finally arrived today, so I will doubtless pick that up after lunch, and have the digesting meal duly gangstalked by the freakshow for extra mileage. At least that one will be completed and I get to have some small plates that have a base that doesn't wobble, and bowls that don't suddenly stain after eight years of being OK. Basis things like crockery, glaze color, ceramic clay source and the rest of it are all important to the perps, and this too is a big advent in their ongoing games of seeming food digestion energetics studies they are engaging in, as only one facet of many hundreds of objectives they are up to.

Related to that is the new found use of coconut oil for cooking, and having olive oil only for salad. Normally, the olive oil was used for both, but after eight years of hounding my ass, they now want to change it up. The coconut obsession was duly planted in mind some 10 months ago or more, thats all of it in its components; nut butter, now coconut oil, and soon to be coconut flour. (Not that I bake or anything, but as they have duly supplied me with new (yet, unused) measuring cups and spoons, no doubt there will be a sudden eruption of baking sometime in the new year.

A phone call also to tell me that my one right lens of my eyeglasses will be ready to install two days from now, another oddity in that one lens "somehow" gradually lost some of its coating over the past two years. A plastic lens, and it will have a different energetic signature from the left one, so who knows what the grand plan is there, but they are obviously working on something there. Along with forcing me to get blue tinted lens cleaning solution a month ago.

Then another perp obsession is my underwear, and the delivery of a new set of six pairs yesterday and the freakshow outside some 30 minutes later after opening the parcel and reading the enclosed catalog. Well today I was allowed to launder all six pairs with the very last of the Tide Free detergent, and tossed out the jug in the trash bin in the laundry room. And last week, a skunk (sudden shortage) on Tide Free at the LD store, so a new alternative detergent is now readied for whatever energetic comparision games that are to unfold with respect to all my clothes, and especially their underwear obsession.

And have I detailed the above perps' ongoing obsessions in sufficient detail as to all my financial transactions, laundry, crockery and flatware, food intake and especially food oils, plastics and especially those used in packaging and every other possible aspect of my existence? For the regular readers, let me know if the above ramble seems to be disjunct in any way.

A three stop visitation to downtown, the second being lunch with the ex and our daughter, who works downtown on Wednesdays I learned today. Thanks for dropping by all this time (since 09-2010). Nice lunch, plenty of blonde babes tripping by, and the odd dude following, and four blondes in the next booth. A near-skinhead male waiter for us though, seemingly the test bait while I was being monoitored for my traumatization reaction with respect to males it would seem. Then at least two brunettes inserted into the "walk by" mix one taller in a black top with a deep cut back to fantasize over. Then a smaller one tripped by in a mid-grey top with a smaller deep cut back and lo, if she wasn't the tattoo bait with a spread of 1/2" spots on her back. Different tattoo for sure, and not a lineal pattern that I can detect. As before, males, tattoos and many others are part of the Unfavored demographics/human conditions, and both likely figured in traumatization experiences during the recall wiped years, when aged 3 to 5. At least, that is the current working model to account for some of the perps' bizarre obsessions about planting the Unfavored in view, and in association with attractive blondes (Favored) and other females, though blondes seem to be the entre, the Most Favored demographic group.

A stop at the ATM across the street before having lunch, my dude pair "joining me", as in getting too fucking close at the crosswalk and then tailing me into the bank from the opposite crosswalk corner. Ditto for afterward when I went to the kitchen shop to get my crockery, (three soup bowls, one larger bowl, and four salad plates), two dudes were standing and chatting3' away for no fucking reason while transacting, including another 2x debit card read, as it "happened" to time out. It would seem they want dude-talk to ensure while I made a financial transaction. At least with this cold weather I don't see any more dudes in  the ridiculous faux plaid patterned shorts, though I am sure this dumbshit gangstalker dress code will resurface in short order.

Then the freak parade on the way back, crockery in the white paper bag I was carrying, with brown colored cardboard to separate the bowls and plates. Freaks were again from the Unfavored demographic groups; fat people, shiftless dudes, vagrant dudes, skinhead dudes, wheelchair acts, and the redcoats in great quantity, having sat on a red bench while having lunch. So it goes. Then battles with the sticky labels on the new dishes, getting them off; the plates were problematic, but for some reason the identical stickers were not a problem for the bowls. And per usual nowadays, getting these stickers to fall off my fingers was at least a 80% rage-fication event, in keeping with like games that escalated a year ago with respect to sticky things, or now, even dental floss magically sticks to the underside of my hand and won't drop into the garbage can below. Go figure.

I am now back at Abuse Central, and I don't expect to be going out for anything else so that would replicate much of yesterday. After a week of research and coveting, the perps did finally let me order a two hard drive docking station that allows for backups of this PC, something they have me paranoid over for the past few weeks. Another financial transaction, and the perps do like to run me to have them clustered in one day, in differing locations, and differing kinds; deposit, payment at a store, payment online afterward.

To keep the transaction games going, I put in my Newegg order for some modest hardware to back this PC up, hopefully without worry this time. And lo, if my order didn't get split into two orders somehow, and that the live chat person cannot combine them as originally intended. I have no idea how that happened, but it seemed the perps wanted me know that they fucked with the shipping method for each of the two items. Then some BS from the live chat person that they couldn't combine them because they have so many different warehouses etc. LIke WTF; I have had12 item orders before, and they never got split up, and this time I order two items, and poof, it "happens". Like I say, if there is any detail whatsoever to fuck with when it comes to making a financial transaction, you can be sure the perps are busy on testing these variants, code for planned fuckup stunts.

And the new and the old crockery are having a "together moment", the new crockery's sticky labels were removed with a chemical cleaner and my right thumb nail to scrape it away,  while the kettle was on the boil. Then tea making, and lo, if the new plates were in the dishes rack and the old ones weren't put to use for one last time, within 2' proximity of the new ones. All very exciting for the perps, especially adding a "chemical ether" signature to the plates, the Goo Gone residue, even if cleaned off. One bowl also got tagged in the same way, while two more were fine. And one bowl was purchased some three months ago, so I am sure all the plastic dishes brush cleaning it had will be very important to compare to today's new bowls of the same make and shape. Ditto on the underwear; one pair was purchased eight months ago, and then the remainder per above

More interleaving of the old crockery and the old underwear, both ended up in the garbage together while making dinner, as the former was getting in the way of dinner preparations, and the storing the new crockery. And as the underwear had been drying on the dry rack, it got dealt with during a break while making dinner, also put in the same drawer location as the old ones. It helps the perps that I have very little extra space in this place, and therefore, new replaces old in the identical location, and the old items end up in the garbage together with some of the food and packaging waste. After dinner, the perps had me hand pack the garbage out, along with four cardboard boxes that were aggregating under the sink for recycle disposal. The were recent purchases; UML books last week, the new shoe box last week, the underwear box from yesterday, and the salad plate box from today. All these aggregations of brown cardboard boxes are decidedly important for the perps, as this seems to be an intended benchmark color they want to inculcate me with.

Anyhow, enough of the aburd details of what is going on in the garbage toay, and to call this posting done, and maybe an early night tonight and no more 0100h staying up, which seems to be a prerequisite for the perps keeping me awake for longer when I get into bed.

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