Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Disruption; Brown on Brown

A busy morning, and hopefully my notes of events (below) make sense;-vacuuming erupts outside my door as I type this.

-a nut shave last night, then I sleep naked (normally with underwears), and a fresh pair of underwearwhen I get up and have breakfast,
-some provocations at breakfast; aka rage-ifications like crumbs coming in from nowhere and resisting pickup as they somehow fly out of my hands,
-a forced pee while eating cereal, the partial bowl-full left at the table while I went to the bathroom,
-as the toilet was flushing and while washing my hands, the phone rings;UPS wants to deliver a parcel,
-I get clothes on for meeting UPS delivery guy, wait standing stil for a minute until he arrives,
-sign the UPS electronic pad (read, EMF emitting device with LCD screen) for the brown box from the guy dressed in a brown uniform,
-leave parcel of two books on the floor while finishing cereals,
-finish breakfast, then shower,
-just after shaving my face and the full frontal with some abdominal overlap from last night, (naked again), the phone rings,
-I wasn't going to answer it, but was strangely compelled, and it was the attractive blonde optician telling me that my eyeglasses arrived, but need another day to be looked at locally for the coating removal (and as the assholes reminded me, what I do for an attractive blonde womanwhile,- answer the phone naked),
-finish up my dental hygiene routine, with a screaming rage show also imposed over the repeated fuckery of the dental floss not falling from my hand into the garbage recepticle below, but defying conventional gravitic forces to somehow remain stuck (done to me over a hundred times by now),
-I open the parcel and have a look at the two books and leaf through pages for a minute or two to and determine that both books were good choices (caveat here), 
-then I set off to the bank to get more coin rolls for the new laundry machine coin denominations,
-the strange Scottish seeming cleaning woman of this apartment  block somehow arrived in mid block, outsie and walking toward me, this time saying hello instead of her look-away pose she put on last time.
-a negro dude at the corner, strangely moves one leg out and back, and then stares at me directly behind him (I hadn't made any noise, so what caused him to turn around?),
- I arrive at the bank to get coins, and lo, if the negro dude didn't tail me in there a minute or so after I arrived and was at the next wicket,
-then I hang onto the white paper wrapped coin rolls in my pocket to stop them pulling down the jacket and proceed two blocks N, and note the truck with a pallet load of brown cardboard boxes on the curb,
-and a a clustering around behind me; that seems to be the latest, having the gangstalking pedestrians line up 4' directly behind me at controlled intersections,
-and then I proceed to the outdoors store, get the usual flush of gangstalking dudes as I enter the store, who seem not to have a day job,
-then I try on shoes and after selecting the Patagonia Ranger Smith walking shoes, and go to the central line up for the cashiers, I have a dude line up of four ahead of me, with a woman on the side with a child in a stroller,
-after a minute or so, the dudes in line ahead of me move sideways and reveal a bald baby  in the stroller, (more of these slow reveals of Unfavored features again),
-according to some unspoken command, the woman with the child in the stroller inserts herself into the cashier line up and goes ahead of dude who was waiting, and who didn't seem to mind,
-then some dude with a yellow pack in hand who seems to want to purchase it, comes in the central line up after me, backs up, hides behind the pillar, and then lines up behind me, and then he is gone again, then he is back, and by the time I exit the line up and go to a cashier, a new cast of characters (all males) is in place,
-and when I am about to exit the store, the back and forthing dude is now near the exit, holding onto his yellow colored purchase/yellow color reference,
-a no bags policy at the outdoor store, and no offer of one to sell me, so I pack the brown cardboard shoebox home, hanging onto the heavy coin rolls in my pocket in the other hand (that's white paper in my L pocket, brown shoebox in my R hand outside my jacket),
-and when I arrive at this apartment block front doors, and switch hands to retrieve my keys for the front door, why, at least four fuzzy black maser balls arrive from both sides and plant themselves in front of me.

A relatively calm afternoon putzing on the interweb, though never without constant transitory vision impairments and fuzzy black maser balls moving about in my view.

Per above morning time events, and after I get back; the assholes screwed me into "thinking" (read, planted notion) this was Tuesday all morning, and then the phone rings from the dentist's office and then they screw me out of reading who is calling on the display, and once the dental receptionist tells me that I have an appointment tomorrow, I am totally fucked/confused as I "think" it is not tomorrow but two days from now. I hesitantly say "yes", I will be there at 0900h, put down the phone and then check my diary, and lo, if I don't "find out" that today is Wednesday. The assholes totally fucked me for the entire morning planting the notion of it being Tuesday, and even ran an internal self-dialog to support this notion. All over fucking me/surprising me with the fact that it wasn't. Are the perps as deranged and fucked in the head as I think they are?

And the day-of-the-week knowledge was first remotely dithered back in 2004, when my brother "happened" to come by and as part of the conversation asked me what day of the week it was. I said one day, and he said nothing, and it was only after he departed did the perps let me in on the fact that I had been fucked over my day-of-the-week cognition. This was the first time in my life that I had got such a notion wrong, and yet somehow it "happened" and my perp abetting asshole brother didn't say anything at the time, or later. And of course, it has only got worse since then, on all fronts of cognition, even self-talk isn't that any more, but planted.

An evening shopping visit to the local supermarket, and yet again, the Unfavoreds, freaks and weirds have been arranged all around me. I walk into the store, and lo, if there isn't a negro male and his small child dithering and obstructing the entrance. I take an alternate route, and lo, if there isn't a dreadlock wearing dude (Unfavored for both features) ahead of me. I get to the olive oil section to purchase a new kind just for salads and not heating in the frypan. The latest perp obsession/experiment is to have me use coconut oil for cooking my tortillas, and olive oil only for salads when it served both purposes before. After a minute or two, I find something, and when I step out of the aisle, why, the negroes are there again. I walk two aisle ends E bound to get to the coffee section and three dudes suddenly arrive from aisles to get ahead of me, and another is on "just stand there" duty, looking totally stupid, until he turns on his heels to get right on my tail. I turn into the coffee aisle an he goes straight on. Since they have the coffee grinder pre-stalked I look for pre-ground coffee, as all I could find were whole beans.

I am allowed to find some pre-ground coffee, a brand that had been there all along, and yet the perps never made known to me, having "overlooked" all these past 7 years or so, when they choked down the supply of ground coffee. I head back into the E bound aisle, and lo, if a disgusting orange hoodie male gangstalker isn't in lead-ahead position toward the cooked chicken counter, where the orange colored (paprika sauce basted) chickens are. I walk past there to the chocolate section, and get chocolate, and then a red shirted Fuckwit is all over me. I head two aisles back, and lo, if the dreadlock dude isn't yet again in the same pose, heading away from me. I turn to go back to the checkouts, and lo, if the negroes are there, posing again. The same two Unfavoreds somehow arrange to arrive at the E. end of the store and present themselves back to back in reverse order from the W. end of the store. I get to the checkouts, and encounter the "just standing there" dude again, and get to a checkout. A glass and plastic bottle "recycling"/collecting scum dude is 6' away, making lots of noise and movement with his bottles as I go through the financial transaction with my debit card. The perps are all over me all the time for any financial transaction of any kind in any form, be it bus fare, by mailed check, laundry machine, cash or debit card or by online methods. Here they were again, with another gangstalker "customer" doing the chatting with the cashier while I transacted. I get the fuck out of the store, and a herd of three parties is sweeping toward me, and then I see the "just standing there" dude skulking in the shadows. There were seven vehicles in the parking lot outbound, all white or silver grey, and about twelve there when I was heading back, and they added mid-grey and black vehicles, still keeping to greyscale colors. Anyhow, no major weirds on the way back or in the elevator, but it seems they like to have me go out at night time.

Back to the cooking and salad oil, a major interest for the perps in their control and management of what I eat. There is no question they have a big interest in what food oils I eat, and for the past seven years of living alone, I have always used olive oil for salads and cooking. But in keeping with their imposed agenda, and this sudden "interest" (read planted notion/research topic), in coconuts and how healthy they are, the perps have now started me on using coconut oil to heat in the frypan, and olive oil to have with salads. So... here we have a time line as to their food intake studies; seven fucking years to study me on using olive oil and only now are the assholes changing my food oil into two types, apart from any oils I would ingest from foodstuffs. This doesn't look good for any immediate relief from this insane abuse, or for any other TI. My estimate for all TI's is to count on this insane fuckery going for another four years, 2014 or later. As part of their olive oil studies, they had both my perp abetting mother and in-town brother using olive oil, when neither of them formerly used it. And both have had their olive oil bottles out on display anytime I visit. My mother is from the UK, and olive oil wasn't part of her diet or her cooking, so I find it most odd that she has switched to olive oil about four years ago, and puts it on display on the counter, even the same brand as I use for crissakes. I only started to use olive oil when I first moved out of the house as a young adult as it was the most availible cooking oil in the ethnic part of Vancouver that I lived in.

Enough of the pedantic, and onto another busy day tomorrow, a doubling up of dental hygeine appointment (read, mouth open) and then yoga (read, spine twisting)later before noon. Should be fucking nuts with gangstalking; I can now successfully predict their intensified jerkaround habits.

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