Sunday, November 14, 2010

Short Sunday Post

A 0930h get-up for a 9 hour sleep, one hour more than usual, but not as bad as the 10 hour sleeps they have put me through for the last week. It is mighty dark with the rain and as it seems, the managed dinginess that goes on all too often. There were plenty of provocations to keep me vocalizing this morning, aka rage-ified or else as caustic diatribes to their jerkarounds. They keep up the poking and jabbing with forcefields, inside forearms, on the fingertips and nipples most often. Pulling objects from my grasp is another stunt they like to pull, and then there is the crumb games where they come from nowhere it seems and arrive nearby to be cleaned up, or else even evasive hopping when being picked or cleaned up. The overhead tapping noise started up when I was in the bathroom doing the usual shower, shave and dental hygiene routine. That, and the faked water-in-pipes noise at all gradations of volume.

The usual reaction to this round of increased abuse, though only a small increase, is to look at what is new or different. Starting a new bulk bag of cereal might of been one insane reason for the perps, as this is usually a three month cycle. Another is that I started on metal foil wrapped chocolate this morning, the first in 6 weeks or more. There were 8" plasma emanations in white parallel lines coming off the metal foil, and no ostensible cause, being a first time event. I have had plenty of this kind of chocolate before at breakfast, and never seen any plasmic emanations, and there are no lights overhead as if it were reflections. (Which is what they do everyday in the bathroom, have 3 to 5" plasma beams emanating from the reflective faucet). So it would seem that the assholes are escalating the abusive bullshit some, and it remains to see if this will be permanent. They seem to have me cycling for months on differing kinds of chocolate wrapping as well as color variations thereof. They cut me off lavender colored plastic wrapped MIlka bars for over four weeks now, and have kept the empty shelf space at the LD store all along. Not to mention covering me with four or more gangstalker assholes each time I visit the LD store, such as yesterday. As part of their study it seems that they also want to understand the energetics of the dinner plates as well; the plastic wrapped chocolate gets put on a dinner plate (with recent variations of new crockery),  while the metal foil chocolate is kept in the foil wrapper on the table after being slit with a knife, which also begets a round of fuckery in its own right. (The foil slits into wire pieces as well, which makes for two parallel cuts when I am making one).

One affronting crumb game this morning was to fly a 1/8" crumb of coconut butter, from inside of my wrapped tortilla, and have it take an impossible trajectory and arrive on my upper legs, on the leg hairs. (No reason to get dressed up for breakfast when on one's own). This was all the more provocative as I was leaning over the table and the dinner plate to prevent just such an event, and somehow, it just "happened". And I cut down on the crumb fucking games by having unleavened bread, a tortilla in fact, in which I wrap the sometimes crumbly (another jerkaround) coconut butter. In other words, I take all the precautions of crumb prevention, e.g. wrapped tortilla, low crumb nut butter, lean over my plate, and lo, if a crumb doesn't suddenly erupt onto my leg. Other crumb hopping games, from tortilla, to dinner plate as I attempt to pick it up with no fumbling have also erupted in association with the coconut butter. Not to mention, coconut butter crumbs come from nowhere to "join me" for the next breakfast course, the chocolate they so like me to have. In other words, they want a coconut butter retrospective test for the next course, as in energetic interaction testing. And yes, coconut crumbs have also arrived elsewhere in the kitchen on sections of counter some 3' away from where it was handled and taken from the jar.

And it is the first time use of the Woolite laundry detergent today, another major perp obsession. More interesting in that they had me using Tide for over two years, every day when cleaning clothes after farm work. But because they choked down the Tide at the LD store, a substitute detergent was needed, and lo, if it wasn't one from long ago, in the intense fuckover days of 2002.

I expect this will be a post for this morning only, as my First Feral Family contact and visitation duties will be duly impressed upon me, and leaf raking seems to be the big perp deal these days. And even yellow leaves in the hallway this morning as I walk past the elevators to go to the laundry room. I suppose it wasn't enough that they painted the hallways yellow earlier this year.

Not quite, my perp-abetting mother has a lunch event on, and so I may be making my own way to her place later this afternoon instead of getting picked up. That means, "take the bus", the single most important gangstalking vehicle as they can have the Fuckwits and Freaks coursing around me while it is moving. Not to mention the Crotch Dudes, the now commonplace event of these dudes with their legs splayed open to release all that kundilini energy it would seem. And they do like to pack the bus with the most unlikeliest bus passengers; the one stop travel nutters, the raucous dudes, the well dressed women and of course the more regular Fuckwits and vagrants. And why is the bus so full up on Sundays, as I just don't get it, save the orchestrated games. Who knows where the bus might of been beforehand, and how many practice runs the assholes will do before and after.

Wrong again; in-town bother will pick me up instead of the public transit  gangstalking vehicle. Or at least, that was the content of the latest phone call, adroitly timed while folding laundry that was "forgotten" for 45 min. in the stopped dryer.  I had the towels put away, but still had the one olive green shirt wprn yesterday to be put away, along with a white tea towel, both lying on the bed. So... a 10 minute phone call with relevance, and then back to the remaining laundry items and then to have lunch.

I am going to post this now, in case I get "forgetted" to get this online. And still no movement on applying for work or getting my resume online, a six week thwarted exercise, and still in progress.

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