Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Games

Just finished screaming at the assholes over Firefox not starting, three starts somehow failed. This is when I take the earmuffs off, and I suppose that it is the objective.

A cold and snowy day yesterday, incurring an extra day's stay at the First Feral Family house, and having me in my new Keela Scrubber pants while out shovelling the driveway, as none of the strong wind came through them. It is a source of complaint with the stretch cordura pants, they would allow strong winds to pass through. I wore the new pants the rest of the evening until bed time, and regular readers will know that the perps are totally beserk over new garments, before they ever get laundered, or maybe, only once. I was dressed in a combination of laundered-once underwear and sweater, not laundered pants, and a much laundered T-shirt underneath. And in black and navy blue, their most frequent colors for when they want to do some serious studies on me.

And lo, if they didn't arrange the heating fuel to run out during this cold spell, -8C last night, as "somehow" the fuel delivery outfit took my mother off the automatic weather algorithm delivery plan and didn't tell her. Sweet fuckers, and good for three phone calls, and one by me to ascertain delivery times. (And before I set off to the bus stop, a 10 minute walk).

The carpet layer was arranged this morning, the wonderful fumes of horrid glue percolating through the house, and even now, back at Abuse Central, the fuckers are pumping me with this same smell, even if there is no ostensible cause. But like with many things, the perps are obsessed over carpet colors, fibers, weaves and the ubiquitous pollutants that come with them, e.g. flame retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) also noted to be in the air and in mother's milk. These ubiquitous pollutants seem to create problems for the perps, and they tell me that they are "cleaning me up", getting rid of them all in every last cell in me, especially neural cells. Like who cares; not my problem so why am I getting harassed all the time and routinely chased with carpets in pickup trucks and on streets? And too, some recent past apartments had new carpet installed in advance of my tenancy, but nothing too exceptional until the sickos went overt on me in 2002. Now, "carpet stalking" and like games of visiting the carpet store with my perp-abetting mother are routine. Not to mention being a flunky at carpet auctions, at least five of them.

Said carpet installer had his red pickup truck in the driveway all morning and into the early afternoon before I left. A crimson red body with the same red fiberglass top box cover that was propped open and facing the house. That wasn't enough driveway coverage it seemed, as my mother wanted the garbage out at the curb before departed, and even came to inspect it, read, gangstalking the brown cardboard and the rest of whatever transfixes the perps over garbage and its placement. I had my butt smoking and pacing hoodie dude at the bus stop before I arrived, normally I get the train of Fuckwits after my arrival. The usual surfiet of vehicles in suburbia again, passing by me while waiting, lo, if the bus didn't come on time for once. I even got my rear seat at the back of the bus, and lo, if a red clothing contingent didn't line up in the transverse seats in front of me. The babe with the red mitts, the brown coated girl with the same red scarf, then later a same red coated woman, so all three were lined up transversely (side facing) in front of me. And for the last three stops, and tailing me out of the bus, was a same red toqued male wierd who also line up but standing in the rear exit when there was plenty of seats availible. Four same red garment wearing Fuckwits lined up, arriving serially. Just another day on the city bus freakshow, though to be fair, the freak count was down, and just a few wierds in my corner.

Another round of rage-ifications after having got up for dinner, and doing the dishes. This is the trend today, and tonight, a post two-day First Feral Family visitation. The pattern is that they seem to obtain research benefits while I stay there, and my perp-abetting mother hangs around me like a puppy dog, crossing my path immediately before or after I have passed by. This goes on every time I visit, but the last two days have been worse. Which suggests the Fuckwits are desperate, attempting to get leverage from ever more blatant stunts. Which includes inflicting me with myriad faked touches tonight; a sensation, but no ostensible cause, even if there is nothing within 2' of my hand, I will get a nudge or jab from some unseen source. An tonight it is "thumb clashing", where one seems to contact the other as I am typing but there is no evident contact when I look down at the keyboard, but the instant I look up at this LCD display, why, it starts erupting again.

Winding up the evening looking at jobs online; the usual fuck all, and I am seriously wondering if it isn't a bullshit show, of displaying interesting jobs to catch my attention and then have my expectations dashed because of various qualifications or experience I don't have, especially after 8. 5 years of hounded out of employment, save the farm work jobs. And also, to catch my interest concerning industries that I am interested in, e.g. aircraft, machining, manufacturing complex parts, IT and the like. Other "baiting themes" might be local businesses, giving them some prominence, that is, name dropping because I happen to recognize them. My employment counsellor didn't return my email or my phone message last week, so I will re-start that again, though I have no expectations it will be much help, seeing that I led it last time. Just another despondent diversion for the assholes to keep up the noises through the earmuffs, fuck my mouseclicks, and generally piss me off with vision impairments and plasma light flashes in front of this LCD. So...., nothing will happen until after Christmas if last year is a prelude, which takes me to Feburary when I managed to get two weeks of picking daffodils for a few hundred bucks, until a horde of Mexicans came in and we locals were let go.

Enough for today, and maybe I will get a post-Feral Family stayover night of restlessness imposed on me, the usual Monday evening return treatment for this Tuesday, because I was snow bound last night for the extra night of cold blowing snow.

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