Friday, November 12, 2010

Eyeglasses Swap

A visit to get my eyeglasses swapped at the optican's earlier. And also to hope that this blogger doesn't get totally sabotaged like an earlier posting, to the point I had to delete it. The assholes killed typing and all mouse actions in both Firefox and IE browsers, as very often when this erupts, I switch browsers and I continue from there.

And of course, without the far sighted Rx in these old glasses I get to see this LCD a little fuzzy, and that is cause for the assholes to lay on the outside vehicle noise, the train of loud mufflered vehicles every 20 seconds or so, heard through the earmuffs, aka, hearing protection.

The throbby motorcycle noises are coming at 3x/minute, and getting through my earmuffs as I write. The big interest for the perps after the umpteenth forced pee today is to have me look up towel rails on the internet following the bathroom visitation. The towel rail there has a loose rail between the two anchored ends, and even if I don't pull or move the towel while using it as it hangs from the rail, the assholes move the loose part, usually in some kind of sound pattern. And they have me going beserk over it, where, given my own inclination, it would be another so-what obsession of theirs that was totally beserk. But no, I am not allowed to be mellow about any of this, so call it another rage-fication provocation. Though, very often, if I take away the excuse, then the game is over, as they have provoked me enough. It could all be about the commonality that they are looking for, between seeing and using an object to its likeness pictured and all the way to possibly ordering one. Just more games again.

But of course the above wasn't enough, as they wanted me to bookmark it after closing the browser tab window. Recovering the link wasn't a big deal for me, but you can be sure it was covered with motorcycle noise yet again. Not to mention the ongoing ear ringing that it totally constant today.

Hung out to dry for the weekend; no phone call from the optician's as to when they will return my eyeglasses, the usual evasiveness/victim suspense bullshit again. And why didn't I figure this out ahead of time? Because of imposed cognitive conditions; I have been the brunt of thousands of these kinds of stunts/feints up since 2002, and until about 2007 or so, I was good at figuring out the scam potential in advance. Slowly they learned how I knew, and then debased by my knowledge of them . And that is as bad as it sounds; I am not allowed to access my own knowledge or in any way gain it if not approved by my Fuckwit orchestration manager. All to keep me in place and listen to dumbshit  otorcycle noise all afternoon, and still playing, even if it is very today, 9 deg. C.

A round of games with the perps making the text font smaller when I come back to a page after an absence. That, and more motorcycle noise with simultaneous overhead rumbling noise, always an opportunistic noise, and long past feigning any kind of legit cover story.

Evening tea time with chocolate, about my 20th consecutive broken chocolate bar, that this, broken up in the package before it it opened. This erupted about 8 days ago, and seemed timed to "happen" when I was using the dinner plate, then the old wobbly plate, and now the new salad plate, all differing degrees of white. I can expect to pour out the heap of chocolate squares now, each with angular shard facets to ge the most surface area to the break as possible. And these broken chocolate bars have all been the same make and kind, and have been purchased over four differing shopping visits to the same store. There must be something important about these broken chocolate bars, as they like to pour on the overhead rumbling noise now, before and after tea time, and eating one (broken up of course). Though it was interesting that they didn't want me to have one at breakfast, the usual practice; I headed to the optician one block away and getting me out on the street "chocolate free" seemed to be a big deal. They even put on a big lug who was in brown shorts for the extra stupid look. There is something they know about me, and that I don't like shorts on me for whatever reason. And this is a big part of the dude force duds, these freaking shorts they wear, often in a faux plaid, e.g. brown squares on the whitish fabric. Just when I thought winter dress would be part of the gangstalking schtick, why, they come back with summer like clothing again. Fucking tiresome.

And I also got the sloppy white pants leading me ahead too this morning when out, after purchasing groceries, and that would include the above mentioned stack of five chocolate bars. In between the brown short dude and the sloppy white pants ahead of me (both highly Unfavored items of male clothing), I got these faux vagrants walking toward me, and lo, if they didn't split apart, one heading for the garbage can to cross my path, and the other waiting, and have me walk between the Fuckwits. Not quite the "split couple" move I have seen so often in public, but the "split dude pair" maybe. And the perps also like to script their Fuckwits like they are ready to jump me, as in heading for me and then diverting at the last moment to get my flight or fight reaction started up. Every time I am out in public, and going two blocks or more, I can be sure to be getting at least three or four Fuckwits pulling this stunt; walk toward me on the sidewalk or crosswalk when there is ample room and no reason whatsoever for them to come toward me. Today, I was in mid crosswalk when a Fuckwit on the sidewalk comes from the left, makes a turn to head toward me on the sidewalk, and instead of turning 90 degrees or so, he turns wide, say 85 degrees, and then is coming at me and then when I started to divert to avoid the Fuckwit, why, only then did he straighten out his trajectory. Part of this move, of having Fuckwits, singly or in wall formation to come straight at me on the crosswalk is to force me outside to avoid them and thereby walk on the broad white line that bounds the crosswalk. Like WTF; why am I not allowed to walk unharassed on a fucking sidewalk nowadays?

And this was the same crosswalk where they pulled a vehicular rundown attempt on me two months ago, making me run for it, as the driver wasn't going to stop, and she even re-aligned her turning arc to aim at me in my new position, seemingly attempting to pin me between her vehicles and the ones that were stopped. Then she turned back the wheel again to miss me, and then finally stopped in mid-turn, time enough for me to yell at her for being a total asshole. This was the same intersection where they put two babbling vagrants together this morning, and I was obliged to walk toward them to get across the street, the way the traffic lights "worked out", read planned just for me to get some "vagrant time". Normally I avoid the fuckers, but these assholes weren't moving, as they didn't walk across the intersection in either direction as it turned out, making themselves to be long lost buddies. How many times have I heard that schtick?

Some science news the perps dropped off on me for reasons that seem topical. This article on touch typists talks about intention and action, two themes that are near and dear to the Fuckwit's abuse agenda. And that there are two error processing loops for touch typists; a conscious one and a subconscious one that slows down keystrokes when an error has been made. And as the perps sabotage my typing at least every fifth letter, and even multiple sabotage when attempting to fix the forced typo, this might be just what it is about. They can screw me over in detecting typos, and have done that for at least two years now, but they cannot yet screw my subconscious error detection capabilities. This article mentions "false typos", where letters are inserted by the spoofed software the touch typists are using. And have I not roundly complained that the assholes are also inserting letters into what I type, either gratuitiously (no evident action on my part) or else by touching my fingers as if I hit two keys at once when I didn't. Got all that? I am not sure that I do. But they also like to have me alternate between reading what I type on the screen, or watching the keyboard and slow me down with typo after typo.

Another harassment game of endless bounds, some 150 to 250x/day, is to jab or poke me with unseen forcefields, often when I am doing something, say, handling the dishes. They like to have me detect whether it was a gratuitous poke or jab (unconventionally caused), or whether it might actually be related to the conventional reality of actually bumping into  something. (Which of course they would manipulate anyhow, making things look conventional is all part of what the assholes do, if it isn't a gratuitous non-conventional event). These must be brain-stem region error detection capabilities, as this seems to be where the perps are so focussed, for the last two years.

Enough science, and on with posting this. I hear the faux neighbor fan noise is on again for the rest of the evening, some two hours or more. This is the third successive evening this noise has started up, and last night they added some variation  to it, having the noise drop off and change pitch for a second or two to catch my neural circuitry detecting the noise variance. This hum can also be heard through my earmuffs, and having them on or off does not change the noise volume any, they just re-adjust it to be heard no matter which. Talk about dynamic surveillance and harassment.

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