Monday, November 08, 2010

Post Compost Monday Blues

A short post as I have pissed most of the afternoon away since I got back from the First Feral Family visitation and did two and a half hours of leaf raking and compost building. The USSTRATCOM overflights, or noise thereof, started yesterday night when I was in bed, now heard from inside the house in another first. There was at least four overflight for the time they kept me awake, and likely six or so while raking leaves this morning. No contrails today, and no flight path deviation and altitude reduction so they could be plain obvious like a few weeks ago. But plenty of helicopter and small aircraft noise to keep me company while I got into a rage-ified state over the new bamboo rake that self destructed with the tines pulling out. Thats what one gets for a $10 Chinese rake these days, even if they are more comfortable than plastic ones that emulate them.

Then off to the carpet store for my mother to get samples, not to mention whatever it is that the perps have so fixated on with respect to carpets, often driving them around in pickup trucks as part of the vehicular gangstalking scene, just like the wood they also use as a prop. I suppose the color "experience" was part of the deal, as they showed varying colors and textures, not to mention fabric types. Then a drive to the doctor's office, and what an insane amount of vehicular gangstalking, vehicles puliing out from behind to hold me up at a left turn, not to mention accelerating into the intersection to foil my intent. And that seems to be a big deal, foiling intent, from driving to purchasing, to whatever set up they have in mind.

The doctor had another doctor in the office, so I got to tell my story yet again, some 10x now, for the victim "tourists". She was blonde, young and plain, no attractive babe distractions allowed for this session, no sir, not like yoga. She was heavy into her (irritating) leg placement an movement while seated, not unlike what my mother does with obsessional frequency when watching TV, except this young thing could even sit on one leg, having it horizontal at one point. The perps kept me in a quasi-verbose state, not entirely controlled and as fluent as I would like, and had me on the verge of mispronouncing words, all to have me repeat them. I have been through this conversational state imposition before, and I am fucking pissed that I am not allowed to be myself, especially in front of a doctor, though nothing new in hindsight. Anyhow, a big perp day, Mondays, especially when they pack in extras like leaf raking, composting, carpet viewing and then a doctors' visit.

I see my mother had the cable company visit this past week, and the white jacketed cable was replaced with black jacketed cable in the wall and crawl space, keeping short white cable for the digital modem and the DVD player, which still cannot be reliably accessed to function. My mother pissed with the remote control and got the DVD to play, but couldn't figure out how she did it. Meanwhile, they won't let me play the DVD through the TV, so nothing new there, imposed futility is part of the abuse mix. As mentioned before, the color of the cable insulation and jacketing is as important as the color of the metal in the wires and cables that feed the devices that they have me view, including his here LCD as I type.

And on the city bus freakshow, another all time first; a normal youngish woman carrying a doll, some 16" tall, as if it were a child, supporting it and holding it close. Were are talking about the perps needing me to see a small scale child-like figure for some reason, seemingly part of of their interminable scale games, where bigger and smaller versions of objects, or part objects, must be displayed for me to see. Another all time batshit crazy Fuckwit stunt.

Back to this den in the afternoon; Abuse Central, and online surfing again, a seeming vital requirement these days, though often not being allowed to get on with what I want to do; check out jobs and order a RAID box to back up this PC, as I am fucking fed up with the mickey mouse solutions that I get stiffed with. But it all follows a pattern; I ordered two large hard drives 10 months ago as in-PC back up drives, and now after they have been installed and running all this time, the "need" comes on to have them mounted in an external enclosure in a redundant array for better data security. Like I have said many times, the perps have this need for "fallow time" where items will sit around in say, a horizontal orientation to then be put into a vertical after they have determined then end of the fallow cycle. And of course, magnetic disks are absolute heaven for them, as I have been kept in a densified magnetic field since 2002, 1600 Gauss in 2009, and routinely deal with masers and plasma beams, both magnetically controlled phenomenon. And given the intense interest of the perps to have rotating objects near me, vehicles as a major example, but bicycles, strollers and the rest of it, a rotational magnetic drive is absolute heaven in furthering their nonconsensual human research agenda.

That is about all I was going to post today, as I am somehow disinclined to go into details, a point of deliberation I have about this blog; more blow by blow details of the unconventional abuses or just a summary kind of blog posting like this one? All my faithful followers and readers, no more than a dozen reads per week if the Blogspot statistics are accurate, can let me know what kind of level of description is that they like to read about. And history repeats itself, no one will answer me, and so I will carry on as is. No bad feelings or anything, I have a suspicion this blog isn't widely read for reasons that relate to the ongoing harassment, and the social isolation imperative that continues unabated.

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