Sunday, November 07, 2010

Chattering Masses

A dull Saturday, and very dark today, though no rain like much of yesterday. (I was inside for al the rain, getting out in the morning to deal with my eyeglasses first thing, and then being kept house-bound for the rest of the day). And it seems that today is unfolding in a similar fashion; getting out after a very heavily noisetalked shaving after breakfast. It was to the local supermarket to get bread, which of late has really meant small size tortilla to put my coconut butter on, as the bread crumb wars got so fucking intense, a low crumb solution like tortillas was much needed. I had finished the bread up, and then got onto the small size tortillas imported from California, and lo, if another loaf of bread didn't somehow arrive in the freezer where I keep the gluten free bread. It doesn't happen often that the assholes will actually supply me with something, a food item especially, as they often screw me into buying the wrong thing with their mind-fuck games they constantly pull. So maybe I gave up gluten-free for gluten but no crumb games. Or more likely, no excuses for crumb games with unleavened bread. And today I got screwed as the small size wasn't there, and they had me pick up the larger size of this same line of tortillas. And lo, if the tortillas I cook with, the Ezekiel sprouted gran brand needed to be picked up in the freezer case nearby, so they could be "pals" in the shopping basket. (Read, direct energetic interaction at the same acquisition visitation).

Enough on the travails of tortillas and the crumb wars that go on each day, and the chattering masses noise of last night. They kept me awake in bed for 1.5 hours at least, all to hear the sounds of multiple voices as if a party werer in progress. Indistinct voices as I couldn't make out what was being said, though enough to know if it was male or female. And that is what a lot of the ongoing harassment games are about, getting me to hear or to make voices noise, as this has registry in the human emotion processing area of one's brain, called the amygdala. And some say, where psychic energies are processed. But the strange thing was that the perps' setup had party voices from the S. side and above simultaneously, and even from outside, which takes some doing, as this apartment is six stories up. Call it a multi-directional barrage of voice noise, the first time they have escalated this particular fuckery. Another never-before eruption of human behavior in this location.

At the supermarket this morning they were ready for me with the red fleece vests among other vile color collages they like to put on. At the cashier, they had the hair dye job woman (Unfavored for her reddish hair dye iridescence) on duty, she of 5' or so height, and then they had the taller attractive and chatty blonde woman (very Favored) cashier come in behind her to purportedly attend to something. This would be another example of having the blonde babe as the Favored demographic group member, to momentarily back the Unfavored member. Think of it like "yuck, the dye hair job on the older woman", with the sudden arrival and pausing for five to ten seconds or so, of the "hmm, very nice blonde babe" reaction. And of course, the perps seem to want to separate and energetically reconcile my perception of the Favored and the Unfavored, and what better way than to put them together? Last week they had an attractive blonde babe on the bus  two seats ahead for a few minutes before inserting an overweight dude who seemed to be lacking a real day job. As before, this "blonde aura co-opting" is a long standing perp method, and is as consistent as their abusiveness.

Other minor excitement was that they had a large sisplay of Hawkin's cheezies (orange color ones behind the tinted bag pane) adjacent to the hot cooked chicken, an ongoing medium of inserting orange colored food into me, (the paprika and sauce they douse the chicken in), and had me walk between these two orange sources. It was notable in that the junk food is usually confined to a single aisle, and here they had "featured" the cheezies next to the healthy food. And lo, if there wasn't a male Fuckwit some 60' away in his orange fleece vest, walking toward me after I departed. The past orange color games have been consistent with this stunt as well, so I don't usually go into detail over each orange-stalking event. Just another of their obsession colors they like to pull on me, and having me eat orange color spiced chicken meat is all part of the ongoing game/fuckery.

Plenty of vision impairment games to rile me up this morning, as it seems that the introduction of a new deeper brown color coffee at breakfast might be what is important to them. They finally let me in on new sources of pre-ground coffee that I had somehow "overlooked" and then got stiffed with standing at the in-store coffee grinder for four minutes or so while all these Fuckwits coursed around me. A total sitting target, something I take great pains to avoid, standing still somewhere. I suppose there might be a run on Fuckwits to emulate me and my in-store coffee grinding of the past six or so years, before the ground coffee sources seemed to dry up, as I have never seen anyone using any of the three coffee grinders in this small supermarket to date.

Another excitement feature this morning was shaving with the last of the shaving foam in this particular can. Inaugural or ultimate product use is always a big deal as there is something thrown in the garbage, and to have me outside on the heels of finishing a can of shaving lotion is a big deal for the assholes. I could tell that they were cranked up about this because they laid on heavy noisestalking; incessant ceiling clickings from nowhere (concrete floor/ceilings), elevator noise through the wall from outside, and yet more chattering in the hallway. No big deal for me, though it seems they can never get enough of the shaving games.

Now back to putzing around online and reading books; it seems that movie and music viewing and listening are largely forbidden as these activities get sabotaged within five minutes or so.

I am using Internet Explorer as I type this, and see that the perps stripped out a huge number of features in my usual Firefox browser. Having the same page up, but fully feataured seems to be a big deal for them.

Now back to the Firefox browser as Internet Explorer was somehow blowing up, and preventing cut and paste for crissakes. Lots of accompanying noise as I switched activities from the complete browser to the stark naked one that Firefox has been reduced to for this Blogspot site.

Month end accounting got brutal; at least 30 screaming rage-ifications over strange Quicken behavior and navigation. They wont let me pick a certain category off the list but will for the next ones above and below, related to the parent category. Fucking bizarre. This outbreak of abuse when it was getting humane might be related to the fact that they had me put on extra socks and a sweater to keep warm, as they chilled me down following tea and chocolate break.

And even one transaction for $35 or so, on my debit card, did not show up on my account statement, yet I specifically remember the items that are on the reciept. And the assholes got great mileage for Quicken fuckery when there were two identical transactions amounts for the same payee, some 20 days apart, as then they could fuck the download order and make the dates jump around, as if it were a Quicken sort problem. They have also taken to clobbering the stored transactions on the download, overwriting common payee and category associations, good for 20 minutes of clean up. All to pursue me over endless permutations and combinations of everything I do; it boggles the mind as to what they are attempting in this insane abusive invasion.

Enough of the grief, time to call this one done.

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