Friday, November 05, 2010

Eyeglasses for a Week

While in bed, rounds of outside traffic noise from 0600  to 0700h when I got up, having me plug my ears with my fingers, then alternating cycles of semi-sleep with erections, aka meat aerials that would then dissapate in five or ten minutes. And somewhere in that collage of being half awake there were visions of meeting tigers and cougars and some kind of interaction with the animal trainer.

A big perp moment today, having me switch to my regular progressive lens glasses after 11 days with the old Rx and its problems of far sightedness. And altered visual reality, or more like, the excuse to fuck with my vision as to what I see, and sometimes in double vision "from" some kind of lens aberation, and also, my familiar friends of all those reflectance sources that routinely erupt on the lens surface to flit in my peripherial vision. Funny how that happens almost instantly with this pair of glasses.

The prior breakfast was duly disrupted- when cereals were made up, a sudden forced need to pee to leave them untouched on the table for a the time it took to get to the bathroom and back, the third time this week this has "happened". Then more outside traffic and beeping noise while having breakfast. The  faux neighbor started up his unerring ability to make rushing water (in pipes) noise when I was in the bathroom, two rounds of showering no less while I shaved and did my dental hygiene routine. The activity of shaving is of intense perp interest, and they have me shave my front as well, under the planted guise of vanity in not having any grey hairs. Though, most of the grey has gone from my head hair.

They nailed me for four lesions on my front that bled for two staunchings with the steptic pencil and washcloth to clean them. These are not from the razor as they are deep, odd shapes, occur painlessly and erupt without any apparent causal interaction of the razor. And besides, the blood that comes "from" these lesions is a very deep red color, and not from the skin region. After this extra adverse shaving it was off to the optician in the next block to get my new glasses, and lo, if there wasn't a string of gangstalkers out there, one doing the vagrant thing of stopping in mid-block to light a cigarette and pollute the air ahead of me; even if I hold my breath, "somehow" I end up smelling it.

They had the street cleaner out to clean the asphalt-curb interface, and had at least one puddle of apparent piss on the street, that somehow got tracked for 30' on my way back. They put on a parent and a two year old kiddy as well, this 0830h in lead-ahead gangstalking mode. The headlight beam was trained on my pathe there, and the guitarstalker was also on duty, the backpacking variant. The usual criss-crossing of Fuckwits before I got to the door of the optician. The blonde optician was in her usual beguiling and doting self, always a pleasure. I have not yet ever detected any tension and only a small amount of acting, and I often wonder does she know the script or not in advance as she is a natural.
Once I departed they had a freaking bread delivery, aka breadstalking; the Fuckwit was delivering on a dolly, using it as some kind of scooter, and making a 40' oblique crossing of the street as I walked by. Running with the bread might of been just as absurd, and given them their needed velocity in my proximity.This bullshit is getting so predictable.

While web surfing a thundering rumble with a coincident street shouting erupted when a certain pic was revealed when web browsing. both noises getting through the earmuffs I am wearing. Like how could this be imagined that two diverse noises coincided, and what does that pic mean to them? (The pic was from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Jack Nicholson with the electrodes on either side of his head).

A  live chat with Newegg, and lo, if my phone (read, EMF emitting device at one's ear), didn't ring then for another reason altogether. There is something the perps want to know about the nature of conversing;, fast or slow, -e.g. email, live chat, face to face, and of course their variant, the other person looking away while conversing. Fucking absurd. The assumed new apartment manager said hello to me yesterday while looking elsewhere, he and his ballcap, almost the uniform of the poseurs sitting in the glass room off the lobby. The supposed Scottish woman cleaner was also on gangstalking there this morning; though I have never seen I cleaner here so regularly as this, and at least twice outside. All too strange, not unlike the apartment block before.

On the domestic research (theirs) front as of last week, I am now allowed to wipe the spoons dry with a tea towel. The perps have been total assholes over having me use the tea towel to dry dishes much, and accordingly, the dishes seem to air dry quite fast, within an hour. No big deal, I just put the dishes away. Some six months ago the dinner forks stopped air drying in the rack and had to be wiped dry with the tea towel. But all else, save the 6" knife acquired last year, would air dry. Now, as of last week, why, the spoons used for making coffee and eating cereals won't air dry any more, and instead, stay wet into the afternoon when used and cleaned after breakfast. And when I now pick up the top most spoon to make tea, why, it is wet still, forcing a wipe dry from the towel. (Otherwise, if wet, it gets exploited for the tea leaves sticking en masse onto the spoon, another first). Anyhow, another mark of progress is that I am now either allowed to, or made to, wipe the cutlery spoons dry, often immediately prior to use. Call this progress in the perverse perp-world, and it only took seven fucking years to get there. They still won't allow the 12" chefs knife blade to be wiped dry, as it always magically dries itself, even if the handle didn't. This is the same knife that had its properties changed from high carbon steel that leached iron oxide (rust) if left wet, to a steel of a seeming low carbon composition that does not leach iron oxide, and can be left to then air dry. Just one more example of the intense scrutiny I am under and how progress is noted in this abusive depravity they have made of my existence, every mortal moment I am alive.

Another big move on the perp progress front is that they have started me on using coconut oil. They had me researching the nutrition of coconuts for some eight months or so, and also acquiring some from my in-town brother's Thai girlfriend. About three weeks ago I "found" coconut oil at the local supermarket, and bought a jar. They had me run out the olive oil for cooking and salads, and as of today, the inaugural use of the coconut oil for cooking, as the apparent research says that it is better for this purpose than olive oil. In the case of the latter, they had me purchase a small bottle of a different kind, and use it only for salads. I also still ingest olive oil from the tapenade base of my quesadillas, so it would seem they are moving me off using it for cooking. I take this as another sign of perp progress on the food oil use, digestion and the downstream physiologic processes and cellular storage that they seem to be so intensely focussed on. And it only took eight years of intense abuse and eating much the same food (lunch and dinner) all that time; quesadillas of tapenade, chopped chicken and melted cheese on top. Now what is next and when? Borage oil maybe? Maybe food fats will become "in", and this low fat mania that has reigned for 20 years or more will now give way to the perp's interest in this food item in all its diversity. But how long did it take for hydrogenated fats to finally get widely identified as a health hazard? Twenty or thirty years, and of course the approval bodies have yet to catch up.

Post dinner jerkarounds; I was deleting some software remnants, and lo, if the sirens and clunking didn't start up, then a silverfish insect arrived on my desk which I promptly dispatched, and then a forced re-start. Similar deal as a few days ago when the self-replicating deletion of Cyberlink took 1.5 hours to delete with thrtee methods.

A forced one hour nap before dinner, and lo, if they didn't rouse me some to listen to their noise parade, have me abate the noise with my fingers in my ears, and then give me erections, just like the prior hour before getting up this morning. Though, I was clothed for the nap, and the latter games were compromised thankfully.

A pithy precis of the Obama administration and its follies at At Largely. I got the picture now, the Chief Dissembler earned his craft honestly, no connections like the last guy. That doesn't mean he isn't honest, and in fact, based on what the author describes, Obama just maybe the best Doublespeaking president to date. Tragic, given the vital need to repair Bushco's eight rein of wreckage. What it seems is that there isn't any party that has the gumption to take on the Pentagonocracy.

At least five screamings at the perps while having tea and chocolate tonight. They have taken to repeatedly dithering my finger control when attempting to open the Ritter chocolate, and that provocation begets my rebuke instantly. I reckon that it is all about riling me up over the package opening; mid-blue plastic packaging revealing a deep brown chocolate bar, one of those vital color transitions they like to exploit. And the LD store has been out of the lavender package color Milka Bars for the past three weeks, leaving an empty shelf in a high volume retail store for crissakes. The light blue packaged Ritter bar (alpine milk chocolate) has been the substitute for the Milka bars, and only this week have they moved me to the mid-blue ones (milk chocolate). The two don't taste much different, but as my sense of taste is often governed down, or otherwise fucked with, I really don't know why these two Ritter bars are made. Not counting the conspiratorial angle of course, as light blue is often an entre color for the perps. Once inculcated with it in a particular location and context, they will then attempt to leverage it elsewhere. Hence the preponderance of Fuckwits wearing light blue and dark brown, a ridiculous color combination for clothing, but there they are. The light blue Ritter bars have been on the forced diet plan for over a year now, off and on with the Milkas until three weeks ago.

A screaming session over blatant web site display; myspace was taking about five minute to load and everything else was siezed up. All over protracting me playing some music. I have had enough of this bullshit today, and am calling this one done. Maybe I will get to read my books, some of them languishing as I am kept online all day after them sitting around for weeks when I seemingly wanted them so bad. They wouldn't let me read websites on IT business analysis, my former trade, and that really pisses me off. All to putz around house bound all fucking day while masers and plasma beams flit about, and of course, in concert with the asshole's provocations.


Anonymous said...

The assholes have various ways of pissing me off. They routinely have "beautiful women" getting into the act. They had a pair of babes following me around last night: one was the cutey (blonde), the other was a not-so-hot brunette. The brunette was looking all snooty, and said something like "Justa", or some phrase that's supposed to sound like a number of associations the perps know I'm familiar with. Probably meant to sound like "Justin", which I am conditioned to associate with one concept, or "Chester", as in Chet Atkins, as the perps know I'm into fingerstyle guitar. The blonde was giving me this "approving" look, while the not-so-hot brunette was very snooty and bitchy.

Then there were the young women (maybe in their late teens) saying things later on down the road. The one girl said "What's that thing in the bathtub?" Again, another perp association I am supposed to figure out. I believe it was supposed to be insulting, and get me into a rage. Not a good idea when walking down the street.

Of course, unfavored jerkoffs dressed like me is another tactic. I guess I'm supposed to get a blown fuse when I see an unfavored minicking me, like maybe I'm supposed to think the perps are saying "this is what I think of you".

Good thing I don't give a shit what the perps think of me, and I have been more determined to figure out who these fucks are doing this. I get a lot of smirking older people, which makes me wonder if they think this System is going to fuck me over hard or something.

Surprisingly, my uncle was in on the perps' games last night. I left the house for a walk around 9PM, and my uncle was just standing still as a statue in his driveway, with dark clothing on, dark pants and jacket. This was puzzling, because I saw no reason for him to be doing this at all, and it was 2 degrees C. Of course, it was a perp scripted role, unless he was letting the dog out, but the dog was not there. Another stupid perp stunt. Maybe he was imitating the statue in Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to figure out who these perps are and put them through all the bullshit they've put me through. I wonder if they think they're untouchable, or something.

Where I teach, they get co-workers in on the harassment act. The students seem alright, and everything goes smooth with them. One or two students seem to be in on the harassment. I've figured that the co-workers are going along with the harassment, because they are afraid of losing their jobs if they don't. But the students, they can simply drop my class and take someone else.

I've had a couple students drop my class, and I've figured that they want to avoid me, because they don't want to have contact with a legit TI. A lot of people are scared of contact with TI's, as they don't want to get involved with the perps and their games. Who can blame them. The director was pissed that a couple students dropped, and seemed to blame me for this. A lot of people don't like TI's for this reason --- they seem to bring their harassment problems into everyone else's lives. Everyone involved is either sadistic, or has no choice but to go along. Lots of sadistic creeps are involved in this, which figure.

Anonymous said...

Over here, it's 0126 AM, and daylight savings time is about to end. At 0200, the clocks move back to 0100. Nice, as I can use an extra hour to look for jobs right now.

One woman who is something of a "handler" where I teach got a reduction in the number of classes from her usual amount. Seems the perps are keeping her in their little confinement as well. I only got one class, and I figure it's time to see if I can get a full-time position. Of course, the perps will see to it that this never happens, and that I get to spend the rest of my life with no retirement benefits. The perps hinted that they could eventually have some sort of compensation worked out once I reach retirement age. I can't count on that, though. I'm not sure I trust them. Hence, my fruitless endeavor continues on a search for a full-time position. One class next semester: that is going to keep me struggling and in debt.

Meanwhile, nobody around me acts normal anymore. They all act like old kids with smirks. I don't like this at all. I probably should try to struggle to find full-time employment.

AJH said...

Answer to: all three of Anonymous' comments of Nov. 06,2010.

Funny your uncle doing "just standing there" duty/gangstalking. I take the attitude they are batshit crazy, especially at 2C degrees outside. No doubt he was there for reference purposes as you were outside too. They like to have extended gangstalking on asphalt and concrete surfaces, and for whatever reason they need to have the Fuckwits stand still. Other variations are the silly running pedestrians, the backtrackers, the 36n0 degree sidewalk spinners and the prop carriers; e.g. guitars, bread, eating bananas etc. Its all too absurd, and all too organized, consistent and relentless.

The babe pair is interesting as I had some of that on the farm labor job; bad blonde babe (who was once nice) with OK behaved babe, but pals all the same, or at least for their appearance.

Hard to know who is a real handler or not; I have seen aiding professionals get totally screwed over the decades unless it is a total bullshit show, so even the abettors don't always end up better off in the end. Another great mystery, this apparent compensation and then later life adversities.

Given that the perps just love to have some people/gangstalkers engage for limited durations (especially on seats), while others for a full academic term, I would classify the entire student enrollment flux as yet more perp management. The financial remuneration side is brutal though, as they also like to pump one's spending habits, all these "needs" keep erupting when I don't have the cash, save the odd (and recent) sabotage on my eyeglasses. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

They have done just that: I had decent amount of money in my savings account just a year ago. Now, there is just enough in there to pay the most basic bills. And I feeling the "need" to get yet another laptop, yet don't have the money for it. I'll probably wind up with another cheapo Celeron or AMD Sempron. Actually, this Celeron laptop here was only $299, yet at 2.2 GHz, is more than adequate for compiling open source software. I have FreeBSD on this one, and actually needed to hack the kernel module sources to get the brightness to work on this laptop. There is a module called acpi_video, which allows one to adjust the brightness level of the backlight. Without it, the up/down brightness keys won't work, and stays on full brightness. So the brightness keys aren't hard-wired, but require working ACPI functionality in the kernel to work.

The only problem with laptops, is that most don't have 2 hard drives anymore. So, I have to partition for a dual-boot, or look for a way to get a dual-drive setup working. In my case, it's better to get another cheap laptop so I can install, say, Windows 7, or Linux on it. Solaris/x86 is another good choice, I've found.

Well, more than one hard drive on a laptop is rare. I had an HP I bought in early 2006 which had 2 80 GB hard drives. This was perfect for intalling 2 operating systems. I used to dual-partition, but I've found that I am never satisfied with how much space I've allocated to each operating system. So in my case, I prefer one laptop per operating system.

Of course, laptop hardware is almost always underclocked and underwhelming compared to desktop HW (to conserve battery life), so I may as well go cheap as possible if I'm going to get another laptop.

Rx software said...

I am not agree with some points.I have seen aiding professionals get totally screwed over the decades unless it is a total bullshit show, so even the abettors don't always end up better off in the end. Another great mystery, this apparent compensation and then later life adversities.

AJH said...

Answer to: Hi.. I am not agree with some points.

Not sure what you disagree with here, as your second comment sentence is a quote from my comment responses.

AJH said...

Answer to: They have done just that...

The PC can be a real cash burner. They had me get this Antec Elite Multimedia Station, a 5.25" bay insert, and it cost me $80, and $160 to get it installed (the perps won't let me install memory even), and it was garbage, and didn't control the volume, and the Imon media storage software was a total joke. No more multimedia server/database for me, apart from the Windows Media Player. Even at that, I cannot get to volume to where I want it, too quiet, while Youtube and all the rest has OK volume.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding that the perps have me very tempted to get another machine. I have just resisted this urge, however, and I do have the little Intel Atom 330 desktop/server I built back in March of 2009. Works really well, but is quite slow. It was cheap to build, though, and it seems to be holding up very well so far. I've been getting some bargain basement machines that are still "fast enough". That way, I can't lose any money. Here's what I have:

Intel Atom desktop: 2GB RAM, 120GB hard drive, 1.8 MHz dual core w/ hyperthreading (64 bits)

Intel Atom subnotebook: 2GB Ram, 150GB HD, 1.6 MHz single-core w/hyperthreading (32 bits)

Intel "Celeron 900" 4.0 GB RAM, 150 GB hard drive, 2.2 GHz single-core with no hyperthreading (but is 64 bits)

Intel dual-core 17" laptop, 150GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, dual-core 1.8 GHz 32-bit processor without hyperthreading

The last one is my most expensive at $650. The rest are $300 and under a piece (brand new). The hyperthreading gives two "logical" CPU's per core. The idea is to let the operating system split the tasks between the two "virtual" cores for greater efficiency. So if you've got a dual-core processor w/hyperthreading, you'll see 4 processors show up, though there are only two physical ones.

My machines are all cheap. I figured they would find a way to break anyways. The one laptop that did break, it cost me $1600 brand new. So it must follow according to Murphy's Law that it would be the one to break. So I stick with cheap, adequate HW (so the perps can find a way to see that it winds up broken). Also, the Best Buy salesman talked me into getting Geek Squad protection in the $279 subnotebook. Maybe I'll need it.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm finding that...

Laptops and netbooks are an open invitation for the perps to sabotage, piece by piece. I stick with my ATX box, and deal with some component sabotage that can be readily resolved. Though, when I had this built in 2009, my "hand me down" components went into my mother's build, and I am assuming that there are common energetic responses they are looking for from the motherboard and like components that were passed on. It is all very interesting how the perps like to change up PC components, though gradually often, the latest being to have me remove two hard drives acquired in 02-2010 and now have me put them in an external RAID enclosure. It is going to be many years before they are done, the deliberation of late is it more or less than five. We just don't know.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree. Usually what "happens" is the netbook or laptop gets dropped, as the perps sometimes like to mess with my grasp and make me drop objects. I "accidentally" knocked over a heavy desk lamp, and it fell right on top of my netbook here. Luckily, it was closed at the time, and get a nice scratch on the top, but nothing more. I really lucked out there, though. I assume there is going to be something falling on them or my grasp is going to get messed with so they get smashed.

At one point, I noticed that I happened to get "clumsier" and start dropping and breaking drinking glasses at a too-frequent rate. The can also mess with bladder functions. I was lying on my bed, and noticed there was a 3 inch-long oval wet spot on the bed, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if the assholes messed with my bladder function, and had me "make" that spot. Just to be safe, I washed everything on the bed, and wiped the mattress down. It wasn't a big spot, and it just doesn't make sense at all. I understand the assholes can make wet/damp spots spontaneously appear on clothing and bed linens. I don't see how it could've been a pee spot, because the trajectory would have to have been just right in order to get it to land where it did. I really don't know at this point. Strangely, it didn't seem to have a smell at all.

AJH said...

Answer to: I definitely agree....

The perps have "clumsy" entirely figured out, and will sometimes make up events/reasons to hurry to then aid as a rationalization to be clumsier than usual. They must of planted that "pee spot" on your bed directly. I have come to suspect that the perps can withdraw blood, urine or any other substance from any TI whenever they want. My morning shaves of late are fraught with these added lesions (not nicks) that have a very deep red blood, very much unlike if it were from one's skin. I suspect this might be a liver blood sample they are putting on the outside of me, (nearby, on my tummy of my full frontal daily shave), and they are looking at inside/outside (of me) liver blood energetics differences. The continuation of wars and other bloodshed may also be an extension of their experimentation too. (Blood is magnetic, and will likely interfere with their magnetic masers and plasma beams they fire at me all day long). A worldwide mystery tour in any event. Thanks for the comments.