Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Saturday Newspaper

I just got back from the LD store, my second outing of the day, and while waiting in line for the checkout that was near the newspapers, I mused to myself (read, planted notion), that I should get a newspaper once I get to the cashier. And it so happened that the customer service was free, and the cashier called for the next person, though not me but the person ahead, they defered and I proceeded past the newspapers to the customer service cashier where my items were rung up. And it is only now, back in front of this LCD display, some 40 minutes later, that the assholes reminded me that I forgot to get a newspaper and that I had walked right by them and not picked one up. Well, we know who can fuck short term memory, and who routinely does, something they learned from their abuses into 2008. They can now fuck with my recall, or anyone else's, such that if they were reaching for an specific item they can make them forget what it was that they were reaching for. Less that two seconds between deciding and doing, and even this very short term memory can be fucked with. But the real question is, why did they even do this; planting the notion, fucking me out of getting a newspaper even while walking past them, and then now tell me long after the fact. And it is true I often get a national newspaper on Saturdays to pass the time, but today, they decided that I wasn't going to have one.

Ditto for when I was out at 0930h this morning, as I went to the drug store with the Post Office that had my parcel, getting a delivery notice this time, a welcome change. They had stamps under the glass counter and had reminded me that I ran out of them yesterday, so I better get some new ones, which I did. But why did I get fucked out of getting a newspaper there as well? Just more of the strange games that go on, all these recall tricks and jerkarounds.

I was dispatched for a shopping trip this morning, after seeing a good deal on technical outdoors hiking  pants in the newspaper yesterday, and looking at them online last night. A 50% off of $100, and after I found the clothing after I was duly gangstalked by the E. Indian woman in the outdoors gear department, a most unlikely customer too, as she was so overweight, but I suppose it was that brown coat she wanted to show me. Then a rude remark from the staff when I asked where the outdoor clothing was (not in the outdoor section as it turned out). And this seems to be another thing for the perps, having me take orchestrated risks as to purchases or like events. These pants were in S,M,L,XL sizes, and had zippered and reinforced leg cuffs so they couldn't be altered, and even the size S seemed to be too long, but I was duly mind fucked into getting them even I am a size M, along with my entourage of gangstalkers loitering around me. And the notion of trying them on in the store was duly dismissed for no substantive reason. I had my redcoat (red coated gangstalker ahead of me) escort me to the cashier, where they put on a male negro with a ridiculous red ball cap, doing his straight-ahead look. I got called over to the next checkout, and duly purchased the hiking pants. I suppose this was my black fabric reference item to go with the brown box I picked up at the aforementioned PO on the way back.

Anyhow, I get back to my apartment and the first thing I do is to put the just-acquired hiking pants on to see if they fit. They fitted nearly perfect, so much so that the notion of getting another pair has been duly planted and forms much of today's obsession fodder. I put the pants away, as I don't expect them to be used until mid-2011 for berry picking or other farm work they like me to do. But again, what was the whole point of the excercise; first providing me reason to not purchase them (too long in the leg), then mind-fucking me into doing so, then running the when-to-get-a-refund scenario in mind afterward in transit (before trying them on), and then upon trying them on, having me to think about (read, planted obsession) getting another pair as they were so comfortable and practical as well as being an excellent bargain. I just don't understand why I am being kept on this insane treadmill of trivial notions.

And the perps reminded me that getting the above mentioned hiking pants is a clue as to doing yet more farm labor work this coming year, and to no big surprise, as it seems they have my vocational trajectory mapped out years ahead. But as every TI soon learns, the deception plan is as important as the grand plan, and above all else, we are to remain clueless as to what the fuck is going on. Aka, the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) regimen.

An evening trip to the LD store to get my Rx picked up, and I had my usual, about five proximate gangstalkers swapping out with others, likely some twenty in the store in all. I had the most reptilian negro woman I have ever seen as the Rx counter assistant, and all the worse that she had dreadlocks and a white coat on. I was glad to get done with that, so when I went next to the chocolate section, why a male Caucasian gangetalker had to be hanging around. I suppose that I am supposed to be glad it was only one gangstalker and not the usual five in place they have arranged for the chocolate section, some hiding behind in-aisle displays even. But no, I resent being tracked and gangstalked, by one or more Fuckwits at any given moment of the day, anywhere. Once chocolate was acquired I went to the Christmas section, to get specialty chocolate for my daughter, and lo, if a older female Fuckwit wasn't planted there, doing her back and forths.

The perps had "brownstalked" me prior to the LD store, one erupting from the elevator in the lobby just as I exited the stairwell. Then when waiting for the traffic light outside, a brown hoodie gangstalker was loitering around and looking in on the adjacent window of the restaurant. And when I was crossing the street, why, he stepped out of loiter mode and headed along the sidewalk to then turn the corner some 12' in front of me so he could do his lead-ahead gangstalking in his hoodie in the dim lit area. So... I walk extra fast to get past this Fuckwit who suddenly found his mission to brownstalk me, and relatively few more before getting to the LD store. Lets just say, I was covered by the browners for the entire outing and back again.

Other nonsense was yesterday's city bus trip back into downtown after doing leaf raking duty at my in-town brother's place for most of the day. His comings and goings are strangely timed to protract the job or otherwise be unhelpful at times. I had raked a 5' high mound of leaves onto this tarp, and he didn't have an effective way to tie it all up through the grommets and take it to his van. I had to ask him for some rope, though all he had was a green string, so I used that. It wasn't enough as I had figured, the last on the spool, and I went back to find something else. By then he was gone again, and I got a spool of yellow string to finish the job. The instant I pulled out the yellow string from the spool all hell broke loose, noise-wise; the next door neighbor's landscaping staff started up the gasoline powered lawnmower and the string trimmer at exactly the same instant. I have never heard of any outfit able to start two different engines at the same moment, but that is how it happened, and it became the background noise for the next hour or so while I was raking leaves in the front yard.

Back to the bus trip, as my brother and I dumped the leaves off, and it was near the bus route, so he dropped me off there. A carmine red coated Fuckwit was at the bus stop, and the couple who "happened" to be crossing the street ahead of me were also bus passengers. I didn't get on first, but the male was ahead of me, and then putzed around getting his change from his pockets and counting it up, blocking my view of the driver. And when this Fuckwit finally got out of the way, why, a totally bald skinhead bus driver. And how many times have I mentioned this demographic group as part of the Unfavored freakshow that I get? Hundreds of times I think, but not as many as I get. And it was most strange that the redcoat dude didn't get on the bus there, as there is only one route at this location, and he couldn't be waiting for another.

Then two stops further, a negro male with a skinhead and white coat boarded the bus, but thankfully sat three rows in front and on the other side so he wasn't propped in my vision. He was on his cell phone, and withing three stops he got off, fucking strange to say the least. Then, with his seat still warm, another couple seated on board walks the length of the bus to then sit where the negro had sat. She sits in his spot, and he sits next to her. Another "musical seats" game also unfolded a few stops later, when the couple that preceded me departed, and then another dude sits where she sat, again, before the seat was cold. Then more Fuckwits filled in around me, the freakiest being the dude with the untidy shoulder length blonde hair sitting immediately in front of me on the transverse seat. This seems to be the pattern, having the freak come last to be placed where I cannot avoid him or her. He expended much effort in attending to his ridiculous hair, and got off with this couple pal inside of five minutes or so. I still had my entourage getting off the bus with me and crossing my path as I exited. A visit to Staples immediately followed getting off the bus, all to inculcate me with yet more freaking red clothing. The perps cannot get enough of showing me red colors these days, especially at dusk onset, which it was.

More troving to find how to import a file into the wretched Quicken application. Never was there something so clunky that lasted so long as that software. A former executive came back to buy them out and to amalgamate his startup with his old company I read somewhere, as he too was fed up with how Quicken's parent company was run. Quicken 2010 is an improvement, but not enough since I last got off the annual upgrade BS in 2003. But now that a backup got wiped out, I am stuck with the files to 08-2010 which seem to be missing a whole bunch of accounts. If there is anyone who knows how to extricate from this mess, please let me know.

Blogging off for one dull Saturday, with time served reduced by a 1.25 hour nap earlier this afternoon. Which was probably related to forcing me to put a sweater on afterward as it was cold in this apartment, even with the windows sealed up with masking tape to prevent breezes coming in.


Anonymous said...

Some other TI's have pointed out how the perps can mess with with one's dreams. I had this dream I was climbing around in a jungle-like landscape, and decided to retreat, as I may have walked/climbed too far. And when I got to the top, I realized I was dangling from an extremely high tree branch. Not sure if this was a perp intrusion or not, but at this point I clearly realized this was a dream. Normally, I am able to wake up instantly upon "realizing" I am in a dream, but for some reason, this waking up wouldn't work. Now I'm wondering if the perps were switching off my bail-out capabilities, leaving me hanging to the tree branch, knowing if I let go, I would die a "dream death". So I decided to let go, and plummeted, but all of a sudden, there was this image of the Sun, and I was looking at it. It was extremely bright, like very blinding, like the real sun, except more yellow and dream-like. It was insanely bright, and the background was completely black/blank except for this small (1cm) Sun. I told the perps using my thoughts that the Sun is too damned bright, and how are they doing this, and is this going to cause some damage? I woke up soon afterwards.

I figured that the perps simply stimulated one of my memories of me looking at the sun when I was younger, and it had the same blinding appearance. Maybe it was because they "called up" the staring at the Sun memory. I suppose that was a good reason for them to defeat my bail-out, because they wanted me to witness this "dream end of my life" concluding with a bright Sun. Seems the perps let me make the decision to let go of the branch or not, or to find a way to climb down. Well, there really wasn't a practical way to climb down.

Not sure if the perps intruded, but my inability to bail out upon realizing I was dreaming seems suspiciously like perp intrusion.

Anonymous said...

One "neat trick" of thought intrusion the perps "showed" me: during a dream, they were able to implant photos directly into visual memory, like they were showing me photos of an online album. Of course, they usually wait till I'm dreaming to pull these stunts.

Also, before drifting off to sleep, I sometimes get these vivid ideas that come to me, like I'm having a lucid dream. Except, it isn't really a dream, but it seems I'm in some sort of meditative state, and then when I "come to", I realize those ideas I had are completely gone, like someone "zapped" them with some sort of ray gun. Sometimes, I get this "ability" to see through my eyelids, though my eyes are closed, as though my visual memory is being messed with.

So, it could either be a lucid dream-like state, or perp intrusion. Or maybe the perps are messing around inducing a lucid-dream like state, which allows me to "see" through my eyelids, which is sort of a combination of the two.

Anonymous said...

The gangstalkers re-tracing my steps is something they do a lot of. Yesterday, like a lot of days this fall, when driving to work, I'll see gangstalkers along the road re-tracing my steps I made last May or June. Could there be that much of my energy left that they would be doing this months later? However, there is something to the space-time continuum, that maybe they are able to "key in" on a specific person's energies, even if they were left in the distant past. And they have put on this act numerous times since late August: this was the 4th gangstalker I've seen since late August retracing my steps I made last May.

Usually, though, they like to retrace my steps shortly after I leave them.

AJH said...

Answer to: One "neat trick" of thought intrusion...

One's sleep is a high invasion time; planted dreams, or direct access to your visual cortex, creating what you "see" when you eyelids are closed. They like to test me with red point sources, and the odd time, total red color swirling patterns.

AJH said...

Answer to: Some other TI's have pointed out...

I get dream manipulations repeatedly, and they couldn't mess with my "bail out" mechanisms until 2007 or so. Since then, they can keep me in ugly dreams and not have me wake up, (bail out) because of them. Mostly I get to recall snippets and the general tone of it; strange, fugly, rarely pleasant.

I also get point sources of white light coming at me, often when in bed and before I am allowed to sleep. I don't know what that means, and it is also interesting that those who have a near death experience often see this kind of image. (And not forgetting that such experiences could well be stage managed, unbeknown to the victim, before or after. Thanks for the comments.