Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New TrippLite Power Strip

As mentioned many times in the past, the color of wiring and the insulating jacket as well as the connectors are of intense interest to the perps. And so today was the installation of a new power strip to accomodate an extra AC plug, a new TrippLite to replace the generic one that replaced a perfectly good TrippLite before that which mysteriously went on the fritz. And oddly, somehow I "forgot" about the lifetime warrranty on the first one, all to have the generic replacement power strip come in white plastic with small sliding grey shields to go over the open AC outlets. It seems the assholes wanted to change up the colors of the AC equipment, the original TrippLite with its white metal box and its deep black outlets. And with the extra outlets on this new dark grey plastic bodied TrippLite with black shields on the AC outlets, I get to plug in the Dymo label writer, and have its two bright lbue LEDs shining forth, after some two months of it being unplugged all this time, as it wasn't needed much after all, despite the planted "desire", and so in its own way, it had "fallow time", to sit around unplugged until now.

Other bullshit that went on as the "warm up" to this momentous event for the assholes was that the Purolator outfit delivered this parcel this morning in mid-breakfast, forcing me into a clothing change, from bedtime underwear to clothed to meet the delivery man. I get some advance warning with the intercom buzzer to get dressed. Then I finish my breakfast, did the dishes, and got undressed to shower, shave and do dental hygeine. And lo, while doing the latter, and in mid flossing, my mother phones to tell me she is on her way downtown for a nearby appointment. (I get the honors of parking her vehicle when she gets here, some 20 minutes later.) And so, a phone call to answer with nothing on this time, though curtains were closed, as is usual until I am dressed for the day.

A screaming rage show over the fact that the also-arrived Zalman docking station won't work; the hard drives aren't powering up and Windows cannot seem the drive. In RAID 1, it should one drive, but it doesn't see anything. These two were pulled from inside the case and put in the docking station, and maybe the assholes want some "away time" where the PC, and now with docking station, is to be taken to the local PC shop. Even the most boneheaded repairs, like dropping in memory isn't allowed to be done, and that is fucking easy. The USB 3 port might not be working as it seems the power converter is.

And plenty of brown box unpacking today, and the perps cannot get enough of that. A big parcel box for the Tripplite when it could of held at least 8 of them, and again for the docking station. In the latter case, I had to go through 15 minutes of "holdup" time at fucking Purolator's office, as I didn't have the tracking number, having got out of the habit when the PO parcels didn't come, and they forced me to pick them up, but didn't need the tracking number. But Purolator does I found out, and that was the excuse they could keep me at the counter while the dude parade rolled on behind me (faux customers), as well as one woman opening up her parcel at the counter and exchanging ooohs and aahs with the staff member. The fuckers couldn't get enough parcel games in today, the substrate color being brown of course.

The faux neighbor fan noise has been going most of today, noise tracking me as it would seem. And at 2040h it is still continuing. And it gets through my earmuffs.

The evening time tea and chocolate break. Also on the brown box capers today was my mother, in town for an eye appointment, which incurrs my time to drive her about as she cannot drive afterwards. And as it "happened", she was interested in a countertop electric cooking grill, and of course that was packed in a brown cardboard box, albeit white printed over with color graphics. I got to take it to the checkout for her, and of course a swarm of freaks arrived just then at the moment of her financial transaction. Then lunch at a nearby restaurant, one we occasionally frequent, heavy on the dishy blonde babes, but that was OK. Then I drive with onto a suburban shopping mall to Toys R Us, one of my least favorite places to visit. Her grandchild wanted a Disney doll and so we had to wander around to find them, and lo, if there wasn't someone on top of us fore and aft as well as cross path gangstalkers. And all these skeezy dudes as cashiers and staff in their infernal red shirts or vests. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, a seeming modern day fantasical Fellini event gone wrong. I don't think I have noticed a store with more antithetical looking staff in all my life.

So,.. summarize the brown box unpacking games today; one in the morning (arrived during breakfast), then one of mine at my perp-abetting mother's place (the fated Zalman USB3 docking station), and then I upacked her countertop griddle. Then I got to take the Zalman box into downtown on the bus, that turned into a multicultural zoo; all these (about 20) Spanish speaking kids arrived at one bus stop, and after that it was Standing Room Only. This at 1520h, and it was a total mystery as to where they came from, as the countercycling bus on the same route was only a few minutes ahead, per schedule  How all these male Spanish high school students got themselves arranged for just this bus I was on is a total mystery. Some of them had some fugly hairdos, and lo, if they weren't the ones hiding behind the one babe who was seated in front of me, acting as a screen until the fugly haired dude thrust his head forward or backward for me to see it in greater detail and presentation. All part of the basic perp game; show the fugly Fuckwits by incremental amounts only, and hide them behind others or structures for limited exposures only. And what is with all the hoodie fuckers out today? That, freaking shorts still, and white panted Fuckwits patrolling about. WTF; I thought winter was here, but no, the Fuckwits insist on wearing summertime gear if its deeply Unfavored.

And yoga got cancelled tomorrow, a rare advance notice, which leverages from last week, as it got cancelled due to a national holiday, Rememberance Day. And do I ever do yoga on my own when I got all the time in the world? No, and I am fucking pissed about this as the assholes won't let me, even if they know I want to. Spine bending exercises has to be on their schedule, just like listening to music, watching movies and everything else. This life is fucking tiresome.

And an all time dangerous driving stunt by the perps today, this after the restaurant meal, usually when they go fucking beserk with street shutdowns, emergency lights and sirens. This was a woman who came from behind me in the next lane and accelerated ahead of me, cutting me off. I braked and swerved, she kept accelerating, and by dint of unexpected miracle (read, perp managed fuckery), there was no collision. I have driven in LA, London UK, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. and I have never, ever seen something as to stunningly and purposely brazen by an seeming unimpaired driver. It just shows how fucking desparate they are to place a black colored vehicle as close as they possibly can to the space in which I am about to drive.

Another piece of stunning driving fuckery was when I was about to cross the street outside this apartment, where my mother was parked in the curbside stalls. A white vehicle was preceding and a black and red pickup truck was beside it in the opposite lane, seeming to pass for crissakes, but no, they travelled the length of the block, side by side. Fucking beserk.

The overhead ceiling/floor whacking has started up again; this is a new sound as of today, and it is at a 1x/sec. frequency, as if someone was whacking a shoe against the floor at the same beat and intensity.

This posting is done, and time to blog off and ponder what fucking games they are going to put me through before allowing sleep. Last night they kept me awake for over an hour tossing and turning, usually in the same direction, and usually after I had plugged my ears from an outside noise they had arranged. And they kept up their vision fucking by adding red plasmic spatter in my vision when my eyes were closed. I don't like too much fucking red things coming at me, (kid dressed in red PVC fireman outfit today at the LD store), and the Fuckwit seemed to be testing out what my limits are and how the visual pattern is to be arranged. And when my eyes were open, why, red point sources and sheet flashes erupted all the same.


Anonymous said...

They had some kid outside, in pitch dark, dressed up in all black, with a Jason (from Friday the 13th) mask on his face. He had this "staff" (large stick) in his hand, and he was doing all these goofy faux martial arts moves with the staff (like twirling and blocking moves like he was fighting someone). Can you imagine, a little kid (boy) who should be in bed, standing outside after 10PM in cold weather doing a weird skit in a freaky costume? The perps do stuff like this all the time. As as I was passing his "act" on the opposite sidewalk, he just stopped and started looking at me.

At least they haven't done the freaky shorts act in the cold, but they have other equally freaky fuckwits to compensate for that. Last weekend, they had an odd pairing: a babe, accompanied by a burnout-looking dude, who looked like a typical druggie/alcholic/burnout stumbling and stammering, and he was unfavored to top it off. And the burnout was striking up a conversation with me to top it off. Could it get any worse? They do sh*t like this all the time: burnout/druggie types who "know" me and want to strike up a conversation, people I want to steer very far away from, and of course, they seem to be scripted by the assholes to do this. Or maybe they are just acting/dressing/talking like burnout/druggies, though you never know in this town. There are plenty of these types here, unfortunately. The only good part about all of this is none of them were dressed in summer garb, but rather, were dressed for the weather. But that's little consolation for the discomfort those little encounters caused me.

AJH said...

Answer to: They had some kid outside...

That is most strange, even by my eventful standards, to have such a freak outside of Halloween, flicking a wood staff about. But the perps do have a strong interest in presenting wood to TI's in raw form or in composite form like plywood. They even had me chainsaw milling back in my 30's, slowly revealing a new plank every 1.5" or so. And I have worked in sawmills too. We still have the shorts wearing dudes, even at 3C; the won't give that one up easily for whatever reason. As for vagrants, especially the typical male kind, they are a ubiquitous gangstalking act for the perps. The male vagrant having a babe in tow is what I call "auric goodness sharing". The babe eliciting positive responses, the the immediately proximate Unfavored vagarant, eliciting a yewww... response. It seems the perps want to compare the two in the same setting, to then determine with a minimum of distance, comparing what neural correlations and discrepancies there are in viewing each. Just my theory on why they do this so often, but male vagrants form a considerable part of the Unfavored population the perps like me to see.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I suppose they have me too stressed out most of the time to figure out what they are getting out of all of this BS. I really can't stand the smug women I come across, and they do present plenty of those types. It makes me think those snooty women (who really aren't anything special... probably most are high school dropouts) are yet another unfavored demographic they are testing me with. Very rarely do I come across a woman or girl who isn't acting weird or trying to piss me off in some way. Most girls do the "weirdo" act, acting like complete weirdos mixed with a degree of arrogance that really rubs me the wrong way. I looked closer at one such weird woman, and she seemed to be straining to keep up the act. Also, part of their weird act is they seem afraid to be nice or make any sort of contact at all with me, apart from doing their little "skits" (weird and arrogant). Maybe it's because I'm seeing them in town and at Wal Mart. One biracial girl was a real snooty little brat, and her boyfriend had greasy hair and kept talking about "the need for speed", which is one theme they present a lot of. That's the only kind of women I see: snooty brats that have the "I'll show him" type of air. I hate them.

They had two young dudes talking to me from their cars as I was walking, and the dude was saying: "Subway!! We love you!". I'm guessing it was a message from my perps directing this thing. Then, they turned around, and reluctantly did the harassment/provoking conversation, but they didn't look too "into it".

One dude I saw on foot (seems pretty cool, but definitely is with the perps) suggested I hit up the BBQ place along the street. I know what that means: They have the workers there set up in advance to meet me. Hopefully there is a babe there.

AJH said...

Answer to: Hmm, I suppose they have me....

I get some women who are genuinely pleasant, though not many. Or, at least they are in their usual context environment, say at a checkout. I see them on the street a few weeks later, and they are looking straight ahead, grim countenanced,and pretend I wasn't there. At least a dozen of these "vibe turncoats" in the last four years. It goes in waves; the snooty ones for a few weeks, then engaging ones back to back, then a mix, and so it goes. If your are allowed to remember, and it seems that they screw you into "forgetting", regard these encounters as staged BS, nothing more, and wonder how they earned that act and how much they get paid for it. Thanks for the comments.