Sunday, October 31, 2010

Color Matched Blood Sample


Two port wine stains arrived on my R. chest area at least three years ago, 2-3 mm diameter and  in vertical alignment. The full frontal chest and stomach shaving started about the same time ago, and "had" to be done, and continues as part of my regular morning routine. The post wine stains lie flat , but today, while shaving over them as I usually do, an eruption of blood came from one of them, but not the other. Blood color testing against a similar on-skin blood color reference it would seem.

Then later, after being kept in a demotivated blue funk in the morning, I "decided" to head to the First Feral Family home and do garden maintenance for remuneration. But I was not prepared for the early-ish freakshow on the bus, as there were a number of Halloween revellers on board at 1400h. It was standing room only at first, with a top hatted dude doing a full front aisle blocking, arms on both the top rails, and the fucker wasn't moving even if new standing passengers are boarding the bus. So... a few more stops later, he is still doing this bullshit act, but then turns to one side to reveal a negro woman that was standing behind him in a white jacket. All part of the freak scene IMHO, and eventually I got an aisle-adjacent seat. All to have backpacks and bodies bumping into me as well as closing in on me. The perps like to arrange these fucking games of personal space incursion, and seem to be interersted in the moment of determination that it is getting too claustrophobic for my liking.

Anyhow, heading into the suburbs of Gordon Head, and the passenger count thinned out, but they weren't done yet, putting on a green skinned woman at one bus stop, though she didn't board the bus thankfully.

An afternoon of raking leaves, and that of course is a big deal for the perps, all those variations of red from crimson to deep burgundy, along with their other favorite colors to test on me, yellows and browns. As usual, the leaves often hopped and bopped about, somehow slipping through the rake tines, and or just plain arriving in front of me on an areas that had been raked free of leaves. That lead into the late afternoon sunset, another moment of intense perps fuckery, as they are totally intense over dusk onset and my internal perception of red colors. (Last week, outside in the Ikea parking lot at 2000h, they even put on the near ubiquitous standard red-orange Canada Post van in the customer parking lot as a red color reference in addition to the three large pickups parked around my mother's vehicle).

And while raking leaves, the now standard noise procession erupted; SAC bombers overhead (four at least for the afternoon), then other aircraft like helicopters and small single engine aircraft, as well as lawnmower noise getting progressively fainter as the afternoon progresses. The loud mufflered vehicles again, either the hotrod or the ill-maintained mufflers were also on noise duty. Then the headlight beaming, aka pit-lamping or "brighting" as some call it, then an excess of vehicles traversing this subdivision for "some reason" as it is not a quicker route anywhere. All in an afternoon's garden duty.

After dinner I got the 2005h bus in whitebread suburbia of Gordon Head, and by the time the bus arrived, why, some 15 Halloween revellers arrived at the bus stop. Just fucking amazing how they can tail me out there under these pretenses at that time, though it was the Saturday preceding a Sunday Halloween. All these loud raucous dudes, some with no shirt on for crissakes, and lo, if they don't get off in three stops. Like WTF; they could of walked it faster than waiting at the bus stop. They spilled off and then another large contingent of revellers boarded at the same bus stop, this time mostly women, also in a party mood. In about five stops they got off, and were then replaced by a more mixed male and female continent, thankfully not as loud for the trip into downtown. Again, standing room only, with yet another negro woman in a black outfit standing some 7' away, and strangely no one between, as all the rest of the standees were backed up behind her, no matter how many boarded, and the bus driver not aksing any standing passengers to move back like they usually do.

Intense vision fucking this morning while making breakfast, all to get me into a screaming rage state, per usual. And yet more near permanent masers, the wispy black trails or the fuzzy ball types, surging around me in choreographed formations.

And I see they didn't fuck me over the laundry coin machines this morning; suddenly, they now take dollar coins instead of quarters, and by dint of "chance" I had one in my pocket and one in a leather purse in my pack as an emergency source. No doubt the two dissimilar coin sources are of importance, as this is often the case, coins from my mother and some of my own for bus fare is a frquent scenario.

Enough prattling, and I will post this, knowing that I will be at the First Feral Family home for all the Halloween visitors, and will be answering the door and the rest of the disruption that goes with it. No doubt the perps will be all over me for this, and have planned this one years in advance.

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