Thursday, September 20, 2007

A No Notice Yoga Class Cancellation

I am almost falling asleep, and am doing this to stay awake some. The Thursday yoga was mysteriously cancelled; all but one other regular male were missing, and he and I talked a bit while we waited for anyone else. And there wasn't, and no phone messages either. I couldn't help but note his deep red shirt that he had on, and lo, if there wasn't a plethora of gangstalkers out in red shirts on my way back. As I missed last week owing to travelling, and with this no-notice stunt today, that will make it effectively three weeks with no yoga. And by dint of coincidence, the Tuesday yoga shut down for good last week, as the drop-in center is going to be closed down.

That left me time to inquire as to the $432 bill I recieved and mentioned in yesterday's blog, and the party that might help in all this is on holiday. Apparently, a number of his clients recieved odd statements, ones they did not expect, as they were sent without his oversight. That is the story anyhow, and it isn't over yet. I have never had such irregular billings from an business that should be the last place to have this going on, an accounting practice for chrissakes.

I did my regular Thursday afternoon strength training, and was vehicularly gangstalked with the regular 500 to 800 vehicles. And most of the parked vehicles also seem to be ordered as well; where there were once a regular group of three red vehicles at on-street parking locations, there are now whites, creams, and a very light metallic gold-yellow color vehicle in file. And yet again, the Oak Bay Fire Department put on a red firetruck just 100' away from the Oak Bay Recreation Center, and had another smaller command vehicle on the opposite side of the street. This is at least the sixth instance of this fire department contributing their large red vehicles for no other apparent purpose but to gangstalk outside this building when I am there. And lo, if there weren't two same colored red (non metallic finish, like the firetrucks) minivans of the same make parked directly outside of the the recreation center only 10 minutes later when I was on the stationary bicycle looking out the windows.

And the Victoria Fire Department put on a gangstalking for me when walking to the Oak Bay Recreation Center. All three of their yellow firetrucks were driving in file in an non-emergency situation, as it seems that walking by their firehall where these vehicles are normally stationed twice a week is not sufficient yellow color vehicular gangstalking.

And when in Kamloops for four days, on the three days I was out and about in town, either driving my parent's vehicle, or being driven by my brother in his red BMW, the Kamloops firetrucks were also out, one event being an apparent emergency. Their firetrucks are red and white, and it would seem, fit the pattern with the prevalent gangstalking of this vehicle type. Go figure.

Last night I was treated to an extended version of the perp's erectile games; then gave me a partial erection all night, a "soft-on" as I call it. Per usual, any expectable sensory component is muted, if not totally quashed. These kinds of events go on most nights, though I don't dwell on these matters in this blog for privacy considerations. But suffice to say, they often give me full hard erections in the night, and they do this in a peculiar way; they pulse my penis every two to four seconds, and at each pulsing it gets a little larger, longer normally. Again, this is a never-before sensation and frequency of occurence, and it all began when the perps went into overt harassment mode in 2002.

I am getting a noise flurry currently, and very often the noise is coincidental with getting my knee or my toe tweaked or pulsed in some way that is obnoxious. This is the tail end of dusk, now moved up since I got back from travelling, and a full parked vehicular gangstalking is in progress along both sides of the three streets visible from my apartment. Last night, the perps had three red vehicles parked in file that I could see from my desk, and they kept them through all afternoon and evening, not minding that it was a two hour parking zone. As part of this, they were first sunlit, then in shadow, then sunlit again, and then finally in the shadow of dusk time.

While at my above mentioned strength training workout session, there were two green shirted fuckers loitering around, and lo, if one didn't move over beside me and start working out. As it "so happened", his dark green shirt was a near color match to his disgusting dark green scalloped tatoo shapes which were never less than 14" long on any one limb, and at least 4" wide. Fucking gross it was, but I am certain this more visceral adverse reaction has been planted on me as I would never of reacted this much two years ago. The other lighter green shirted operative kept himself in circulation nearby, doing his "look busy" routine, though he never went on any equipment for this two minute vignette.

I got some good eye candy in the form of a young blonde woman in black and white who later worked out beside me, then in front of my by the windows. And lo, if she didn't then depart and did the on-street troll, passing the same angle of view I had when she was 10' away, inside the gym. When passing by outside, she was about 60' away, and put on a white sweater and a hairband, presumably so I would not immediately identify her.

I have had a few other blonde placements today, and I am begining to wonder if the perps are attempting to remotely assay my energies in this neighborhood, in light of the fact that I was travelling for a week which would of changed my energies, possibly substantially. Young blonde women are usually the first defence/gangstalk demographic when the perps need to get the most possible auric glow by which to then apply, or contribute to other beings (demographics), and even objects.

I was dressed in black pants, a mid-grey shirt and my black Gortex jacket on my 30 minute each way walk to the recreation center for the above mentioned workout. These are the simplest colors for the perps to work on, and there was a larger contingent of these colors in the vehicular gangstalking corps today. This also supports my notion that the perps are working hard to get my energies measured and assayed to the level they had before I went on travelling 09-13-2007. Not that I care, I just want to be left alone.

The perps also pulled a stunt in having the new set of Schick razors now with a gross yellow teflon strip, in place of the white one that was there. A second green teflon strip, ahead of the blade has been there since I was forced into using these more expensive razors earlier this year. And either I, or the mind fucked me, cannot tolerate this yellow and green teflon strip color combination at my face, so I went to get a new razor, yet again. I went to a non-chain drug store, which "happened" to have a limited selection, and while waiting in the infernal line that erupted, some 14 operatives "showed up", all to gangstalk me with the new prospective razor in hand. Then when at the cashier, it turned out to be the wrong kind, and so I left them and walked out. This was a warm-up cookie to the next drug store, LD, which had what I wanted, and again, there were at least 10 of the fuckers clustered around me in the process of getting the new razor, as well as the customer ahead games, leaning his head forward when speaking with the cashier in a "come back", returning to the cashier and asking where he could get a newspaper. (Next door for chrissakes, at the grocery store, but the cashier wasn't saying anything, nor did I). And somehow, when he should of been long gone, there he was ahead of me when I exited LD drugstore, walking past the grocery store, instead of entering it. All for the exposure to the fugly brown checkered sports jacket, his shock of white hair, his ruddy face and his deplorable UK accent.

I got my groceries at the store next door, and for a Chicken Run, the acquisition of hot cooked chicken, the gangstalking and freakshow was somewhat muted. Anyhow, once I got unpacked I ate the chicken off the bone as the first meal, a routine that I have been fucked into for over four years, the imposed "habit" now.

Within 10 minutes of eating, my all-day imposed irritable bowel was relieved by taking a shit, and lo, if the toilet paper did not run out to reveal a brown colored cardboard core, when these are normally white colored cardboard. And this was a near identical repeat of 09-17-2007, when returned from travelling and staying at my parent's place for the night, the perps forced me to have a shit there, and lo, if the toilet paper didn't run out on me, and as per today's stunt, the tube was a brown colored cardboard. Except today, the perps made extra mess on my ass which had to be attended to by having a shower.

A round of siren noise and overhead pounding and a spring release like noise. Welcome back from your travels, even if we did gangstalk you every inch of the way.

And here are some photos from the adventure, all to document that the games never end.

This is the lineup behind our vehicle when headed out, the first morning of the trip. A preponderance of white, black, grey with one brown VW Westphalia close in. I zoomed in on this, and there was color and tone repetition all the way down the line. Tell me what you think of this arranged vehicle colors sequence as I am suggesting. It was one of those situations where the look wasn't random, but I was hard pressed to know why, possibly because the perps can now fuck with my analytical abilities in this respect.

This was a foggy morning, and the morning of departure was the only time this weather was experienced. I sense the perps like to bring on fog to limit visual distance, and yet many more unseen objects will energetically interact. And it is clear that the perps want to be able to distinguish the difference (seen and unseen interactions) as detected by neural structures in real time.

Then in the other direction from us, a cluster of varying grey colors, white and black. The ubiquitous operative in the egressing trunk or tailgate situation is evident; there is always an excuse for these types to putz in this mode for five or more minutes at a time.

The first rest stop, and lo, if the Asians didn't arrive to then put on the male in black and the females in red with some kind of distance set up between the two genders. This party walked all about this highway rest area and even encircled us in their strange wanderings there, seeming to have no other purpose than to gangstalk in this male (black clothing) and female (red clothing) combination.

And at this same highway rest stop the perps added on red colored vehicles in varying methods, this being their first set up, the reds and burgundy colors mixed in with some silver grey vehicles which are used as references of some kind. As I owned a silver grey Volvo for over 15 years, the perp's obsession with silver-grey is not unexpected, though I think the real reason is that the color offers some kind of light reflectance properties that aids their cause of remotely measuring color and energetic interactions between beings and objects.

Then the lot was cleared, and the perps started again with building up the red colors of vehicles. This was a sharp looking Audi or perphaps a Mazda, something I did not immediately recognize, though I liked the profile of this vehicle. Having an aesthetically prefered vehicle in an unprefered color is one step up the harassment/presentation games ladder. I am sure the backdrop of the reddish flower heads and the Yield sign were planned as well. How the motorcyclist got there I don't know, as I never heard him arrive. Then, for whatever reason, the perps again added in more vehicles. Many of the vehicles "came from nowhere", that is, I did not know how they arrived, and at least some were teleported in, while in other cases the perps fucked me out of hearing the vehicles arrive.

Then the rest of the red, white and grey vehicles arrive, "stacking" themselves in front of the other, but only partially, so that there is at least some part of each vehicle that is is not obstructed. The Audi or Mazda above is only barely visible as part of its roof can be seen between the right most red vehicle and the white vehicle that is the most next prominent vehicle seen moving from right to left. Based on my experience, the perps will have managed for exactly that minimal overlap of the first arrived (above) vehicle.

Then, if the above clowning around wasn't enough, then the "brown show" arrived. A load of brown boxes "needed" to be attended to, while his female operative companion stood around in her browness, (her top), while he put on the blue shirt in front of brown cardboard boxes act for some ten minutes. Later, she then parked her browness self in between two brown colored garbage bins, in another case of coming here to do nothing but loiter around brown objects. And as part of this gangstalking act, they left before we did and I caught up to them and passed them on their left side, per normal rules of the road. This gave another gangstalking variation, while motive, and in full sunlight, though is has surely happened many hundreds of times before the perps went beserk and overt on me in 2002. I am sure the plastic over the brown boxes was a big part of this gambit, as learned from Feral Family games identified in yesterday's blog posting.

Then this ridiculous pair of operatives arrived at the next picnic table to eat their cold popsicles in various poses. I missed the first act where they were facing each other, something what normal couples might do, and then jointly, they turned their backs on each other and kept eating away. And further to the right, and more distant than the popsicle gangstalkers, her "browness" of the above photograph is standing in a sunlit area, between the two brown garbage cans obscured by either the violet shirt gangstalker or else the picnic table he and his fellow operative are sitting at.

That is all the photos for today's blog, I will have at least one more blog posting with more this week.

I note that nearly all of my prior link visitation annotation, the violet link color instead of blue, has been stripped in my week long absence. All links are now blue colored, one of the perp's favorite games to test my recal as I have come to know. This particular stunt has happened at least 10 times in the past three years, not including the system takedown games that have also "happened".

The jaw whacking noise has also being playing tonight; this is where my jaw makes a loud crack but no joint or jaw sensation occurs. And now these are timed to occur exactly when I am yelling at the assholes for some dumbshit stunt I was subjected to.

The same stunt "happened" this morning, when the crumb inundation games started up over my toast. I was mind-fucked into taking a white crumb off the plate, and then when I placed my mouth over the finger to remove the crumb, the assholes fucked me into doing an incomplete job, and the crumb remained in place. I was then mindfucked to be totally incenced about this, and when that was happening, the perps started up the overhead rumbling noise, an emulation of a very loud sliding glass door from the above suite, except the noise travels around and is always overhead of where I am, and not coming from the location of where the door would be. After five years of dealing with fucking perp planted crumbs all over the place, the perps then fuck me out of dealing with the crumb in an always dependable method. Fucking idiotic.

That is enough for tonight; I am getting the typo sabotage again, and that always ends any journal entry.

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