Friday, September 28, 2007

An Apartment Inspection

I was phoned yesterday about being "inspected" by the rent subsidy people, and today the woman came to ask me questions about how my living was doing. Not a big deal, and it is rightfully prudent of them in providing a rent subsidy to see what they are getting for their money, especially among the mental illness crowd with whom I have been grouped with.

The 1100h appointment "necessitated", as per planted thoughts, a cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. I thought the inspection was more about how I am keeping this place, but no, it was more about how the location and building are working out for me, and also plugging the theme of the past week, that being to volunteer at something. I have looked, and so far, haven't been impressed enough or I am being sabotaged by mind-fuck energies to lose my motivation, something that they have done to me for a long time, usually in specific doses/instances and not an ongoing problem.

Not a big deal, but I am sure the perps got great benefit from this intensified cleaning; floors scrubbed to remove the perp's blackish maser reflective coatings, then carpets vacuumed, dusting which "somehow" I had not gotten onto in weeks of lamenting its accelerated arrival and cummulations, and taking the garbage out. While waiting the few minutes before she made it upstairs, a 12 pointed star made of deep grey felt with one side coated with a transparent rubber compound "somehow" arrived under my chair on the surface of the office chair mat, and I was compelled to put in in the garbage, the new bag that I had put in place some 30 minutes earlier. I get an awful lot of crumbs that suddenly "arrive", but this small, 1" diameter, felted object had to be the weirdest yet. And I can only assume that its proximity to the inspection woman, some 4' away, was also of vital importance.

Per mind-fuck script, "I" asked about the continuity of the rent subsidy, and she then told me that if I get work then I won't need it, a slighty bizarre answer and one to effectively piss upon that notion opf working as it would incurr yet more financial responsibilities. She gave this answer while she was looking up, and so I can only conclude that my question was expected per script, and she was being fed the answer via a text message to her eyes, something that I experienced once. So..., the real answer appears to be go volunteering. Never mind how financially onerous this existence is.

And the inspector didn't even ask about my "condition", though she did ask about my past employment history, and I was given opportunity to tell her that I have Attention Deficit Disorder and specific nonverbal learning problems. Funny how that worked out; absolutely no curiousity about my current state of being, or how I ended up in these circumstances just like the doctor last week. It was all a little weird, this obvious avoidance of how I got to be in the "program", i.e. mental health services.

As always, when an operative/shill is featured I wonder if the person is really in a different form, and that they maybe someone else in morph-over. Usually the perps don't leave many clues, and today they made sure I noticed the inspector woman was left handed. As it "so happens", the perps have learned to manipulate my right-handedness in the past year, so it isn't the cover story detail that it is advertised to be. I have no idea who it really was, and it could of well been someone legitimate, as even this detail is one that is sometimes important to the perp's objectives.

This woman's clothing was straight from Perpland Clothing; a navy blue jacket, brown pants, and a red waist pouch that resided between her legs for the Q & A show. Meanwhile, outside on the street from where I was sitting, the perps were running all manner of vehicle color combinations, so can only assume that this is a component of the ongoing harassment that is coordinated with visitations. My big excitement of the day likely.

Street yappers and a fruit fly assault that defies my normally good success in nailing them first time. A sudden overhead pounding started up for some three seconds, and I wasn't allowed to recall what the prompting thought or item I was reading at the time.

A huge single pounding overhead with a mild coincidental zapping just erupted as I was finding some humor in a blog title. And I was mind-fucked into screaming at the assholes, and I don't normally engage in this futiity as it is totally pointless for me. The real story is that the perps like me to vocalize, the louder, the better. And this is the pre-dinner time moment, and I should get something to eat to alleviate being a continuing temptation as a target,

And I got fucked out of going to a 1800h one-time yoga class only two blocks away; the almighty dysthymic wave came upon me and all motivation simply melted away. There have been too many of these events to be normal. I am getting pissed that I cannot be allowed to engage in activities that I would normally do, and want to. What the perps get out of this I don't know, but it is an extreme piss off.

And I took another look at the volunteering website and was equally rendered to a "don't care" level, another perp imposed mind state.

More web surfing, a repeat of the intensified pre-overt harassment days of early 2002, where a "sudden" (read, mind-fucked) interest in naturism "erupted", pictures included. I don't know what the perp's fascination about having me look at these sites is, but all it tells me is that I have "been there, done that". The perps haven't let me out for sunbathing since 2003, even in the days of having my vehicle until mid 2006. Not a big deal, and I also found that my second pair of sunglasses was sabotaged last week when travelling. That makes two pairs of sunglasses being trashed in the past 2 years. While on this topic, the perps also make sure that should I go to a suntanning business, they will shut the business down before my arrival, and thwart my intent.

Time to call this blog posting done for today.

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