Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Saturday Shut-in

So far, a dysthymic disinclination to do anything about getting out to get a newspaper, my usual Saturday diversion that suffices for an "event" to relieve all day web surfing. This, while the noisescape continues around me, the current interest is if I detect an error in logic, relevance or other inconsistency. Should I trap such an error while reading, a number of noises go off, sometimes before I am consciously aware of the inconsistency. Sometimes, the planted misconceptions are way too outrageous, and then I am forced to close the web site and go to another. This, I suspect. helps to cut that activity off, and is a common perp scenario. Sudden departures in activity seem to help them analyse the neural brain fuctions of the event of interest, and likely to with quantum wave decay, the buzzword that is attached to what the perps are studying. Some of these notions must be planted, as I don't generally use terms I don't understand.


Back to the travels last week and my photographs of the continuing oddities, some for the first time, such as this highway lane line in the photo below. The fat 4" wide white line is a lane line, but for at least three miles the perps added in a joining 1" line or so, offsetting it from the center of the lane line. In places where there were three lanes, the perps put these modified lane lines on each side of the center lane. Where there were only two lanes, only the center white lane was modified as shown. Even the 4" wide lane line gets a modification with a trailing tail, and not the usual clean orthogonal edge. This was taken while the traffic was at a standstill, owing to some roadworks that didn't appear to have any rationale. Very likely the perps wanted me to "experience" these modified lines while stationary, whatever that means for the perps.

While at the motel the perps had arranged hanging flower baskets, and lo, if three petals didn't fall down, one on each side of the tire mat. And within one second of taking this photograph my father was on my ass, coming through the door in his usual unerring gangstalk routine, somehow pulling this off and having dementia at the same time. I don't think so. Upon blowup, I see that there are more petals buried in the mat itself, all for color testing me from below against the black mat. Tire rubber is another perp obsession, and they have arranged large 12' square blast mats made of tires in my neighborhood when there wasn't any blasting to do.

This was the hotel behind a gas station, gasoline interaction being another perp obsession. This cluster of carpets was there because of a presumed renovation going on, and they were covered over in various plastics, bags, tarps etc.

Then the next morning, someone erected the palette in the night, all part of the games that go on as the perps seem utilize wood as a reference material, as mentioned before in past blog postings. It was at this hotel when one of the perp operatives outside our room, came walking toward the kitchen where I was and stared at me through the venetian blinds, for at least a 3 second stare before he ran out of walking room. There is no way anyone could of seen me in the kitchen as it was darker and with the blinds in the way, but somehow, this fucker knew I was to be stared at, and that I would stare back, which I don't normally do.

Then some 15 minutes later, with the motel room door open for taking our luggage out to the vehicle, the operative comes back, plants himself in the doorway, tips his head down, and then walks back the way he came. I can only assume this was for a direct viewing, without intervening glass per above mutual staring. As expected, my parent's "somehow" missed this blatant piece of gangstalking, to limit their exposure for whatever reason.

This was at the Mission Hill Winery, highly recommended. For whatever reason, I got the plethora of pink there when I first got out of the vehicle, plus one purple. There were no end of colors being paraded around that day, largely along the paths and loggia, the verandas.

This threesome of photographs demonstrates that the parking of vehicles in my proximity is never random, but highly organized. Four silver greys and one red vehicle on the very right.

Then moving leftward, there is a black vehicle in place, this one directly behind our vehicle.

Then moving leftward some more, two mor black colored vehicles, and then three more silver grey vehicles, with the center Mercedes as slightly darker variant. Going from right to left for the two photos above and the one below there were; red, four silver greys, three black color vehicles, three more silver greys. Will anyone have the balls to tell me this is random to my face? No such thing in perpland, always harassing by remote means, and constantly outside the law, their entire operation.

Then the lineup gets switched around again, this photo taken directly behind our vehicle. The black vehicle was swapped out for a silver-grey Volvo on the left, and a silver-grey vehicle on the right was swapped out for a black colored vehicle. As an aside, the perps know I think that this pre-1992 Volvo V70 looks very sharp, and often plant this model nearby, as well as a few more of the aesthetically favored vehicles.

This was taken while having lunch, when the bells rang for 15 minutes or so, adding vibrational energy into the mix, something the perps love dearly. The reason for this photo is to show these vertical pipes or whatevers, projecting from the roof and cooling equipment on it. These are the kind of objects that spit masers out regularly, which they did, and are all over this city in which I live. There are at least three of them, and I don't ordinarily get an opportunity to get so close as these things are usually on top of the four story apartment buildings. Here, it looks as if they were placed there for me and and my visit.

More color coordination among the parading shills and operatives, this time in turquoise, though earlier, it was orange. Nothing too incriminating about this photo to be sure, but given that this was an ongoing event for all of lunch, this was the best photo. The two women of the two couples were in turquoise, the leftmost one packing two handbags and a plastic bag, presumably for wine purchases. And I am sure the two grannies (rightmost figures) in the same head turned pose was not a fluke either, as the moment of me taking a picture is getting to be more "groomed"; that is, the moment of shutter release is planned with the full complement of environmental noise, along with the gangstalking operatives in their optimum orientation. What the first from the left male operative is doing isn't known to me, grabbing his pants in one hand, stooping over (a predominant operative move), as there was no apparent reason for such a posture as I recall.

Time to call it quits for the day, blogging off.

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