Sunday, September 02, 2007

An Equally Dull Sunday

There is a strong thread of perp stunts in ensuring that I get plenty of "nothing to do" time, and today is just that, an extension of yesterday in effect.

I am getting the usual noise parade and long sound decay of supposed vehicles racing into the distance. (Which takes some doing for all the traffic controls in this neighborhood). And even some dog barking on this floor, when dogs are allowed here in this apartment building. The most interesting "coincidence" was arranging the nearby negro resident to start yapping outside my door just when I happened to be reading a review of an African film, something that is exceedingly rare for me to do in the first place, though this one seemed to be worthy of bookmarking as a possible future viewing. Just another coincidence? No such thing in my life, though I cannot be sure what the perps get out of this loose temporal association, a double "Africa moment" if you will. The time these assholes must have to arrange this kind of bullshit.

And I am due to take the bus to my parent's place again, so this might be another "Africa moment" opportunity, though they usually pull negroes off the bus pretty darn quickly these days, so they might not bother. On the other hand, there has been an increase in planted negro gangstalkers, so the perps might plant some on the bus to up their profile. More "who knows", me least of all.

And the plasma action is breaking out on this LCD display as I type this, a yellow colored 1" line is floating around, going from horizontal to 15 degrees off, to the left then the right and back again. This is nearly always constant when I am in Blogspot. Now I have a siren cascade to accompany this, hence this being a big moment for the harassment operations assholes. It is all the same to me, just more games and stunts in differing forms.

More noise, more farts, and more coordination amongst these with remotely invoked sneezings and coughings. And, reality isn't the usual constraint today; the traffic noise has a high speed freeway sound to it, when it wouldn't be doing any more than 20 mph as the distance between blocks is short and all intersections are controlled around here.

Maser and plasma games are abounding, should on consider constant vision impairment a "game", but this likely to be true for the perps for whom this is merely dabbling.

More idleness; putting these two pictures in from at least three weeks ago. The impressive aerial collection on a supposed apartment tower, albeit in a choice location, the highest point in Victoria, and dwarfing the water tower next to it (not shown).

A close-up of the strange event of my LCD display's on button that shifted back and sideways, and was mysteriously repairable, all to shut me down for a few days and have me shell out more money. That the button has a center green light that is always on might be a related reason for the takedown, more "who knows".

Time to call this blog a wrap, and post it; nothing too exciting today, and that is not the first time, and nor is my choice.

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