Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Event Confluence

More orchestrated event confluences; a hyper aggressive fruit fly in my face, a siren cascade, and the vacumm cleaner running in the hallway outside my door. Naturally there is a slow build-up; the fruit fly had been on its erratic mission for the past 10 minutes, the vacuum cleaner was slowing encroaching from elsewhere on the floor, and the siren cascade had its on-off moments with some strange pitch variations into the noise/event mix. Just the pre-lunchtime games again, as this is an "activity day", with yoga and then strength training this afternoon, in that order, and a half hour of separation time between them, long enough for me to walk to there.

And the perps dropped an analytical thought on me; that the strength training class make-up is in constant shuffle mode, save for my attendence. I cannot think of one consistent class member since I started in May, when in fact, the coordinator calls for consistent attendance. Why, even some of the non-classmembers are more consistent in "showing up" when I am there. Funny how that works.

Another weird dream imposition, as if the perps haven't ground me up enough over this one; the ex was in the planted dream was being a total obdurate and emotionally closeted asshole. Nothing new there; she had a sudden behavior change in 1990 and became a long running jerk, no doubt augmented with orchestrated asshole events, usually of the loopy kind, a constant tax on me, parrying yet another stupid idea for which there seemed to be a unending stream. She came to this apartment once to pick up the car stereo parts I was giving to our daughter, and inside of 5 minutes she had at least three stupid ideas about furnishing the place, one being blocking the balcony window with a table.

And as I typed that last line, a major glass handling crash "erupted"; the perps cannot get enough of that noise and vibration source close to me for long enough, as mentioned in yesterday's blog posting. I didn't mention my mother's newfound penchant for slamming the crockery in and out of the dishwasher, and of late, she now pulls it off at the table as well, though I assume she gets an assist from the application of extra-conventional localized gravitational control, the primary harassment vector, and usually the one that the perps want me to vocalize about.

And all this is winding up to a seeming scripted need to take a crap, a follow-on from yesterday's first uneventful crap in over five months. And this would be in support of my above mentioned outing, having only the lunch inside me, and quite possibly having my confreres prepared in the same way.

A brief wrap up from where I left off. Yes, I needed to use the plunger, then a shower to clean up and then had to deal with some perp shit flicking that "erupted" while I was in the shower. All to have me "readied" (de-pooed) for making lunch, and then heading off to yoga and strength training afterward. The usual 600 to 1,000 gangstalking vehicles in formations and color coordinated clusters; the absurdity of that much traffic heading into downtown at 1430h, and again, outbound at 1600h doesn't matter one whit. No cover story needed.

And I am sure that I am missing mentioning some of the minor events that unfolded this afternoon, but it is too late in the day for inspired storytelling. Time to blog off for the day.

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