Sunday, September 23, 2007

Onto More Boredom

Managing for boredom is also a perp trait going back even decades when my employer did not have anything to do for me, for a whole week even. And those who I consulted about the impasse to getting work done were indifferent, which was out of character. So, keeping me in the center of masers and plasma beams, and the rest of the faux reflections (plasma games IMHO) is not unexpected, and all the better when fulfilling a "nothing to do" order from the orchestration manager.

I got over 10 hours of sleep last night, the new norm since I got back from travelling on 09-19-2007, and for once, very little awakenings to see or hear some arranged games. The big deal was the church bell clanging that was scripted to accompany me waking up, getting up, and having breakfast. Such a noise source is expectable on Sundays, but that the church bells routinely sound at irregular times on Sundays isn't. But that is the new normal, church bells for noise and vibration games, as when needed by the perps. Not a big deal, as it is not a highly intrusive noise like the ongoing motorcycle noise that has erupted for most of the morning.

I called it, all for the worse, and here it is. Yet another school site killing/rampage, this one in Delaware, though to be fair, not all of these occur at the begining and end of term. Given that the perps are planting their operatives to sit or stand in exactly the same place as I do after vacating a spot, with total brazeness of late, I figure the assholes are still working out the energetic interactions of someone at a location in a building, or even outside. And what could be more helpful for the perp's research than having the victim's innards and fluids also directly interacting with the same location so they can put it all together, one significant variable being skin color and race. Gruesome to be sure, but all I am doing is making what I hope are logical comparisons with my ongoing harassment methods and techniques, and what I see that are anomalous coincidences in the news. And usually, I get informed of them in some way that is also odd, or in the presence of others.

Which makes for another gruesome story that I will keep short, but having witnessed many coinident events of like kind, I cannot help myself. And I am sure that mentioning the story again also aids the perps in their relentless quest to study and determine all of the human to environment energetics for mind control, but for psychic interactions. Another aircraft crash, this one in Thailand at a location my brother has visited, Phuket, and it came on the news while we were staying at his place, another coincidence. It was reported at first that one Canadian survived, and in the next day's papers there was a picture of her, blonde as it so happened. Anyhow, suffice to say it was a near full family witness to this news item, and no mention of it among us afterward. This is not an unusual news reaction in the family, and it is sometimes most curious indeed.

The post-mealtime noise flurries are on; street yellers, overhead rumbling, the ever frequent bus noises, hallway coughing, hallway door thumping, overhead clicking, overhead pounding and shaking and on and on. Never mind the odd plasma flash on the wall either. I put my earmuffs on to limit the noise, but even that didn't help as the assholes planted the same noises inside of them.

They had me fully rage-ified with flicking olive oil about in the kitchen when making lunch, pulling implements out of my hand, creating laterally flying cheese off the grater (landing outside the frypan where it was falling to), flicking dishwater onto me, pulling down my sleeves that had been rolled up, and a bunch more to get me fully vocalizing my outrage at this sick minded intrusion.

After lunch, when turning on the power for the PC, then banged me into the wall, then the same into the work/desk unit, and forced my hand to brush the internet cable, and lo, if a firework display did not erupt. These are a plasma display of white flaring plasma in an ordered array that continues for five seconds or so, and usually signifies the accomplishment of a perp significant milestone. Very possibly total control over a specific brain region or neural structure. Somehow they know this in advance, as this is at least the fourth such event, although it has been nearly two years since the last one. And it seems that the fireworks are only created when an unexpected goal has been attained; any kind of incremental success is not accorded the same recognition. For me, it is a who cares event; all it means is more harassment and mind-fucking in more ways than I thought possible, as the harassment has proceeded apace save once. Only once did the surveillance and the gangstalking stop for an evening after a perp firework display, and then it resumed the next morning in its usual unrelenting way.

And that is the way it is happening now; the overhead rumbling noise has re-located overhead, moving from the kitchen where I was, to my desk where I am typing this, and the rest of the noises mentioned above.

The fart assault has also come on, this only 30 minutes after eating, but in my reality, there is absolutely no correlation between this bodily function and digestion. Anytime they want this to happen, it does, and very often is coincident with loud noises, plasma flashes, scratching an imposed itch, vision impairments and the rest of the perp's assault depraved intrusions.

A short posting today as I am about to be picked up to join the Feral Family dinner at my in-town brother's place, possibly for comparative purposes when at my out-of-town brother's place until 09-18-2007, when we left early in the morning. And the noises also started up; hallway chatting on a cell phone, spring releasing noise, and some other light and smell phenomenon.

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