Thursday, September 06, 2007

Habit Disruptions

This being a Thursday, it is the day for challenging yoga and then the strength training workout in the afternoon, both being the few things that I look forward to. With the announced building water shutdown for 0900h, it was no surprise the perps had me get up at 0830h, and without enough time for the usual morning routine of eating first, and then showering. So, it was flipped around, shower and shave first, then breakfast and dishes. It is a big deal to the perps, but not any hardship for me.

And as it "so happened", I never found the water to be shut down at any time today, and nor did the perps have the first post shutdown water use make strange noises of entrapped air in the pipes. A total and unabashed bullshit show.

And could last night's first ever bath in years been the big deal? I have been hobbled with stiff calf muscles and I attempted to relieve this condition by bathing and massaging them. All to no avail, and still this mystery condition continued today without abatement. But it was the topic of mention at the gym class today, and how this problem can be alleviated by electrolyte pills. Now I learn what the "solution" will be, and maybe that will mean a downtown shopping visit for more perp games and gangstalking. But I do shower each day, just to alleviate any hygeine concerns.

One of the more odious characters of Tuesday yoga "showed up" at the Thursday class today, and he carried on his obsessive questions act again, along with "gut strutting", making sure I saw it hanging out there in profile. And he continued his coughing act, putting it on when I was thinking of something that wasn't controlled, or if I was deep in a pose. This is not the first time an operative has tracked me from one class to the other (differing locations, sponsors, and instructors), although all the others have been relatively benign, and I am supposed to be thankful some of the other disruptive lug-heads of the Tuesday class haven't also "showed up". This dude's inaugral greeting got the long lost friend act again, the actors making out that he once attended, and now has returned. Not likely, as I have been going for close to 10 months and never once has this idiot showed up at the Thursday class.

Anyhow, I went to the strength training class at the OB Rec. Center, and lo, if I was the only male class member of six, though one of the putative coordinators is male, and he comes in his bright red shirt to do his pacings back and forth, under the cover of executing his duties as overseer. The gym wasn't quite the gangstalker swarm it was last week, and that school resumed this week, it serves as the cover story of the population change. I still got a few weirds doing the strut in an obvious way, and one in particular came in an orange colored shirt. Another regular weird is the heavy tatoos act; this one woman has quite the armful, most in dark green, with some red and yellow also in the color mix. As it "so happened", the perps were working on orange later in the day, but blue earlier.

I wore my blue "rad pants" in place of my black workout pants as they were in the laundry that never got done for the bullshit water shutdown. Another repercussion was that the availibility of specific clothes was limited, as I was kept busy yesterday when ordinarily I could of done the laundry, and then got screwed again by the putative water shutoff.

The wearing of these pants, a thin windblocking nylon, earned me the least vehicular gangstalked 20 minute walk I have had in over five years. The perps backed off with the vehicular gangstalking when walking to yoga class this morning; it was unbelievable. There were the few tell hints; the wood palette leaded up against a pole, likely to created a wood interaction, as these pants have been on the bottom of my drawer since May when I moved in here, and were rarely worn in the past five years of harassment. More blue dressed ambulatory gangstalkers were out of course, following the black and white dressed ones. Once I departed from yoga, it was back to situation abnormal; a plethora of gangstalking, vehicles and walking, and even a few obvious "cool dudes" in shades (and red shirt) putting on the strut with another one on the opposite side of the street, gangstalking in parallel.

More weird goings on among the ambulatory gangstalkers today; the half on sweater, a woman with a backpack and had one side of her sweater on, and the other hanging loose, even if the backpack was more awkward in this configuration. And a street shouter male in long hair was minding his own business on the opposite side of the street, gangstalking in parallel, and then after five minutes or normality he started up his yelling act and essentially dogged me for the next 15 minutes, when I was inside the drug store, and then again when I stopped at the post office. Once I got out from the latter location, the police put on a show with their vehicle with flashing lights, and talking to him on the street, all to arranged to leave as little sidewalk room as possible to get by. More bullshit; but by dint of his shouting, the perps noisetracked me outside walking and inside two stores with the same noise, his loud ranting. Hardly a night goes by when I get this act, and here it was arranged to follow me on my path back to my apartment.

More fugly colors were arranged for me to see; there is a particular shade of red, a pinkish dusty color, and this was arranged on an male operative who was within 12" of the female operative in front of him at the pharmacy. I thought that they were together, but no; and what woman would tolerate someone she doesn't know so close to her, even as she was mobile? Only in perpland, where they have the same employer. Then this color "showed up" again as the color for these plastic totes at the grocery store that I stopped in on my way back, getting fucked out of the one item I needed to get for tommorow, the second such recent instance for this particular item. This fugly pink-red is not on any vehicles that I have ever seen, and I reckon the perps also had yesterday's marzipan cakes made up to be the same color. They looked good, but the top glazing color was off-putting to say the least.

And the copper color is also playing big of late; a Volvo 850 wagon was arranged outside the recreation center today, viewable from the windows. This same vehicle also "showed up" in May and June nearby when I was taking my belongings to the charity to dispose of. There can only be one of these in town, as it is an odd color for Volvo to use. I have also seen this same vehicle at the Volvo lot when it was local, about 12 months ago.

And there were more silver grey Volvo 245's on the road today; this being the color of the one I owned, gave to my daughter who sold it yesterday. I should have put a claim in on the proceeds when I gave it to her, but of course I wasn't allowed to think that far ahead, and if I did, it would of been fucked out of recall. More of these designed coincidences.

And I note that most of my pictures over the past few days did "not come out", meaning sabotaged. Another exposure gets substituted; I took a picture of a swarm of high school students, and somehow only the power lines ended up in the picture. There might be a few for inclusion, but not many, as in nearly all cases there is camera shake, when in fact, the camera has a shake compensating algorithm in it. Just another game for the perps. And of late, I notice that the moment of taking the picture is usually coordinated with a traffic light change, a sudden transient noise, or the subjects turning their heads or in some way reacting at that moment of the exposure. Another game of deep proportions it seems, as it may not just be a color energetics to exposure correlation, but some kind of psi energies going by the subjects' continued posing action.

More music listening, going over Puremusic clips again, as "I" skipped over many. Meaning, that I wasn't allowed to be thorough, and attend to the entirety of one web page at a time. There is nothing the perps like more than a re-visit to the same site or activity to do the same things again. And to aid them, they usually take out my previous link annotation, the purple text of the link, and revert it to blue, meaning unvisited when that is not the case.

Enough to call this a blog posting, and to call this a day, hoping I am not similarly hobbled with these calf cramps as I am today.

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