Saturday, September 08, 2007

Napping for Perp Games

A two hour post-lunch nap has just ended; as bizarre as anything else, "needing" this kind of sleep when I had eight hours of it overnight. Then when booting up the PC there were the on-off, by itself switch games, just to rile me up. And immediately following that, the extra wide right side Windows border was in place for me to deal with, then a sudden "need" to take a pee in the middle of that exercise. It would seem that the perps have a long way to go, playing games like that after five years of overt harassment.

Anyhow, as a Saturday, there have been no scheduled activities, and I was even contained by imposed notions, as I usually get a national newspaper to read, and "somehow", this did not happen. Onto other topics of vital interest, as the comings and goings of the perps is lacking in exceitement value.

I noticed late yesterday when loading the still pictures into the blog that I loaded one twice, which I later removed when repositioning them, as they always load to the beginning of this blog. Which tells me that the perps can now fuck with my short term visual recall, something they were testing over the past two months with this particular action. Usually there are two download sessions as Blogspot craps out (somehow) if too many pictures are uploaded at once, another made-for-me jerkaround I have come to know. This is one of my most critical recal abilities, and now it can be totally pissed with, meaning I cannot trust any recal now. This serves as an example of more progressive ability to sabotage mental functions from afar.

Which means they can screw with anyone else, as I serve as the first backtest subject, applying their newfound harassment methods to in order to disrupt more of my functionality to ursurp all of it. And as I type that, the noisescape flurry has started up, likely hitting on the truth. And still, I have no idea as to why the assholes continue this remotely, instead of brokering an agreement that would of saved five years of incremental pissing around. This is the biggest mystery of all, but it must represent one huge payoff the assholes have saddled me with. Fucking sick that there are organizations that operate totally illegally every instant that they are functioning, and have thousands of operatives and untold billions at hand to effect any support they need.

More earmuff wearing time owing to annoying squeakings from outside, but in fact, my annoyance level is controlled as well. Usually a large thumping noise will be scripted to punch through my earmuffs, typically when reading blocks of text. A long read of an electric vehicle conversion project online brought out the perp's need to harass me with noise. Then that wasn't good enough so they numb out the right side of my right hand, and it is only sitting on the trackball mouse. Hard to have a numbed hand in this circumstance except by remote invocation. And even that wasn't good enough for their fuckover games, so then they got into applying vision impairment; fogging up one eye at a time.

And recall, that my brother has only one eye as his contribution to this project when he was 2 years old, and still the perps are on this sick minded quest to fuck with what I see. Yesterday, when speaking to him in his backyard, he had his face turned to the sun, and the perps put on extra reflectivity off his artificial eye, likely in some kind of eye-vision recognition game. There has been an increase of online close-up pictures of eyes, irises, pupils and the rest of this body structure of late, and this invariably spells "current perp objective". What for exactly I don't know, but as they have been doing the same for limbs, heads, necks. elbows, feet, hands and other body parts; the assholes are hard at some kind of deep neural, even psychic level, body recognition energetic activity. Doing the impossible never bothered the perps any, as they have all the freedom to bring down a city's water supply (Vancouver), create motor vehicle accidents (as a passenger in a few), take down aircraft, create mining disasters and a long list of mayhem that speaks directly to the depraved assholes that plan my every breath.

I am still not allowed to call items by their name, e.g. noun. I constantly get stiffed with the planted syntax of using "this", "that", "thing", generic labels without specitivity. Fucking maddening, as it is not the way I speak.

The dusk time is earlier each day, and I am reminded of this with the perp games in somehow increasing the contrast of light levels between the outside and the PC display. At some point, the perps do something to make the contrast differential greater, and it becomes my cue to turn on some ambient lighting. And lo, if some street shouters didn't start up at this time, now earlier all the time, and even having them follow me on the streets. Fucking bizarre that there are so many more bizarre events erupting around me.

More fucking games; either my version of is getting spoofed, or I am being cognitively fucked with as I cannot see how to get photos loaded in there. In the least, I would of remembered how to do this, even if the commands are cryptic, and yet I am not allowed to recall what I once knew. Does anyone understand how fucking frustrating this is? And for that, I get the glass bottle bashing noise from outside, obviously this is a total setup, as the assholes have me infuriated over this intrusion.

More piss-offs to rile me up; a horizontal Windows border was made into a momentary wave shape by dint of some kind of visual cortex fuckery from a remote location. Then plasma projections are forming from this LCD panel, a "somehow" event that erupts when I blink, and a forced one at that, a the timing is always spot on.

Then for extra sadistic effect, as in riling me up some more, the perps sabotage my keystroking while repairing the errors they forced in the first place. Someone's head needs to be leavened with a baseball bat for that particularly vituperative jerkaround, and I will be happy to apply it to the operative in question.

And the overhead pounding started up when a noise flurry came on; then the street shouting again, and there is always the constant noise as if vehicular traffic were going at 60mph just outside my door, which is not the case at all. A pokey two lane road with limited visibility and traffic control at every block; I doubt if the speed limit of 50kph is attained except when the operatives control the traffic and intersections to have the odd dump truck bombing through for no reason, and I have seen a few of these.

Another stunt from yesterday which I am allowed to recall. In my brothers white trade van yesterday, a pickup truck ahead of us in traffic had a bottle of water balanced on the bumper, and was driving around us, and then lead ahead. I pointed this out to my brother as to what an absurd gravitation defying game this was, and he blew me off, attempting to insinuate that it was normal. Some minutes later, the bottle was lying in the center of our lane, and he drove over top of it, though to be fair, there wasn't much he could do.

The water bottle stalking has increased of late; yesterday I noticed my brother packed one out to the vehicle, not having drunk from it. This followed him offering me one small bottle of the caselot when we arrived, and which I drunk when he was outside on the bullshit mission with the putative house builder next door, where there is a reputed $300k renovation on a $480k house that sold two months ago. The whole deal doesn't add up, but all too often there is a perp objective in mind. There is nothing they like better than ripping open houses, cars, aircraft etc., often in the form of an accident, to have the inside exposed to the outside in a near as-is state. There must be some fundamental energy differences between the interior of these structures, and the exterior, and the perps seem flummoxed by it all. Hence, the myriad of gangstalkers on my ass when entering and exiting any building, even the wood built house of my last residence, the putative rooming house. It was a given that an operative was ahead or behind me, just behind the door before I opened it, or that there were operatives "just happening" to exit their assigned rooms and entering the narrow hallway for me to walk past them. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

Other examples that I suspect have been some tragic car accidents locally where the pole was sheared and the top portion that was suspended from the overhead wires swung back and ripped the vehicle's roof off. This was at least three years ago, and I wonder if any of the locals suspected that the work might have been by the very clandestine agency that they gangstalk for. The driver and passengers were all about 18 to 20 years old, and were known to be responsible. Most who knew them cannot comprehend why they acted so foolishly as it was totally out of character. Based on my experience, this can easily be remedied, as carelessness is a trait the perps could fuck me with when needed, and then it would dissapate, and I would be careful again. I couldn't figure out these contradictory impulses then, and now I know why.

There is getting to be more errant window and dialog box "eruptions" for no ostensible cause, and this is another vexation the perps are continuing of late, especially when I am using the mouse for another activity, and then I am compelled to remove the perp invoked boxes clutter before I can act on what I had intended with the mouse.

Back to more street shoutings from outside, the main vector of bringing voice to my left side, and has less of a cover story when coming from the hallway so often.

More street hollaring, especially when I am using the headphones. Someone from this apartment building even started up a shouting dialog with the street act. And the timing of the shouts is highly coincident with new web pages displaying, especially for a picture of an all woman band. As my music listening activity now attracts more noise layering, it is time to back off that once refuge from the harassment goings on.

My gangstalking detail is parked outside of my apartment building when I exit. A red truck with a red dressed gangstalker on "just sit there" duty, aka sentry duty.

Another form of the gangstalkers in the same situation, the overdone vagrant act, all of them using shopping carts that do not come from anywhere nearby, and of course, putting on the red colors. And the background vehicle colors seem to be all for greyscale purposes; white, silver grey, mid grey, and perhaps a black pickup behind.

A posse of three, and maybe four, white vehicles around the red pickup truck.

More of my "sweepers", a term the perps must of planted for me to use. A red pickup with red fiberglas stringer ladders. There is a huge number of ladder bearing vehicles in this town, and they like to use red, yellow fiberglass and aluminum ladders often

My cyclist and the electric wheelchair act covered this block ahead of me walking it, the cyclist content to ride behind the wheelchair act the entire distance. And lo, if there wasn't two cycle lanes on this thoroughfare street, and that wasn't good enough for the cyclist; tailgating a wheelchair on the sidewalk was too much fun.

The "Plastic Bag Man", this one with a large black bag, where the white plastic bags have a modicum of a cover story if it is from a local store. (Not always). And I assume that I was to see, and energetically interact with, the bag and what ever contents in the shade and then the sunlit condition. This happening outside of a tire store, tires and rubber being objects/substances of intense perp interest.

Where I work out twice a week, and this is the public parking; three white vehicles side by side, two silver grey vehicles either side of a dark green vehicle, and likely a black vehicle furtherest right. Having vehicle egress activity while I pass by is most common. Someone tell me straight that these are random vehicle colors, or some other reason for these to be parked together, say, weightlifters like white. What are the odds I get a call, or a direct personal request to remove or obscure the face of the person in the picture, who I don't know at this point. It just might be another saga of the picture taking game harassment that begun last week.

And in the course of bringing the pictures in, it seems that part of my blog got lopped off, Blogspot (my version anyhow) places the pictures at the begining and not where the cursor is.

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