Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going Offline for a Week; back Sept. 19

I am driving my parents on a week away to the Okanagan and to visit the out-of-town brother, sister-in-law, and niece. I won't call this a holiday by any means, as that does not exist when one is under intense scrutiny and harassment every waking moment. Even as I type this I am getting overhead "floor squeakings" which is pretty good for a carpeted floor, as all suites are.

I have yoga and then strength training after this, my regular Tuesday afternoon outing. I was awakened around 0530h this morning and kept in a light sleep mode where I could here the totally absurd "road traffic" noise, as if vehicles were swishing by at 60mph, let alone at that time of morning. (I face a secondary route of two lanes, one each way with traffic controls at each intersection). And of course there were plenty of other noises, including the rare logging whistles that went on before getting up. Finally, the red plasma flashes in my eyes, strobing no less, under the cover story of being the inside of my eye lids was enough stupidity to get up at 0700h.

And today was a laundry day, and for the most part in this residence location it was fuckup free, as in little harassment. Amazing, and it cannot last.

Another forced bath last night, which is rather amazing, as I never have one, using a shower instead, and now two in a week. It goes to show how controllable I am, nearly 100%, and the only thing the perps seem to jump on with noise are some images that arise, usually from short term events (hence the stunt action to supply material to image), and some deep level task switching. They can screw me into doing anything, such as opening the wrong dresser drawer three times this morning, an error that never happened until the past few years, during this current reign of mind terrorism.

The usual 500 to 1,000 gangstalking vehicles on the thoroughfares that I walked, 30 min. each way. And more weird classmembers at yoga, two showing up 35 min. into a 60 minute session, one with white shoes and a red lining (female), who put them near the other joker, possibly an out-of-town brother morphover, who then put his red lined cap next to her red lined shoes for some kind of feet and head shoe leather/ fabric clothing interaction games. The usual plethora of masers and plasma beams flitting about all the time. This two had me surrounded on two sides, as I was the only one there besides the intructor.

Then a third person, a lard-ass woman, comes in five minutes later for the very first time, on the last day of this yoga class, and in the course of her 15 minutes there, she took two cell phone calls. Fucking absurd in a yoga class, and answering them as well. And then she leaves 10 minutes early, likely to allow morph-over and acclimatization time to her next gig, gangstalking me at the OB Rec. Center, where I was headed to next.

And I noted the ever diligent (obedient/obsequious) Oak Bay Fire Department had their red truck parked one block back from the rec. center today, a possible step up in the colorstalking games. Regular readers will recall that this same fire department and truck made four pass-bys in one afternoon while I was there there, and have made at least three more gangstalking visits to park their truck outside the rec.center for no seeming purpose.

The pictures I wanted to upload to this blog failed, so time to call this one done until the 09-19-2007. And I am not calling this a holiday note, being a family gangstalking on the road.

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