Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Rough Night

I got some two hours of sleep last night owing to perp intervention. It wasn't because of the accompanying noise, rather, the noise was to serve their realtime neural energy research, all in the aid of 100% mind-control, rather than being a few thousandths of a percent less than that, going by recent mind-fuck stunts. Yesterday, they had me "forget" to shave my mustache area, something they pull every two months or so, and no doubt it was to feed into the games over planting trees at my in-town brother's place. Today, I finished the job, and it was much like yesterday, though no freakshow on the bus this time, as he gave me a ride in both directions.

Before going to bed, I had a look at some Anna Nicole Smith videos on Youtube, not that I followed her much in her various endeavors. What I wanted to do was to encapsulate who she was, and her public personna. It strikes me as most odd that she was seemingly stoned or drunk so often in the past three years; I cannot figure out why this continued as it did. Apart from that mystery, I managed to catch some video of when she was much more coherent, and so I got a better idea of who she was.

This seemed to serve as the "mental imagery" that was planted on me for the next four hours while I was held sleepless in bed. I might have got two hours of sleep total, but why the perps continue to innundate me with imagery and ideas about a certain public celebrity I have no idea. The entire noisescape was elevated for the entire time while being held sleepless; loud mufflered vehicles, constant swishing of traffic on the wet streets, overhead pounding, clunking and rumbling, street hollaring, impassioned and loud discussion by Asians in their native tongue for over 30 minutes, and a few others were added in as needed by the perps. Totally bizarre to say the least. And not to forget, a similar sleepless night was also scripted after looking up a certain performer on Youtube late in the evening, along with the planted imagery. To that, the perps should go screw their own kind, and leave my trashed life out of their mental plundering.

As usual, I suffer no tiredness from losing so much sleep, "somehow" the perps can compensate for this, which they nearly always do. If they want me to take a daytime nap it is no problem either.

I dug two more holes at my brother's place to place his purchased trees; it is still a mystery as to why he bought three trees when he only needed one. But it was no mystery as to what the perp agenda was; they arranged my brother to mix up the soils from the three holes, cross blending the differing soil and soil color (think brown). As usual, he was fussing over tasks that didn't need it, and was constantly trying to take over the job he gave me, all to create a better gangstalking replication of my activity IMHO. The next door banter was turned up, these are the supposed renovation crew on this $350k renovation next to his place, though it has all the hallmarks of a perp operation, as so many of these have "erupted" next door to where I have lived in the past.

I was done digging and transplanting the trees in two hours, and after some more inexplicable waiting around on his part, as well as doing the shirtless act again as he has done so many times, and putting on a shit brown shirt, my brother drove me home through the extreme vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking enroute, especially downtown. The freakshow was on, and the long shoulder length kinky hair seemed to be the in-theme, on both men and women. Later, when out walking to the gym, the perps put on more of this hairstyle on their ambulatory gangstalkers. And it is no surprise that I don't care to look at this kind of hairstyle, and yet the perps keep placing it in front of me.

Another unfavored hairstyle is curly hair, and I even had one do-nothing gangstalker with a bright red dyed hair style planted on the sidewalk for me to see. And outside my apartment the perps put on this geriatric woman with a tight curly hairdo, like a helmet, which is totally disgusting in my view, and there she was again today on her third gangstalking, loitering at the apartment entrance, and then interacting with an obese act that was also proximate. As I cannot stand the sight of this anorexic freak, I did not look at her as I came closer while she was standing around for no reason (again). I suspect this is the new jerkaround, having me look at people only fleetingly, as I notice my attention was fucked with a few times earlier today.

At the begining of the gym class I noticed that the particular female class coordinator with brunette hair and who is easy on the eye, and has a particular look just for me (just short of staring), was placed next to the male coordinator. Then she departed within ten minutes, and I can only assume she was there for her "auric goodness" such that it could be somehow conveyed to the male coordinator by means of proximity. He is OK, it is just that he is always wearing yuck color shirts, red or orange, and does his gangstalking moves around me, serving as some kind of color reference beacon it would seem. And as I typed that up I got siren noisestalking, so the concept of "auric goodness" isn't all that fantasical in the minds of the perps.

The two attractive blondes have also stopped going to gym class, and I can only assume that they also contributed their blonde "auric goodness" to the cause, and are not needed anymore. So now, the perps have moved onto another demographic combination classmember, the obese blonde woman who has been attending for four weeks now. That equates to having an unfavored feature (large body size) and favored feature (blonde hair), so it will be interesting as to what the perps are up to with her. So far, the interaction has been low key, if not avoidant on both our parts, though she did get into my way the other day for the first time. And I was forced to walk by her vehicle afterwards as it turned out, she was inside as I turned the corner and "happened" to be looking.

And a planted "see me gangstalking" male operative was also added to the gym class today; wearing a red shirt and blue jeans in the gym for chrissakes, and constantly wandering around wiping his nose or with his hand to his head. I suppose this was some mental infirmity act, the putative basis for this class, but the perps forced me to look at this stupid asshole pacing around in a gym more times than I can count. Normaly, if there is an obvious act on display, I make a point of looking elsewhere, but now the perps can defeat this by way of recent mind-fuck advances they have made.

And like all new classmembers to date, this above gangstalker was put on ambulatory street duty to follow or lead-ahead gangstalk me once I had departed the building and was walking home. This must be a standard operation now, having these fuckers parade around me outside for the first time interaction.

And the perps are also busy keeping more gangstalkers on me in the locker room of the gym, even if I am there for all of one minute, only taking off my jacket and locking it up, no actual changing. This one fucker was there to cross my path when I arrived, and then again when departed the change room after locking up my jacket. He was in shirt that was the same color as my jacket, olive green, and made a point of buzzing around me during the unsupervised gym portion of the workout. And lo, if he didn't arrive immediately behind me when I entered the locker room after the workout to access my jacket, againg following my tracks, and then crossing them in an orthogonal direction as well. This gangstalker had incredible timing for one who was not a classmember.

The perps put on extra vehicular gangstalking today, especially when walking from the gym back to my place. Easily 1,200 mobile vehicles today, predominantly silver-grey, white, red, black, mid grey in tightly coordinated clusters, and arranged by vehicle type. And no end of the dumbshit Smart Cars too for whatever reason. I surmise that as the final floor exercise session of the gym workout was heavy on feet and leg touching, and that the perps were all over me for this. And the possible reason for today's obsession over feet was that I was digging soil pits and planting trees per above, having more direct soil interaction. And one can be sure that the perp's brown color obsession was also at the root of this too, that being the soil colors I was dealing with.

I also got a full Asian press when coming back into the apartment building from gym class; an Asian woman in navy blue and brown dyed hair (from black), followed me in, and then she let in the two Asian men loitering outside with a brown colored furniture item, smoking cigarettes. So the three of them and their furniture came to join me in the elevator; brown skinned, brown colored table made of particleboard (also brown), and her brown dyed hair. It is not hard to figure out what is going on, and I reckon my brown soil interaction this morning was what these weirds were attempting to capitalize from, in whatever way that matters for the perp assholes.

While walking back from the gym, a maser beam was shot at me on the street; the "local bum" act, aka familiar operative, was sitting 40' away with his legs splayed wide open while sitting on a bench, and lo, if some kind of blackish energy pulse didn't emanate from his crotch and was directed at me while walking toward this piece of shit who has been highly featured in this neighborhood. I have seen plasma pulses come off operatives before, but never from their fucking crotch of all places and not from this distance.

More photos from last week's travels.

Grocery shopping with the parents is a lesson in continuing sabotage. This at a grocery store in Kamloops BC, and the games that go in with parked vehicles in my midst. Four light metallic brown vehicles arranged side by side and facing the grocery store we just exited from, and a blue colored vehicle on the left of this group, a dark green beside it, and a silver-grey in the foreground at an 90 degree angle for close-in reference purposes it would seem.

Six silver grey colored vehicles, in pairs it would seem; two in the foreground, two behind them with an additional white colored vehicle and two more silver-grey vehicles to the right of the red vehicle, another ubiquitous color of the vehicular gangstalking repetoire. This erupted at a small city called Hope when driving back from Kamloops, and there were at least 12 ambulatory gangstalkers who arrived from nowhere (it seemed) when I first got out of the vehicle after a two hour drive. Then my father aided the cause by causing me to double back some 30' or so, performing one of the perp's standard gangstalking moves for them, retracing one's steps. In some 10 minutes after visiting the washroom, where they did not gangstalk me most surprisingly, the perps put on at least six gangstalkers wearing navy blue or blue, doing the lost tourist act while being geriatric. Fucking tiresome.

The ferry lineup was also color coordinated with vehicular gangstalking. The Ford Escape, two vehicles from the right was our vehicle, and then a cluster of silver-greys and some dark blue vehicles were arranged around us. The left most blue vehicle was well behind me in the traffic, having passed it five minutes earlier, and lo, if it didn't "somehow" get in front of us. Nothing new there, just another example of probable teleporting fuckery.

Still at the ferry lineup, this taken from the vehicle. This pair of operatives has two of the characteristic moves they make when ambulating; the right asshole is doing the "arm fling", excessive arm motion that is in constant use, and the left asshole is in the "Plastic Corps", packing food in a styrofoam-like plastic in the forward, in front of him position. The "Coffee Corps" do the same thing with coffee, that portable brown liquid they use for doing their brown color reference games. Also note; a large canvas truck cover also in brown, no coincidence that.

Anyhow, I was allowed to listen to music for the first time since I got back two days ago, and that is all for the good, even if the perps are fucking with the buffering to make for herky-jerky playing. Time to blog off.

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