Friday, September 07, 2007

Still Hobbling

I am still in this state of cramped calf muscles, now the third day of this, and it forces me to bend over at the waist, straight out of the operative's handbook. They like to orchestrate their operatives to bend over to do anything, as there seems to be more energies coming off. And at least once per day when out, I get this, often in close proximity. Normally I bend my knees to keep my back straight when attending to items low down or on the floor, but for this current "surge" of fuckery this week, that habit has been blocked by the muscle cramps in my legs.

A woodworking router noise has been going for the last 20 minutes and is still continuing as I type this in. No doubt all my past routing experience is feeding into this particular noise, vibration and associated neural activity not otherwise controllable from the remote location where the perps hide out.

And it was an interesting laundry day this morning as the perps had me test two differing batches of the same brand on laundry detergent. The orchestrated delay in getting onto laundry earlier this week created the scenario where there was too much for one washing machine load. And as it "so happened", the old detergent jug had one load's worth left, and sequential second load used the detergent from a new jug, same brand and type, a liquid detergent.

As the perp's have a total obsession over my laundry it was also no surprise that the second washing machine load took an extra five minutes and was in its final spin cycle when I went to the laundry room. There I was compelled to wait in front of the washing machine for at least four minutes until the cycle completed, and and the second load into the dryer with the first load of laundry. All very complicated, and planned down to the last dust bunny, including having the old and the new detergent jugs side by side in the storage area for at least a week. No wonder "I remembered" to get some more in such a timely manner.

This compares to making another shopping trip last night at 2230h to get breakfast cereal as this had been "forgotten" earlier in the day, the only item I truly needed. This also incurred a waddling and pained gait to walk the 200' or less to the grocery store, as the calf muscle cramps "acted up" and got worse as I learned firsthand when I embarked on this nightime shopping trip. I got the usual gangstalking action, though muted somewhat for the later time in the day. I got the now usual "helmet heads", the putative cyclists gangstalking with their cycling helmet on, something they do all the time now. The yellow helmet was featured at least twice by the same asshole.

Other than laundry I haven't ventured outside as I have no regular Friday activities, which makes for a potential four day string of shut-in days, something the perps assiduously manage for. More often it is two days maximum, as there is something that arises and needs me to head out somewhere, all prepped in advance with the gangstalker's choreography.

And speaking of things that "come up", my in-town brother just phoned and want me to look into his neighbor's tree chopping activities and see what privacy amelioration can be determined. Hokey or what, though he did set this up with a 20 minute phone call last night. All part of the script, with central player, me, the last to know about what is going on.

And it is very important to the perps that I remain largely clueless and unknowing, as they like to reduce my emotional and expectational anticipation from any planned (by them) event. This is totally endemic in their practices, and having an whole lifetime (47 years old when they began) of this isn't enough, they had to crank it up as part of the overt harassment phase that they cursed me with over five years ago. I called it designed cluelessness in a past blog posting.

Back from a pointless trip to my in-town brother's to look at his claimed loss of privacy. Once I was there I knew this entire "issue" was a bullshit ploy, and to have me circulating near him, and to the total (to the studs) renovation that "erupted" next door to him. He was also into revenge fantasies, planning an extra border of tall trees, building a tall fence. The only location where he had a reduction of privacy was his front garden, and lo, he never goes out there except to cut the grass. Mountains from molehills, and a total event to parade the harassment corps around me in traffic.

And a freak in a total pink day-glo outfit arrived on a minibike via the pedestrian lane and stopped in mid-street in front of my brother's house, and started up the in-street debate with the renovation contractor, aka Cheers act, that is, everyone knows each other (except for me). Then, when in the house some five minutes later we were in the house and lo, if my brother isn't called away from the front door by the same building contractor for some vague reason, spending at least 8 minutes outside the house. Meanwhile, I was dispatched to write up my "determinations" as to what he should do with his fence and privacy "issues". Then he came back in, offered me chocolate, and lo, if he didn't take one of the same chocolate bars himself and walk ahead of me with it in hand, just as I was doing. So, we each had the same kind of chocolate bar in hand, were 90 degrees offset, and were talking about what he should do. (Not very much was my recommendation).

On the way to my brother's in his white trades van, and on the way back, it was like being royalty. There were clusters of red vehicles, usually three or four, then white ones, then back to red, then silver-grey vehicles, then silver-grey and white mixtures, then "sandwiches", a red vehicle with a white vehicle fore and aft, then again with a silver-grey sandwich, and then with white vehicles with a mid-blue vehicle. (I am wearing a blue Capilene shirt today, a semi-reflective fabric). Then my brother got me riled up over something I cannot recall (recanting his last confirmation that there were anomalous frequencies of same colored proximate vehicles), and as I was speaking to him he kept opening his mouth, doing the obvious "open mouthing" that the operatives routinely do in their ambulatory gangstalking. More of the same fuckery, just from the family members.

Another theme the perps are pushing is to have my body made hairless, head excepted. There have been a number of web page readings over the past six months or so, and I noted when in the pharmacy yesterday for razor blades, that there were some men's wax strips, a new-to-me product. And as my attention is 100% controllable I have come to know, it was no coincidence that "I" happened to see this product. There have been past incidents of mind-control body hair shaving, but nothing in the past 3 years, so it is most odd that I would find the "need" to do this. Just another senseless diversion to me, but likely a huge deal to the assholes who constantly plant body hair all over my apartment, that surely does not come from me directly. Part of this putative body hair is includes eyelash hairs, and if I lost them at the current rate of 3 or more per day, I wouldn't have any eyelashes left. Usually cleaning the bathroom incurrs a siege of body hairs, as they "arrive" in place of where I have just cleaned. One time cleaning the bathtub, I counted over 40 instances of body hairs materializing from nowhere to land on the just cleaned portions. I have even seen hairs arrive; there is a locallized metallic shimmery event, a like-maser activity, and poof, there is a body hair on the just-cleaned surface. Crazy.

Another forced crap, this time immediately following dinner. And the now usual fuckover stunt in forcing me to have a shower to clean up; I am batting at .900 on this one, as the perps continue more brown testing.

And speaking of which, here is a classic that must be straight out of their playbook; having chocolate on a road surface in great quantity to analyse the chocolate-road energy interaction. Driving around shit tankers, and parking them on the street outside my residence isn't good enough, nor is a past event of having a worker at a chocolate factory fall into a vat of chocolate. A truck load of chocolate gets dumped on the autobahn. And having a little fire into the energetic mix never hurt, a spacetime "ripping" event, and it served to heat the chocolate up and make it flow on the road surface, presenting more opportunities for direct remote energy assay games between two very problematic substances/surfaces (for the perps). Thirteen tons of chocolate to clean up; and bets are that the perps will be still fucking around having solved nothing after all is done.

Picture time; from this week, and excuse the fuzzy images in some cases, this is the latest perp tactic to move my hand with the camera in it, or just plain sabotage the picture anyway. And I do have the image stabilization feature on, and still no compensation.

Left; a paving job outside the recreation center where I work out; asphalt is a big obsession of the perps, and so is concrete, and both were on this job, the redi-mix truck was nearby, not shown.

Who in the sane world puts a lane marker on top of a suburban use mini-van? Only the assholes who have some kind of light/color interaction games going, and want to focus that around a vehicle's roof.

This jaywalker has some kind of black plastic object he is using for reference purposes, never mind the absurd jeans outfit he is wearing. And note that the picture was taken (by perp mind/finger control) at the very instant he was in front of a silver-grey vehicle with another headed in the opposite direction. Also note the nurse in a entire hospital green outfit on the other side of the street.

A bare chested gangstalker with a chrome steel empty shopping cart. Normally these assholes have the cart full of plastics and aluminum cans, but this must be a desperation move, down to the shirt and nothing in the cart. Another fuzzy picture courtesy of the fucker's employer.

And more reference objects left out for me to pass by; a palatte in a residential area for wood material reference purposes. Note the grafitti painted on the red post boxes. Nearly every pole, box or large surface I walk by is now marked with grafitti in various colors for the perp's reference purposes.

Aparticleboard reference object for me to walk by, and lo, if I my coat wasn't the same olive drab green color that day.

Left; a parked red truck with two white vehicles behind it, and then two silver grey vehicles behind the white vehicles. Note that the red truck has paint peeling on the front door, a "condition" that is occuring more often, and there is another picture from last week with this same presentation.

A silver-grey between two same colored metallic mid grey vehicles, a "sandwich" condition I call it, and more prevalent of late.

Left; the color coincidence stunt again, this one outside my parent's place in mid week when I was there, and was set up for the entire day.

One of those shots I cannot figure out; the overhead wires on the right side against the blue sky appear to lose their color with the backdrop of the building. I have already zoomed in on this and I cannot figure it out. Also, the dragon fly (rightmost) seems to be oversized. The vertical objects on the building are some kind of aerials, and appear to spit masers at me frequently.

And the common male perp strut is to face me down from 80' to 100' away on the sidewalk, this one having the cover story of waiting for the bus as the adjacent bus stop. And a very perp-like color combination, red and black in an offset checkerboard pattern. Note more grafitti on the wood power pole (center) and the green band as more perp color reference games on the leftmost signpost.

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