Friday, September 21, 2007

Visit the Doctor

I intended to get onto blogging much earlier in the day, but as always, it is another "can't happen" from the perp assholes.

I was treated to a needless 1.5 hour nap, and the perps even had me wake up after an hour, sit up in the expectation that I would get up, and then controlled me to lie down and nap for another 30 minutes. And if that wasn't enough fuckery, they kept planting the notion that I had woken up at my brother's place, as per the recent travelling. Fucking outrageous my own notions and thoughts are being fucked with in this fundamental way.

An earlier doctor visit, walking most of the same route as yesterday to my fitness, and it even seemed to be almost a pleasant visit for once. I was mind-fucked to me more chipper and energetic, and he was also in a humorous mood. All for the "medical student" perhaps, who was sitting in on the session, she being a plain blonde woman in the now vogue glasses with the large black plastic side panels and the thing black rectangular frames. One operative was even cleaning such a pair of glasses in the elevator a week or so ago.

The putative medical student had pink pants on and a whitish top, and was not involved in the discussions or banter. At the end of the session she wished me a good weekend, and I was made to be totally unaware that such a calendar event was coming up, and even her inadvertent reminder was dismissed by a perp mind-fuck, as only in the past hour or so since getting up was I allowed to know what the relevance of that statement meant. In other words, the concept and all the mental associations around what a weekend is, were totally purged from my mind. Again, fundamental neural processing thoughts are being totally fucked with, even as to the notion of where I live, per above paragraph.

The doctor then preceded me out (aka gangstalking me) with the excuse about the secretary "needing" more personal information on top of the address and phone number updates that he requested today, and lo, if that wasn't the excuse to re-visit the East Indian woman in the reception area, and then by "happenchance" meet my caseworker, who I was lead to believe, was not part of my care anymore. All very confusing with this two way meet-up, and being led to the reception booth to then engage in an unexpected conversation with the caseworker about a topic I did not know was conveyed to her.

As I explained to the doctor some months back that I was reluctant to take a job owing to some of the complications related to continuing disability payments, I needed to know of a precise dollar amount should I take on any remunerative work, so that my status would not be imperiled. Curiously, the doctor did not tell me that he conveyed this to the caseworker today, and nor did he tell me that he hoped that the caseworker would be outside in the reception area to meet me in this respect. It was all so happenchance-like arranged.

Anyhow, the caseworker took me on a conversational tangent as to referencing my "pension", which has nothing to do with anything as I don't get a pension as I am too young. Then she let me in on what she was really talking about, "disability", and then the thought association train went off, as the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), administers the national disability program, given that it is much the same business, like Social Security in the US. Anyhow, the long mystery as to how much I can earn under this arrangement without imperilling my current "disabled" status is $4300 per annum. What it takes to get an answer these days, as I had phoned her in August over this, but she was away on holiday supposedly, and I never phoned again, per mind-fuck arrangement IMHO. And I hope that I remembered that dollar figure correctly, as the perps can plant no end of mind-fuck games with my recall, being certain about something that is totally wrong, another never-before experience state.

This was all outside the receptionist's booth, and lo, if some more operatives didn't close in to gangstalk, including an 300lb male in a cream colored sweater. Then another like sized male fucker showed up ten seconds later as I was heading out. A totally strange set up, but as always, the hospital, where the doctor's office is, is gangstalker's wet dream as the mental illness act is exploited as a cover story for unusual public perp behavior.

The route to the doctor's office is nearly the same as that of the recreation center where I work out, and I had my usual accompaniment of 500 to 800 vehicles in color coordinated arrangements all around me, and the perps even put on a two ambulance flashing light show for me when walking back. Yesterday, they put on a same colored ambulance outside the recreation center front doors when there had been no emergency, and there was at least one more ambulance sighting in the past two days that I am not allowed to recall as to the circumstances.

The big deal the doctor was on about me spending too much time on the web, as he has intimated in past consultations. And lo, if I wasn't introduced to a volunteer program by my caseworker in the above mentioned ersatz appointment. It will be something that might unfold as a new adventure, hopefully with some remuneration to dig me out of the hole again, given that the current subsidy strategy does exactly that, and no one asks any particulars.

I am getting some extreme right eye vision fucking; plasma beamings with replicated projections in the cover of some kind of vision clouding, except that the beam edges are discrete and orthogonal, unlike the mucus-on-the-eye games of the past.

Time to call this day done, even if I have been slack in not putting up more photos from my recent travels. It seems continuity of effort is another fuckable offense in perpland.

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