Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Day of the Week; Now Controlled Information

For the entire afternoon I was under the impression today was Friday, and the weekend was imminent, and finally, someone at perp central let me in on what I usually know, and that spawned this little write up. In other words, I was fucked out of what I knew, then fucked into "thinking" this was Friday with the usual weekend provisios of extra rabid ambulatory gangstalking, and lo, I was enlightened of the knowledge I once had. All in a day's fuckery, and it isn't over yet.

This is close to the two year anniversary when the assholes could pull this off. At the time, the sent my in-town brother to visit, and in the course of our discussion he asks me what day of the week it is, and "I" (read mind-fucked and manipulated me), told him something other that what it was and "somehow" I did not pick up on this error of fact. (As I type this some wall pounding has started up). Only after I left was I informed of the fuckaround, or else figured it out myself. And that was the first time I ever I had made this particular error, and this won't be the last time I am fucked with like this. It would be interesting to poll other TI's to find if they get jerked in this way, and when did it start.

The maser and plasma action has been heavy, and very often there are accompanying vision impairments and noise impositions.

The constant annoying level of harassment has continued all day, and with that go min-fuck reactions in the form of ranting at the assholes. They have kept me on this for most of the day, and as always it is the small things; typo sabotage, "wrong" drawer for an item, mis-grabs, olive oil flicking, extra object vibration when placed somewhere, brown crumb inundation and so it goes. And once I rant out loud, more coincident noises start up; overhead rumbling and pounding, beepings of vehicles from outside, bus noise (even if no bus there), and the like.

Perhaps the big excitement is that I am wearing a new shirt today, in a color I don't have in shirts, but do in the form of a jacket. It is an olive green, and no doubt this is a deemed testing, as getting this shirt was a total hassle when I purchased it at my brother's store. I washed it once before putting it on, and so this might be what all the outside noise is about, and the constant harassment over all conventional physicality.

Even a gangstalker was wearing this same color, if not same shirt, hounding me at the gym yesterday. No rest anywhere, and I was less than a minute in the change room both times, and yet the fucker followed me in there, and did the cross-my-path moves like my parents do all the time when I am at their place. And on the odd occasion, they plant an asshole in the grocery store to immediately step into the spot I vacated. In one incident I was forced to swear at the asshole with my parents beside me, and everyone went quiet and didn't say anything. I am still intensely pissed about that as I never would do that, and yet there was no choice, out it came. It was a large female gangstalker in navy blue, and it does make me wonder what the perp's angle is on this color.

I sleep on a navy blue colored matress the perps gave to me over 6 years ago, and this occured on the travelling of last week in Kamloops, BC. And as I had been sleeping on motel beds, usually a white color, perhaps the perps were doing some testing for navy blue residual energies. And when driving for two hours, and getting out of the vehicle in Hope, BC, the fuckers were all over me, and with a large navy blue dressed contingent. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

Mor fucking PC sabotage; an upload of the photos in blogspot was clobbered by a concurrent music video "somehow", the tab for the music clips (another application, audio only) was frozen and couldn't be initiated to run, and I will have to reload the pictures again. I am never allowed to do anything once, but at least twice for the sick assholes governing my life, every mortal second of it.

Here are the last of the photos from last week, travelling and getting back.

My welcome back view from outside my balcony; five of five parked vehicles are white colored; the one mobile silver-grey vehicle proceeding on left most side.

Another very common scene; having vehicle doors left open for longer than normal, especially in the hot colors, brown being one.

A string of white and silver-grey vehicles on a downtown backstreet in file, one red vehicle proceeding in the opposite direction, and a red vehicle parked beside it. Then the pair of red dressed ambulatory gangstalkers opposite me facing the sidewalk. A white 5 tonne truck is backstopping the show from behind the tree. Random?

The planted passion; getting cranked over cyclists on sidewalks, Note cycling lane on street. Also note the orchestrated graffitti on mail box, now ubiquitous on my walking routes, over 60% of poles and boxes are similarly marked.

Two red vehicles of identical color parked ass to nose with a background of red colored plastic from the school yard. Another case of "spatial blending"; from a viewpoint, placing one object of a specific color next to or beside another same colored object.

Time to blog off for the day.

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