Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to Yoga

Finally, Thursday yoga was on, as last week's unannounced cancellation was for me to have a one-to-one meeting with the other male classmember who, ostensibly, was also not informed. And this was an opportunity for the perps, as he was decked out in a red flannel shirt when he normally wears a pale yellow brown colored shirt.

The class coordinator was there to put on the explanation bullshit, which doesn't cut it, as there was a similar "sudden" cancellation some six weeks ago, and all measures were taken then to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Well it did, and there is no excuse because they have my phone number, though the coordinator made it out that she didn't, and I was asked to supply it to her again. Anyhow, the "vibe" is that this class isn't going to last much longer, and I am quite sure this is planted by the perps. It could be for real, or just a FUD game (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; the game plan of IBM's sales staff at one time).

What the perps are going to have me do in place of yoga I don't know, but they sure like the back twisting and stretching, and have ongoing noise in the background as their signature. Not to mention the parade of vehicles outside, this on a residential street. And the perps also liked today's yoga class so much that they started up hammer pounding noises as if a renovation was happening upstairs, though there was nothing on the street to support that cover story.

And the big news was that I was mind-fucked into shaving all my chest hair off this morning, not unlike what competitive swimmers do. I had no genuine reason to do so myself, as I am not grooming myself to meet someone, as that just doesn't happen. Not when being hounded everywhere I go, and every second of my existence scripted. I suspect that the shaving was planned long ago, and it would seem that the brownish hairs were interfering with the perp's brown color games. I have no idea what I have embarked upon, and the required maintenance regimen, and how to go about it. As I have mentioned in the past, shaving is an activity that is routinely sabotaged, noisestalked, or mind-fucked ("forgetting" my shaving habits of over 35 years). So it would seem, that more is better in this case, a perp strategy oftentimes.

This made for extra frenetic gangstalking later when walking back from the OB Recreation Center after a gym workout. There were extra gangstalking vehicles (> 1,200), and also ambulatory gangstalkers on the street, walking, as in following me ridiculous lengths that no one but an operative would do. These are not neighborhood dwellers, not when they walk past shopping centers to keep following me for longer.

The perps also lapsed into their routine of putting on military dressed gangstalkers after Thursday yoga; one was sucking on a cigarette in a back alley for chrissakes, not the usual military assignment, har, har. I have mentioned this is past blogs, as it "happens" on a residential street called North Park St, and there is no military base for at least five miles.

I notice that the yoga intructor wore a mid-brown colored top today, which suggests that the perps are making progress in exposing me to this particular color. She has worn some reds and yellows before, but not this color, and this may be also related to the shaven chest hair as mentioned above. And she walked one block with me on her way home, so this may also be of significance to the perps, to get some outside one-on-one gangstalking time after an hour of inside yoga instruction. It is odd to me that they hadn't set this up before, but I can only assume that there are many surrogates for me who have been utilized for testing in my place.

Later in the afternoon, I note that the strength training class members were also similarly "readied" in their clothing colors; the large blonde woman with a brown top under a reddish one with a two inch band to see one shirt under the other. All to look particularly fugly. The three males all had some navy blue color clothing, and the three women wore at least one red themed garment. Only the male instructor broke the mold, wearing black, and red with some white trim. I was in grey and black, surely a combination that makes for easier remote energy detection.

I walked back from the gym in the afternoon, taking nearly 30 minutes, and stopped in the LD drug store on the way back to get three items I needed. There was an extra flurry of gangstalkers entering and exiting the store, one doing an 90 degree pivot turn right behind me as I entered, and as usual, there were gangstalkers posted at each of the three locations in the store I needed to go. That wasn't so bad, but at the checkouts, at least 30 gangstalkers suddenly arrived, some getting ahead of me, and there were long lineups all of a sudden. One male gangstalker was parked up my asshole, and the blonde woman in pink in front of me was purchasing blue and transparent colored nested plastic boxes. It would seem that the perps were looking for more more blonde woman "auric goodness", as they went totally beserk in flooding the place. Even Mr. Passport Tosser came out for gangstalking, as he has been scarce of late, or at least in the form that I know him to be. Then outside, it was another freakshow as the benches were filled up with loitering operatives, putting on the act of these now ubiquitous public discussions as their cover. And it wasn't too warm today, even threatening to rain, and here these assholes were pretending it was still summer time.

Then onto the grocery store, where there was only average gangstalking coverage. I can only assume that because I have been to the latter store at least 20x more than the LD store, that there is no need to cover me so tight. There were five gangstalkers on me around the sprouted wheat (brown colored) tortillas, and at least one of them came for a reprise gangstalk later in my visit. And still no local table grapes; last year they perps let me eat these nearly every day from August to September, but this year the one fruit I like to eat has been strangely absent. The street and other perp introduced noise died down when it was time for me to pay via debit card. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps have no end of obsession in hounding me anytime I pay for something, no matter the form and place of the transaction.

At the gym, the perps also pulled a near total mind blanking that should of sent me to the ground, but "somehow" I stayed on my feet. This was when standing up after crouching and writing out the exercises for the records we are to keep in the strength training class. I stood up, and then they hit me with a total mind blank out and I couldn't even see for a second or two. This is at least the fourth time the assholes have pulled this stunt in the same circumstances, and I am getting increasingly pissed about it as they keep escalating the assault intensity and duration. "Somehow", I did not fall down when it should of been the case. I suppose what I experienced is akin to fainting, and I expect this will be the next excuse.

Pictures from today.

Parking on the sidewalk; two vehicles on greyscale duty, a white and a grey as I have just begun my walk to yoga.

Then parking on the sidewalk wasn't good enough; make a turn on the sidewalk for more games. At least two red colored vehicles are also parked at this location, and it is one of extreme interest, as the perps go nuts anytime I am near a tire shop. They have forced two extra sets of tires on the front of my vehicle after I bought a set of four. The ball joint was manipulated after getting an alignment, causing the front pair of tires to wear prematurely. Then they did it again for the replacement set. I was allowed to buy a third pair, and within the year I gave my vehicle to my daughter. Through all of this, the rear pair of the original four was just fine.

At least a pair of weirds; dayglo jackets, and the vagrant (#30 on his top) to the right of the dayglo doing the bend-over lean, and putting on the act. His buddy's dangling legs are discernable if zoomed in. I am quite sure that this scene is totally scripted; putting unfavored subjects (vagrants, obesers, suits, geriatrics and the rest of the demographics the perps have defined), next to dayglo colors confers some kind of advantage for the subject spatially next to it.

My imposed annoyance reaction to sidewalk cyclists, this one after making a 90 degree turn from North Park St. to Quadra St. Making corners in a big deal for the perps and they seem to resample me with gagnstalkers and colors each time.

Another cyclist on the sidewalk, this one doing a slow block long troll behind me. That there are cycle lanes on the adjacent street doesn't matter squat.

This funky act was the third brown coat in three blocks, though his coat matches the color of the flowers he is walking by. Note the extended arm throw, a signature walking component of the perp strut. Even the women gangstalkers do this arm flinging walk.

More imposed photography games, as I did not take this picture while moving my hands. But it is interesting that a red and white plasma beams were "caught" in the picture, something the perps surely wanted me to see. The plasma streaks were not visible to me at the time. At least two more like pictures "happened" today, where streak of plasma light is in a blurred photo. Now that we are in fall, the leatherjackets are out, one of the most popular perp garments going.

I have been doing picture loading, fixing and uploading while listening to music, this from a folk concert. I reckon this is what the perps have been building for; tying music and voice to the events of zooming, brightening and selecting photographs, and by that, attempting to get neural energy correlates for the activity, i.e. seeing these events. Something like that, as always, I am the last to know what this harassment is all about in the details that it extends.

Time to blog off for the day.

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