Sunday, September 09, 2007

Muscle Cramps to Cold Sores

About the time the infernal and remotely invoked muscle cramps have diminished, why, a cold sore erupts on my right mouth corner. It is not really a big deal, but someone else made it so when drinking coffee this morning. The often remotely invoked event of having something hard perturb my right lip when drinking coffee is "normally" resolved by running my thumbnail on the location on the mug to remove the gritty "debris" that unfailingly aggregates there at least 50% of the time. The polite story is that it is food debris, and the real story is that it never happened with such frequency before, and since I am eating the same food items at breakfast, just how did this alleged food debris get there, and have such an unerring knack of occuring on my right mouth side? Not a big deal though, compared to other outrages the perps dream up, and I am allowed to notice the debris, and sweep it off with my thumbnail thereby relieving the errant sensations on my lip.

Not good enough anymore, to have a putative cause, and a putative resolution. The cold sore served as the cover story for "causing" this same perturbing sensation while drinking coffee this morning, and after some investigation, and attempted removals, there was no planted "food debris" as the putative cause. So... later, I looked at the cold sore in the mirror, and no skin or sore condition could of caused these same perturbing lip sensations. Another case of add-on harassment, this time with a temporary cover story that did not later hold up.

The only reason I get into these trivialities is to provide documentation as to the detail of the perp's obsessive behaviors, and their relentless jerking around with the smallest of details. And it goes to show that they have stepped up the incursion of physical anomalies, bringing on sensations that would of not arisen if it weren't for their fuckery. All in the aid of creating associated neural energetic responses while their other games go on, e.g. the noisescape, the plasma flashes, the maser filaments and fuzzy balls in my vision all in support of finding out the color and energetic reactions of eating my food, especially brown colored foods, chocolate, coffee, peanut butter. And all to be able to model this energetic color interaction between my mouth contents (sitting below the prefrontal cortex) and my neural makeup, which owing to long past perp incompetance, is adversive to certain colors, something the have spent over 50 years in attempting to decipher. Hence ambulatory gangstalkers and family members performing "open mouthing" antics anytime they are proximate to me, at a 90% level. Call that a coincidence to my face. The fucking brown color problem, and the rest of the confounding (to them) pollutant issues for which they let happen for over six decades, of a supra-national clandestine agency is not my problem, so why am I getting fucked over for it?

Yet again this morning, the fuckers got me riled up while spreading peanut butter, and then jam on my toast, a 90% coincidence rate. This correlates to the current ambulatory and vehicular gangstalking behavior where one a colored object/person is paraded in front of, beside, behind another, typically of a color that the perps are having less trouble with (e.g. white, black, silver grey, mid-grey, navy blue). Of late, the perps have taken to having an orange dressed ambulatory gangstalkers weave in and out of red dressed gangstalkers. Exciting times for a depraved asshole, just another unsightly freakshow from my perspective.

Overhead pounding and tapping has erupted in a severe case of a noise flurry. What the excitement is about I have no idea, but flipping through web pages on alternate energy sources has the assholes hot on the aural intrusion.

This will be a short posting today as I am going to spend time at my parent's place and watch their coordinated gangstalking events, and the dementia act again, the only one worldwide that can consistently lay it on thick at least once per visit. Meanwhile, I have the overhead pounding to contend with; again, magical properties permit "someone" to pound >4" of concretre and have a custom bare floor, no carpeting like all the other apartments in this building.

And I am to take the bus which is no hardship, my mother phoning when I had the earmuffs on, adroit timing that. And there is a game/set-up to have me get some tourist information and get the bus earlier in its route, likely to test some more of the perp's directional and traverse theories on energetics interactions. Odds are that it will be an operative-full of "passengers", 10x the expectable number of legit bus travellers on a Sunday. Such is how totally nuts the perps are. And it might also be a racial integration exercise, an extension of the perp's "brown color problem" that the assholes have foisted on me, and continue to do so, no matter how many rants (per above) I make.

More noise is "somehow" getting through my earmuffs, so I take them off, and lo, the noise is abated, meaning that it was supplied to my earmuffs by some extra-conventional means. Taking off the earmuffs changed the noise delivery dynamics for the perps.

More invoked "falling asleep" in my chair activity in the past hour, another condition that has perp intrusion written all over it. Time to blog off, and call this one done.

Postscript; a forced crap with the usual harassment of plunging, cleaning the plunger, and having a shower to clean up. They blatantly plaster shit on me from the outside.

Then, I looked at the bus timetable, and the very route and the Sunday schedule is missing from the master bus timetable, paper copy, forcing me to go online to get it, post crap.

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