Monday, September 10, 2007

Glass Bashing Again

Some large scale glass bottle bashing is going on in my immediate proximity from outside, though I am hard pressed to know what the cover story is. Maybe a recycling truck nearby. This follows 20 minutes of nonstop faint vehicle horn beeping, that also "somehow" penetrated my earmuffs. And children's voices from the naearby childcare apartment on this floor was also in the sound mix. The overhead pounding and vibration of the overhead apartment floor, even if a concrete building, was also layered on. Now the sirens, and so it goes. Add in some creepy crawly skin sensations of no ostensible cause, a few itches on my nose to scratch, and everything is as it should be in perpland. As in tedious, and constrained and fucked with by unknown parties whose timidity knows no bounds.

I am back from a visit to my parent's place, and an overnight stay, without any online access as their computer goes extra slow, and the mouse is made to be erratic. Sometimes the perps even freeze the computer for me, making sure I never want to use it.

Another siren cascade as I open up this for more blogging. I just finished lunch with grapes for dessert, and lo, if the faint constant vehicle horn, or like whine noise didn't start up for eating grapes, and the power washer noise, one of frequent use in the last neighborhood.

And for whatever reason, grapes continue to be a perp obsession; I made wine for over 20 years to greater degrees of quality, and attended wine club tasting events, and was even their sommelier for two years. If the perp interest had waned any, I am sure they would have pulled me off this hobby long ago. And it seems that both wine and table grapes are of interest to the perps, and I suspect there is a geographic energetics component that the perps are hoping to detect from their intense studies of me, and all my own energetics make up. The perps have made some recent progress in the mind control aspect of their energetics studies, and are within a week or two of 100% mind control IMHO.

Yesterday's bus trip was given some extra harassment action; the driver was hammering the brakes often, accelerating like a banshee, and on one occasion I was permitted to see him driving up the ass of a vehicle in front of him, which couldn't move, and then the bus driver slammed the binders.

I got my negro gangstalker on the bus, already in place when I got on board, and lo, if he didn't get pulled in three stops. (Sent off by the perps, which made no conventional sense as I got on the bus close to the route start). Instead, I got an East Indian kid two seats ahead of me on his cell phone, and flipping his plastic sunglasses around on his head, leaving them in various positions for some kind of plastic energetics interaction games. I later got four Asians from two parties stacked around me, most curious when there was plenty of room elsewhere on the bus. One party had a young child with them, ostensibly from the Caucasian hubby and Asian mother, so I can only assume this was also of significant interest to the perps in their racial "exposure" games that they play, likely all related to their brown color problem they created for themselves, vis a vis harassment and irradiations of my developmental years. Not my problem.

And as the finale of yesterday's bus travel, I got a bright red dressed "fellow traveller" one who gets on, or off, or both as the same stops as I do. Earlier in the route, the perps fucked with my camera to make it seem the battery was low, and then treated me to at least eight mid-red colored parked vehicles parked in file with perhaps one intervening white colored one in this string. (Therefore no picture of this stunning event. lining up eight vehicles of the same color on the city streets).They didn't let up on the red vehicles the entire route, some 25 minutes of travel time. At the timing stop they put on gangstalking red vehicles in two's and three's, side by side, and in both directions. For the five minute break, there had to be over 50 red vehicles passing by the bus. The driver also came to gangstalk me outside the bus at the timing break, hanging around outside of where I was sitting, and possibly aiding the other gangstalking party close by, standing on the sidewalk and doing the Socratic debate act, a new public behavoir that erupted when all this harassment started over five years ago. And this group was multi-racial, and it would seem that they were wishing to continue the in-bus gangstalking by adding a similar group outside the bus when stopped. Surely to fuck this has been done sometime before this.

And my father continued his teapot groping act, one that he was putting on last week. This is where in his faux dementia show, he needlessly handles the two teapots in place planting his hand on them and then taking it off. And of a color note, one is red, and the other is blue. Even if the teapot was the far side of the table, like yesterday when I made a pot for myself, he comes along and plants his hand on it. And this was the setup for creating contention, as the perps had me pissed off at this intrusion, and that led to at least a few more minutes of jawing to tell him that he was totally out of it. He then parlayed that into some kind of coherent retributive cynical remark, and "I" thought he was doing OK for a totally demented asshole.

And I should note for all collaborators, this dementia act, or it might be for real, as to how the perps treat their long standing qusilings. Making them look like bigger idiots than they were. And don't forget, he has five years of looking like this, and whatever other constraints the perps apply to his life when I am not around. My brothers think the dementia topic is a big joke, so I go with the flow and never take it seriously. Especially when he can ham it up to make it seem worse than it is, as a "demo" if you will.

More light and shacow games were in place when I was dropped off outside my apartement building earlier. There was the usual profusion of "wandering males", one even scratching his ass as he was walking, and as I approached the building's front doors from the W., another male was arriving from the E., though I was ahead of him. I had a look at one point but his face was darkened down and I did not recognize him. Once I got inside he asked from behind me "how is it going", and I was mind-fucked to b cavalier at that moment and say "just fine" without even looking back. (And I am never that rude, so someone tell me I am not mind-controlled). Then "I" look at him going to the stairway while I was waiting for an elevator, and it "so happens" it was the fellow who repaired my PC here at the apartment, and claims to live here. By then he was gone, but this entire event of "not seeing", "not recognizing" until too late is another example of the perp management games, and how tightly the assholes manage every last item, down to even my breathing.

Two siren cascades in the past ten minutes and a coincident glass bashing noise from the hallway tells me that the perps are having a high expectation moment, whatever that means for them. All this excitement comes when I am reading about the Paleo Diet, another formulation of the low carbohydrate diet, something I have followed for at least a decade without substantial weight loss, even if I work out. I could do to loose 10 to 20 pounds, but I don't fret it, as none of myh brothers has lost much weight, even in the case of doing the Ironman competion.

Another round of excitement for the perps could be that I was controlled to take a crap after dinner, and that it was an unusual dinner also, finishing up a lentil vegetable soup. And for the first time in weeks, I was allowed a near harassment free shit. These things do happen every now and again.

More food reading, though what the perps get from this I don't know. I get to understand the reasons for some of their dietary meddling and manipulations, but their choices for diet aren't always according to the Paleolithic Diet. They keep me on gluten free bread, and only one slice per day (good), using peanut butter (not paleo) and jam (not paleo) and eating chicken meat (not as good as red meat for the paleo diet) but with sprouted wheat tortillas (good, less gluten and other substances), and olive oil (good, though not mentioned in the Paleo Diet). The perps had me off red meats mostly for three decades, and even now, it is once per week when at my parents. And it was especially notable yesterday when I was cutting the roast, that both of them moved in closer while I was doing so, my father putting on the spaced out bystander act again. Not my problem, so why am I being constantly fucked over as to what I eat?

And there won't be an answer anytime soon, as I hear that the Iraq imbroglio has 18 months or more to go, and there is an abiding occurence of noisestalking anytime I read or say anything about this tragic ineptitude, which is being managed to be protracted as much as possible. The timing of this event is also curious as it was spring 2003, when the fuckers had me contained in hospital with the gangstalking operatives as "patients". The place was nuttier than being outside, given the constant stream of bullshit that erupted on a daily basis, including staff involvement.

Anyhow, Ms. C of the story in 2002 was also bringing up the topic of a possible Iraq invasion, as at that time there was a huge troop and materiel movement, and the war was a done deal as it seemed to me, assuming it was my opinion in the first place and not a mind-fuck planting. I take my lead from how long this depraved fuckover is to run from the prez himself, Pres. G. W. Bush, perhaps somewhat irrationally. Which is about the only thing I take from him as having relevant detail, as nearly all that spews forth from the current US administration seems to have a high perp objective correlation; demonstrated and increased incompetance of government in all aspects, continuation of the status quo (oil economy, rich get richer), and the general malaise of any moral outlook.

Anyhow, that is enough of a bummer to end the day, and time to blog off.

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