Friday, September 01, 2006

Update Again

The move was a classic from the perp playbook; designed snafu's to ensure repeat visits on the same day, objects left behind by the movers, etc. Not to mention gangstalking activities; two women arrived ahead of me both visitations to the storage locker. The second party of two was different than the first, though there is a good chance the latter was a morph-over of the first pair. A black Audi A6 was near the moving truck at the storage locker parking lot on the first visitation. On the second visitation to the storage lockers (2 hours later), to attend to a mover "snafu", there was an identical model A6 in the very same parking stall in a light tan (brown) color. Unbelievable that adults are paid to arrange that for a living. (And also, someone must know that I think the A6 is an impressive looking car, one that catches my eye.)

I am staying at my brother's place for the Labor Day weekend, as I had to ask him on moving day because he never offered, despite two earlier August visits he made to help me out with hauling boxes and storing them at his place. So, in a way, I am "staying with" many of my own storage belongings moved here weeks ago. No coincidence that. Hopefully, a place of my own will materialize following the weekend. At least I wasn't being dociled last week, a perilous state to be in, not having access to one's own motivational capabilities.

Suffice to say, the moving day was a gangstalk and harassment bonanza, as all manner of habits were disrupted, not the least of which as to what I ate, touched, did etc., the full meal deal.

Anyhow, that is all for now, I'm still masered and plasma beamed everywhere I go in this Potemkin netherworld.

My next post will likely be a week or so, as the PC will not been repaired until I have a place to call my own.


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Anonymous said...

When is someone going to start doing something about gangstalking? I have been notifying everyone I can about it. I write to newspapers and radio and tv stations, I hand out the websites for gangstalking, I have talked to the police, which doesn't help since they are in on it and have the police-sponsored gangstalking, and a guy by the name of Rothmiller wrote a book called "L. A. Secret Police" in which he tells how they are trained to abuse people, make up lies, plant evidence, give false testimony, etc. Innocent people are being tormented and terrorized by these gangstalkers and no one is doing anything about it. In a recent rating of something like 178 countries, the United States came in 23 and I'm surprised we even ranked that high with the horrible police and government we have. We have contacted many different politicians and no one will do anything about gangstalking or even listen to what we have to say or respond.