Sunday, July 26, 2009

Disruptive Sunday & Full-On Monday

It rained last night, the first in at least three weeks, and I suppose that it "happened" for the Luminara Festival was just fine by perp standards. All was not lost by one account. A often noted, they like to piss on parades, figuatively and literally, even with tragic circumstances sometimes. Not that I went, as I avoid crowds and big events, fed up with the nonstop gangstalking and parade of freaks around me. That made for a different traffic noise outside this apartment, though the usual extended brake squealing nonsense didn't stop which it would do with wet brake pads and discs. I later learned that there were concurrent significant and spectacular thunderstorms in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. I suppose we got off easy, rain only, and no collective minor electrocutions or tree boughs crashing down as happened to some campers.

And a rare forced second nut shave in a week last night, and with plenty of extra neighbor noise to "join me" in this seeming critical perp event. This time I was given a tumescent member, presumably to change up the varying shapes and geometries and whatever else the perps get from this event. It is always interesting to see what unfolds afterwards, especially today. Not only excessive church bell noise and road traffic, but extra Pseudosweats to have me open the balcony sliding glass door to allow more air to cool the apartment down, as well as be the "reason" for excess road traffic noise getting through the earmuffs. And at breakfast, as soon as the first sip of coffee (think brown) passed between my lips and into my mouth, why, the perps jabbed me in the nuts, as if an errant hair had turned on me. Funny how it was coordinated with ingestion of a brown substance in my mouth, and also that there was any hair stubble that could somehow jab me. There wasn't any stubble whatsoever, especially with a 2x/week shave frequency.

Other action this morning for the perps was a laundry load with the perequisite linting of my shirts, vacuuming the apartment (less than a 1x/4 month event), and doing kitchen and bathroom floor cleaning of the crumb and dust bunny profusions. Other strange stuff was wiped off the wall in the bathroom, and I have no idea what it is or how it got on the wall behind the door. The 3M cleaning pads were duly prepped, I got totally mind-fucked into wetting the wrong pad an hour in advance of using it to clean the floors. It was a near normal sleep duration of nine hours, with the first hour spent in forced tossing and turning from one side of my head to the other, being pummelled by street traffic noise, and the on/off revellry noises that kept going late.

And I suppose part of the perp excitement might be sending me off to do some domestic shopping in short order; getting pillow cases and a sauce pan on sale downtown, one of my "finds" in the newspaper last night. The perps have me loathing the one saucepan I have, a teflon lined one, so no doubt that has to be dealt with on their behalf. Prediction; heavy navy blue gangstalker vehicles and clothing, with some light blue as well, all to accompany me on my outing, the same colors being that of the disposable razor I used last night. And there were extra blue dust bunnies on the carpet this morning, the "come from nowhere" games. Yesterday they put a tensioned blue thread in my had to stretch over top of the pills I take. Where it came from and why it was there is another one of those mysteries I am continually inundated with.

Back online after a stayover at the First Feral Family last night, along with a doctor's visit in the morning. I am still with a below normal hemoglobin count, 121 when 135 is the low range of normal. Apparently the last round of blood work indicated that my blood cells are fine (not damaged as in hemotosis), and that I don't have mononucleosis. Ergo, more testing, this time stool samples, urine samples and perhaps even a blood test too at the time. I have been through this once before, back before the assholes went overt on me in 2002, and the entire process of stool samples nearly made me barf. Or more like, that was my assigned "reaction" at the time. And no less, three rounds of it this time. I already told the doctor there is no blood in my stool, after he asked twice, but he riffed on about the body "adapting" and so I am off to do this odious activity this week. And to pack the result back to the lab no less, assuming I get to take three shits this week, not always a given. And if the result is positive, blood in the stool, why, they get to do extra exploration work. I am now allowed to see where this one is going.

As the first apartment invaders in the 04-15-2002 plasma and sound blitz made plain, shit, and all things brown, is of intense and abiding interest, and seven years later, they are still at it. Only a few months before that event, my then girlfriend Ms. L and my out-of-town brother, both had colonoscopies, independently it seemed. For the record, the apartment invaders put a balloon down my toilet by flushing and having it get sucked in at the same time. A few days later, I had to get a plumber's snake to clear it, which I did. So I wasn't imagining things at all that day, even if I seemed to be an alternate state, (why would I let anyone vandalize my place, including my toilet, and just watch them do it?). The shit battles started early, and the perps made sure I knew all about it, and even today, they backed the toilet up to require a plunger and then plastered shit on the plunger. They can't get enough of the shit on butyl rubber games it seems, and it is a resumption of what they usually do. The flush-only respite of the past four weeks must be officially over.

The same emancipated male weird (gangstalker IMHO) at the doctor's waiting room last Monday was there again today. My appointment time was identical, and the weird was in the waiting room when I arrived, and was still there when I departed. Same thing as last week. He was the only other patient, so why hadn't they moved him in before I left, something they ususally do to minimize the doctor's transition time between patients.

And the perps even put on a little show for me, while driving on the way back; they tore apart a camper on the back of a pickup in midstreet and had the sheathing, insulation, wall panels and substantive contents strewn over the street and sidewalk, and all the stored items as well. The assigned operative (I assume) on picking up duty made sure to pick up a comforter stored in its original transparent vinyl packaging in mid street as I was going by. (I "happened" to be looking at sheets and pillowcases in the same packaging yesterday in a department store). There were many personal items strewn all over the two lanes, and it was unclear to me as to how the camper, on the back of a pickup, fell or tore off and was ripped asunder when there was no other colliding vehicles present. Two S. bound oncoming lanes were blocked, and the oncoming lane was re-routed to one of the two N. bound lanes. TI's and regular readers are aware of the perps' stunts in creating roadworks and road digging repair, traffic re-routing, parking emergency vehicles facing adjacent traffic, utilizing L.H. drive Japanese vehicles and other means of placing vehicles in irregular circumstances as to orientation, direction, and juxtaposition whenever I am out, even when walking. This fits the pattern.

The perps had a just-stand-there crowd arranged for me to pass by the constrained single lane, and one dude in a brown shirt made a move as if he was mentally deficient and about to grab his crotch. The perps don't miss an instant to reprise this oft-played stunt, this time with me driving and the Fuckwit dressed in mid brown colored clothing. Fucking bizarre to say the least.

And what is with the surfeit of fuckers just sitting in their parked vehicles, sometimes mothers with children? There had to be at least four such events when walking the 100m from the parking spot (no fine this time) to the doctor's office. Some were in the vehicles for the inbound and outbound trip legs (separated by 20 minutes), and others were only in their vehicle for one trip leg. This must be the latest gangstalking advent, to get more operative-in-place time before I walk by. And there are more of the "just-stand-there" gangstalkers as well, having no apparent purpose, e.g. in a residential area, but just standing on the sidewalk near the curb. And another case of asphalt sitters at a bus stop yesterday; there was no concrete sidewalk or curb, but only a wide section for the bus to pull into. There they were, seated on the street for some bizarre reason. This gambit was occuring in 2003-5 when I had my vehicle, and I hadn't seen much of it until yesterday. But as the concrete redi-mix truck gangstalking has increased of late, I suspect the perps are on a revitalized initiative to "figure out" (however they do it) the interactions (mine and the gangstalkers) with concrete and asphalt, right down to the geographic sources of the constituent sand, gravel, cement, stones and tar.

And as it was a Monday, with a stayover and being in my mother's company for half the day, there was huge, over 3,000 vehicle gangstalking on the highway portions that we drove; for a mid-Monday afternoon I have never seen so much road traffic, not to mention of the arrangements of tight mobile vehicle formations and color and size coordinated vehicles. We spent some 40 minutes at a specialty gardening and hardware store, which started out with few (~10) gangstalkers and gradually built up over our shopping stay (~60), and then a flush of some 15 other customers coming toward me as soon as we went to the checkout line. The lastest favorite gangstalker arrangement is to bring young children with their parents, usually girls, and have them play about, being extra active, even acting like boys of their age, but not disruptively. I noticed they even parked a young girl under my elbow at the counter; why she would want to place her face 2" from the vertical face of the counter and park herself so close to a stranger is most curious, but that goes with the show, the ongoing and relentless life-rape that desecrates my existence.

Other action that was doubtless arranged today was for me to take my two teflon kitchen utensils, a frypan and a saucepan to the local charity on this same city block, as I had a (planted) notion to get rid of them that had begun a few weeks ago. Most curious, as I rarely use them given the monotonous cuisine and purchase of store cooked chicken meat. But as I replaced these two items with stainless steel utensils, both with thick heat dispersing copper bottoms on them, I suspect the perps have some cuisine variations planned for me this winter. But as they ripped the handle off my large copper based frypan in early 2007 (used 2x/day), rendering it unusable and to be replaced by an thick aluminum based frypan, it would seem that the perps are resuming where they left off. These new copper based pans are replacing ones that were rarely used, so I suspect this will be an incremental copper based utensil usage scenario, perhaps 1x per week at first, and then building up for regular use, and even possibley going so far as to be able to remotely compare the digestion of food cooked in the aluminum based frypan to that of the copper based frypan, the latter aquisition being more suited for stir frying. (Where did that notion come from?). And it did not escape my notice that there were extra copper colored vehicles on gangstalking duty today, in their usual configuration with preceding deep metallic red colored vehicles, at least one being a Favored Porche Carrera.

The perps are also varying the color of the above mentioned copper colored gangstalk vehicles; some are a more orange copper color (fugly), and some are a more gold-copper color (attractive on an pre-2002 Volvo 850 wagon, before they jellybeaned the angular look).

Other color games that might be supporting the copper color games are that of placing orange shirted ambulatory gangstalkers walking the sidewalk as I am driving, they nearly always being on the right side for me to view them in my peripherial vison for longer. I like orange colored clothes less than I thought after this minor ramp-up today, but no doubt the assholes will be putting more of it in my face over the next few months, especially as it is a summer color.

Other notable fugly Unfavored action today was to have three women gangstalkers all sporting substantial full-arm tatoos, one after the other. First there was the checkout cashier, a candidate for the least likely to wear a tatoo with them all over her forearms. (Maybe they are faked temporary ones, as I never look at them once noted). Then once I escaped that, the next view on my way out of the supermarket was the flower section cashier bathed in light from an window above, some 15' away with full arm tatoos, and once I escaped that, why, a woman transiting through the outside parking lot and crossing my path, also with full arm tatoos. Fugly, and Unfavored if you follow that there are certain things I don't care to see, and and which my subconscious is aware of as well as the adversarial assholes who plant this bullshit on me. If I don't like tattoos on anyone, of any color of gender, then why in the fuck do I have a mega-billion dollar relentless campaign around me in public to present these in my view? It is as fucking bizarre as it is insane, and I am talking about my tormentor assholes, who have been on this deranged schtick for over seven years now.

Enough invective heaped upon the tribulations of being a TI, and onto bedtime, and to ponder how long the assholes will keep me awake for on the every popular Monday Sleep Fucking.


Anonymous said...

They like to get me all shaken up the night before a big event--an obvious attempt to make sure I can't sleep. Also, interesting the assholes just standing around... I get plenty of those blocking roadways and side streets for some reason.

Interesting also that you mention asshole neighbors as well... I had perp-abetting neighbors out on their porch holding loud conversations all freaking day and into the night. Well, it's vehicle-buying time, and my perps ramped up the harassment, as I will have to sign papers shortly. Funny how after the neighbors were done with their talking loud skit, they left their porch light on all night. I took this to mean the perps want me to "remember" the talking loud skit they were doing on that very porch. Maybe to "jog my memory", to make sure I associate the porch with the harassment. Or perhaps there is something on the porch, such as the color of the surroundins, furniture, etc., the perps want me to see. Usually when the neighbor leaves a light on, it's because the perps need me to see something contrasted with the dark surroundinds. Usually, it's a children's swing set they want me to see. I guess it's because of the colors.

AJH said...

Answer to: They like to get me all shaken up...

Signing for ownership of something is a big harassment moment for the perps. With the part time car dealership cleaning job they often arranged purchases when I am cleaning nearby.

Leaving outside lights on in the day, sometimes late at night is frequent. It is ubiquitous enough that I don't make any particular event associations with the lights, but there must be some kind of energetic and analytical quality that they expect to attain. They like the sodium vapor lights (orange colored light), as they have a different illumination method than regular incandescent lamps. Even late night jogging routes, when they allowed me to jog, were illuminated with porch lights the entire 2 mile route.

I noticed in my old high school they put on a 6' diameter search light and outside the room where I had chemistry classes. Maybe to flood the room with intense light to pick up some kind of energetic traces of me in the furniture from 30 years ago. Who knows, it is all too strange.