Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bald Negro Female

Two top Unfavoreds rolled into one; bald, negro. But female, most curious; this being a gangstalker on view as I was getting jerked around to find a shopping basket. Only a minute before that, outside the store, was a shiftless male negro who seemed to lack much to do. Then the vagrant arch, one each side and on the bum, for me to pass through before getting to the supermarket entrance door.

This is the second bald negro female I have encountered in the past 8 months; the last one was at the LD store next door to the supermarket. Perhaps these particular Unfavored demographic group members are to serve as a comparator to the male bald negroes the sickos like to arrange around me. As to why, I don't know for sure, and have no recollection of any interaction with any negroes. I see in the Indian Lake Project, that they liked to put multi-racial children together in cages, so perhaps this might be the reason for the subconscious trigger the sickos are attempting to stimulate. This is still speculation, as I haven't confirmed that I was there, though the faux military men nonsense, (see yesterday's blog posting), suggests there is such a traumatization component.

This was the second visitation to the supermarket today, an earlier Chicken Run to acquire hot cooked chicken. They were all over me for that with at least five swarmings and obstructions in 150'. They had a moving stunt at the front door where the couch got stuck and the mover on the outside walked away for some curious reason. I was just out the door when two fuckers converged on me before getting to the sidewalk. Then a motorized wheelchair holding up the sidewalk while someone else came at me with a vagrant on my tail. Then at the W. entrance to the store, three fat ladies converging two with similar black and white tops with a swirling pattern, only differing by the scale of the swirls. The other one had vile tattoos to show me. Then another swarmer on me at the hot chicken counter, and then I decided to get the fuck out of there, enough. Another swarm on my exit, three assholes converging on me with the purchased hot cooked chicken, one in carmine red. Then another two swarms, each with an orange wearing dweebe, and finally I was allowed in the elevator back to this apartment. And lo, if there wasn't some orange sauce with the chicken. Never have I had so many swarms in close succession before, though more close-in intrusion seems to be increasing of late.

Before that, an upgrade/jerkaround with Firefox browser, and making out that the vital add-on called Adblock Plus was unavailible. Later, post chicken consumption, straight off the carcass, I was allowed to upgrade Adblock Plus, one of the most essential browser extensions one could have.

In the morning while the laundry was running, I did a clean up of the bathroom. Extra navy blue lint was getting added to the surfaces after I cleaned them, all to infuriate me as to their sabotage. Here I am cleaning up their fucking messes, and then they add more while I am cleaning. The navy blue lint nonsense has been getting more prevalent of late; lint on me when I exit the shower, lint on the floor from nowhere, and now dynamic sabotage by adding it to just-cleaned surfaces. Back in the pre-overt years of 1999 and 2000 I kept getting navy blue lint in my bathroom when there was no such carpet color or known source. I could never figure it out; if you had told me then that a multi-billion dollar budgeted covert harassment agency was planting lint in my bathroom I would of said you were crazy. Well here we are, the lint fuckery has come back, in the same color no less, and is even applied as sabotage while cleaning. That I sleep on a navy blue futon might have something to do with it now, but not then.

I was even allowed to do some filing of my papers this morning, an activity the perps find no end of interest in. Using a Sharpie pen is also a big deal for them, as well as amalgamating papers from differing sources into one file folder, so it can be archived as one. This little project has been planned for at least four months, and I was finally allowed to get on with it. Only two days ago I got the file boxes to then serve as the repository. And I don't need to tell regular readers how much the perps like to have me with brown cardboard in my proximity. They will even arrange brown cardboard packing gangstalkers to "happen by" when I am outside. The part time cleaning job at the car dealership is also a big deal for the perps as there is no end of cardboard wrapped car parts, some 8' long and 4' wide, a huge expanse of brown cardboard they don't ordinarily get to place around me in any other scenarios.

This might be all tonight; I am getting the restless legs bullshit again, so time to log off for now.


Anonymous said...

I read an article last night about the amygdala. It mentioned that it reacts a certain way when you look at members of the opposite race. Perhaps that's why they present so many unfavored's to us. Seeing both esthetically pleasing compared to those that make us wretch must be an important research topic when studying this part of the brain's response. I believe unfavored experiences have both a traumatizing effect as well as being tied to fear factor as well as far as the amygdala is concerned. They also present females which can be interpreted as having a "threatening" effect in terms of appearance

Anonymous said...

I get these bulky, "hard" looking women wearing tatoos as the time, in contrast to wimpy-looking males. They might have some "beautiful" female with features that are "perfect" paired a ratty-looking skinhead male for comparison. They had some loud-mouthed asshole woman saying names like "Bubba" clear across the store. Those fuckers are trying to imply I'm going to jail. They have plenty of scripted stunts, like young girls around me telling me they're pregnant or whatever, trying to "get" me to believe that somehow I'm responsible for their pregnancy. They do play the "MILF" card a lot too.

Anonymous said...

That's another thing that really piques their interest: when I'm writing things or preparing lesson plans for class. I get no end of people walking outside my door saying things or putting on the "stupid" act when I'm grading papers, or better yet, writing things down. I saw they had two fuckwits going for a walk outside, heading in opposite directions: the favored female was walking around the campus counterclockwise, and some older fucker walking clockwise, doing his "hunched" or slouched posture routine. This preparation involved a little bit of artwork, some math, and a little bit of creativity. Apparently, they are interested in this; it must make the brain "light up" somehow. To better remotely measure this, it must necessitate having fuckers walking outside my door saying stupid things, opening my door pretending to see inside while I'm sitting there, or having little kids scream outside in the parking lot while I'm doing all of this.

AJH said...

Answer to: I read an article...

I haven't kept up on my neuroscience since my SPECT scan of 2001 that identified ADD, Inattentive Subtype. Partly because no matter what I say, the physician comes to their (preordained/scripted) conclusions. Hence, no engagement about what might the "problem". (They don't want to rock someone else's boat or jeopardize their payout). Try;
for some interesting research.

No question the perps like to jangle the victim with threatening imagery/poses/colors. In my case they seem to be doing remedial work at the same time, removing the traumatization associations of the shapes, colors and combinations that make up the Unfavored demographic groups. They have the advantage as they deleted nearly all my experiences from recall 1956 to 1959. I have only a smattering of recall for the 1956 to 1957 year in Montreal, the first of two stays there. And one particular recollection of there being no snow outside when I fully expected it. That is, I was somewhere else for weeks, if not months, and after recall deletion I stepped outside again and the snow that was there the last time was suddenly all gone overnight as I percieved it. The perps haven't been able to fuck with environmental recall until the last two years.