Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shut the Supermarket Down

The assholes have been prematurely souring the mik, and just the evening I wanted to get more goat milk, why a power transformer blew and the powerline dudes were on the job along with the huge cable drums nearby. This shut down the supermarket for the rest of the evening, and hopefully didn't cause any other damage with the hot weather and their need for cooling or freezing food. And it is hot, but as always, this is exploited to as the deemed "cause" of profuse sweating even at 0900h this morning. Same for the car dealership cleaning job; I was drenched in sweat and the big deal for the perps seemed to be about me moping my face with the paper towels. Not to mention having sweat beads doing laterals and flying off me to be on the surface I am about to clean.

Other prior excitement for the assholes was to have me begin the first stool samples, and all the fuckery that attended it. I will spare the details, but the big plan to drain the toilet in advance didn't work, as the testing calls for the sample to not be under water. Well too bad, as it didnt' work out that way, and I am sure that is exactly how the perps wanted it. Only two more crappings to go, and if this week is like any other, I only shit twice a week; on Mondays (yesterday) and either the day before or after (today). That is usually it for the week and I never feel backed up or constipated, and I suspect the perps scoop it out by some teleportation means as a number of septic service tankers "erupt" (drive by, turn the corner) in my proximity when I am outside in public.

Other fuckery was keeping me awake for 1.5 hours last night head flipping in bed. An obnoxious outside noise would erupt, I would plug my ears, and then be forced to turn on my opposite side immediately following. This test/harassment protocol was so consistent that it was beyond any happenchance, and occured at least 50 times before I was allowed to sleep. There was some disruptive dreams in the morning, but I wasn't allowed any specific recall.

Some pics for some diversion.

Today, 07-28-2009, 0900h, soaked through the shirt from the Pseudosweats. Yes, this is an E. facing apartment with direct sun but is just not that hot then. Later at 1000h, the streets were pleasantly cooler due to a breeze that "somehow" didn't enter this 6th floor apartment when there should of been greater breezes at that elevation. And I left the sliding glass door open some 2', and "somehow" the noise came in but not any cool air. I didn't shave yesterday, hence being prime gangstalker bait with over 3,000 gangstalking vehicles arranged while driving with my mother, and this is after breakfast but before I shower, shave and the rest of the regular bathroom routine.

More plasma/maser markings "arrive" on my jeans, but these do wash off in the laundry. If one is lucky, one can seen some light (plasma) beam or else some blackish beam (maser) come off these black markings the perps "need" to install on the victim's clothes. Presumably this gives a direct read on one's pocket contents at any given moment the fuckers decide.

The brown streaks "arrive" on the pillow cases after being laundered. A nice split section in the center and variable brightness of the streak.

And lo, if the same brown streaks don't arrive on my olive green shirt from from laundering to render it unwearable by my standards. It wasn't enough to suck the dye out in some places over a year ago and add a slight brown tinge to it, shown in past photos on this blog. No sir, one is NOT ALLOWED TWO SHIRTS THE SAME or SIMILAR COLOR, therefore this olive/sage green shirt had to go, with the top most picture above showing the permitted sage green shirt, soaked as it is.

Other action today was taking the car cleaning items I purchased from the car dealership yesterday to my mother's place. The yellow plastic bag was just so exciting for the perps, putting on extra yellow dressed gangstalkers and gangstalking vehicles. Just wait, as the wax, wheel cleaner and interior cleaner are all differing colors (white, purple, amber respectively), and once I clean the car I will become serious color bait for the perps based on past experiences. I had the usual gangstalking Fuckwit standing behind me while making the purchase, the open mouthed dude with the two tone black/grey ballcap and the red hair. (The latter being especially loathed as an Unfavored hair color). Today, at her behest, I tried out my mother's just acquired dandelion corer, yellow painted steel.

The outbound bus trip was relatively calm; only four Fuckwits "with me" at the bus stop, and only three boarded. Later on the bus trip, three Asians of differing ages were clustered together but seemed to be acting independently as they all took their own seats around me. Then after some 10 minutes, they all got off together, still putting on the independent act. Fucking bizarre.

The return inbound bus trip was a zoo. I got screwed out of taking the bus I wanted as it was two minutes early, and then the alternate one on the other side of the road was three minutes late, stretching my wait time in the shade of an adjacent tree from the expected 7 minutes to 12 minutes. The city bus freakshow started in earnest with a green headscarfed woman on board, and any kind of head adornments that hide one's head or face are decidedly Unfavored. Now, was she wearing a rather un-summer-like dark green headscarf because I was under a green tree while waiting, or was it because I had a fresh green zucchini in my back pack? Who knows, as there were plenty of green color gangstalking vehicles while enduring the extra wait in the sweltering heat.

More silliness on the city bus freakshow was a woman with a two-wide stroller with two children in them, one of whom pulled on a seat prematurely while the stroller was in motion and the mother totally spaced out (on purpose I suspect), and the child was dumped out onto the floor of the bus to great wails and grief. Yessir, we have done this one before where they even bring the wailing child closer to me for whatever reason. By missing the first bus, it was some six minutes ahead of the bus I was on once they reached the same arterial street, (Shelbourne for locals), but lo, if there wasn't 19 passengers waiting at the bus stop on one of the hottest days of the summer. Unbelievable for a mid weekday, but there they were. My seatmate put on the bonhomie act with the driver for one bus stop's distance, and then had me lined up to sit beside with his red pack and his red juice in a plastic pop bottle. Near the end of the journey he even ventured to drink some of the red juice that he was keeping on his lap, presumably to test the red "reading" with the juice in him to me versus the on-lap version. Then when attempting to get off, some Fuckwit who just boarded and sat down in front of me then got up so to be in my way when I was waiting in the aisle while the bus was held up at the traffic control. In other words, the Fuckwit expressly got up to stand in my way, when he had no normal need to do so. That he was on the step below me also served the perp cause, as they seem to like changing respective elevations of the Fuckwits to the victim, hence the bend over games and the partial seated lift up and then sit down stunts I get to see everywhere in public, but especially on buses. And at the bus stop I see they have also relocated the traffic control, porting the power from the the original lamp standard to a temporary one some 2' away. I believe I have covered this senseless piece of civic works, but it seems the perps wanted to have the electrical wires exposed and a 200lb chunk of steet as the temporary pole anchor. If I don't get my recall fucked I will show a picture of this nonsense in the next week or so as I work through the latest set.

I was on installation duty at my mother's place; many of the purchases for the garden were still on the dining room table so it was up to me to assemble them, install them, and even put on the training as to how easy it was to operate the new hose nozzle for instance. We shall see. The perps are still beating on their interest in water and its properties as it comes from hoses and pipes of varying colors and sizes metals and plastics, as well as through irrigation pipes and nozzle heads. This too seems to be a huge area of research interest for them, and they aren't quitting anytime soon, and seem to be sucking wind on figuring it out, whatever the fuck it his they are hounding me over.

I also did more plant pruning at my mother's place, and that brought on the neighbor's lawnmower noise, same as yesterday while there. The perps have got a total fixation anytime I do pruning, plant cutting, plant pulling, plant digging up or any kind of plant injurious activity. The noise level goes up, and that would include the ones they plant in my mouth so it is heard through my head and not my ears. The freaking motorcycle noises were increased as were commercial trucks that ordinarily don't transit the adjacent streets with such frequency. The perps also set up some rock games; one was a red and grey color that I picked out of the back of a garden bed as I was raking up the pruned branches, thinking it to be an off-round rubber ball at first. Then after I assembled the ceramic bird bath that was purchased yesterday, my mother mentioned I could put in a piece of slate in the bird bath. She virtually admitted that it "just arrived" having no idea how it recently ended up in one of her garden pots. It was Thomas Townsend Brown that worked on petrovoltaics (rock electromagnetics, or energetics), so I imagine this too is just so exciting for the perps, to lay a chunk of supplied rock in the water of the just-assembled ceramic dish bird bath, filled from the just-aquired hose nozzle. (For the honey bees to land on and a low ramp for them to drink the water). Needless to say, there isn't anything exciting in it for me, as I have been through these various events when being a houseowner for many decades. As always, the perps have their reasons, and it doesn't matter one whit if it has been done before, even decades ago.

Time to call this a wrap and get something to drink as the open kitchen window has been rendered incapable of delivering cool evening air. Just extra vehicle noise to be heard through the earmuffs.


Anonymous said...

My perps latest gangstalking show involves a "male pregnancy" theme; guys who guts extend out like a pregnant woman. Maybe because my perps CAN do such a thing; I figured it's because they have this strange perp sense of "humor".

When passing this one car dealership early yesterday morning, they had this guy standing in the parking in front of the dealership wearing a green shirt, holding a cup, with his belly "relaxed" so as to maximize its "bigness", to make it look like he was in the late stages of pregnancy.

One time this woman came in with her 5 year old daughter, who had to use the restroom really bad. Well, it turns out she never went inside the bathroom, but rather came back out and just peed all over the floor in front of me like a cow. It was really gushing out, and it seems like a premeditated stunt. In order to gush out like that, she definitely wasn't wearing diapers, and probably not even underpants. There was a lot of it, too. And the funny thing is, there were these 3 girls standing to the left, doing their "posing" thing, unaware of what this little girl was about to do. The one girl was hirsute, and had really hairy legs, like she hadn't shaved her legs in like 6 months of more. Of course, the perps had her take one of her shoes off, so I can see the veins in her feet, She then put the shoe back on. When the little girl started gushing, those girls (gangstalkers imo) got all freaked out and ran off to the side, all hysterical and giggling. It came after I "dared" my perps to pull of an outrageous stunt. I guess the girl peeing and the hirsute young woman was pretty outrageous. For some reason, it was important to have lots of yellow pee running all over the floor in a large puddle in front of me. It was a brick-type floor, no carpet, so obviously the perps knew this stunt would be effective. Now if it were carpet, it would have been a bigger disaster in terms of lingering smell.

Perps just love to have gangstalkers pee all over the place sometimes. The one time, I got to see dudes standing on their front steps peeing in my direction.

Anonymous said...

On rare occasions, they like to have neighbors start up their lawnmowers really late and night, like they're mowing their lawns. I was like, WTF; it's 1130PM, and who would be mowing their lawn at that hour? I did pass one guy supposedly mowing his lawn when it was completely dark. I couldn't see the source, and there were no lights for him to see. Strange thing, that; why they must want me to be exposed to lawnmore engine sounds. Another favorite tactic is to have "parties" going on when I'm passing houses, usually with laughter. Why the laughter is important is something I can't figure out. One perp said it was a rage-ification tactic, intended to piss me off.

AJH said...

Answer to: My perps latest gangstalking show...

The "gut strut"; having males with competing guts as to whose is bigger, more unsightly etc. And as you mention, having males with a high (and large) gut, not unlike female pregnancy in shape. I haven't figured out the total picture, but the perps do like to have males and females "swap" features. That is to say, like the example of a male having a higher gut, emulating a pregnant woman. And it goes the other way too; a large gutted female with the bulk of it low down like a male.

Thankfully I haven't had the public pissing stunts, but it seems very important for the perps to have the TI see someone else's piss. Theoretically, unloading pee would give the perps an energy reading from the inside of the pisser, and they like to compare one's inside "readings" (energetics IMHO) to the pee outside of the pisser, both with the TI proximate. Having one color, yellow, over top of a brick red or brown is all part of the show, being able to model the energetics of all internal organs' color contents remotely. Every morning when I place red jam over brown peanut butter they always put on exta noise and enrage me at the same time. The juxtaposition of colored objects, including internal body organs, is of intense perp interest of late. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: On rare occasions...

I haven't had a night time lawnmower noise yet, but there is always a first time.

The laughter noise is processed in a differing part of the brain, the deeper brain stem and amygdala, and the perps like specific noises for specific situations in monitoring the TI's neural responses. Laughter has never been a rage-fication tactic or to elicit like resentfulness responses. Its all about "tickling" the specific brain area (neural pathways) in their chosen venue/location. In my case, they probably have laughter arranged in all the locations I usually frequent, including the bus ride to/from my parent's place. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks, that's exactly what they were doing. They had guys with "higher" guts than usual. It all makes sense to me now. I have seen the females with the "straight down" legs look, like males have, i.e., not having the typical "womanly" shapely hips. They also have sent guys with hips/upper thighs that are "shapely and round" like a woman's before, and I couldn't figure out why they were doing this.