Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off to the Doc

I recovered from last night's all emcompassing tiredness wipeout; onto the bed after doing the blog posting, waking up around 2215 and dragging my ass into the bathroom to do dental hygeine, then into bed for some planted notions as to what is causing this and then to sleep until 0700h. A 11 hour near-continuous sleep in other words, quite the feat when it is at least the third in the past week. So I got a doctor appointment to see if there is anything "legitimate" that is the problem. I don't expect much definite, and no doubt it will be blown off ("working too hard"), and the tests will all be negative. When living in a managed bubble, down the last breath, burp and fart, nothing is normal, but this tiredness jerkaround has me mystified as to why they would pull this off. I suspect the real reason is to keep any kind of full day employment activity disrupted, as they have been keeping me on a alternating one day on, one day off, work attendance record for over a week now. They are a long way from allowing me to work at an office job, 5 days on, 2 off, and at the same desk. The farmwork also allows the sickos to move me around on the jobsite.

I saw the doc, and the best he could do was send me to the lab, which was duly choked with patients ahead of me, not a chair to the room. The assholes jit figured out; keep me outside the room and then have a chair availible after some 5 minutes. That way, more of the hallway and adjacent elevator traffic/gangstalkers could take part in the action. It wasn't as bad as it first seemed, and after some 15 minutes I was out of there with the three blood samples taken.

And the perps have me sleeping while seated here blogging; time to log off and do another nap attack.

What is with the staring bullshit that has ramped up this past two weeks. I get at least two per day, and it is very directed. As an example, someone coming off the bus is usually preoccupied with getting off, heading in the correct direction, and then ensuring they fit with the flow of other pedestrians on the sidewalk. Not this time; some bag shoots me a look as she was getting off and I was seated in the rear. Then another staring at the doctor's office. Freaking bizarre. Another one yesterday on the bus; a pretty woman and not overly ornate for the industrial park area, had me lined up before I had paid, and once done, she was still staring at me. I don't get the chance to stare back in these encounters as my entire attentional vision control has how been subsumed by the assholes. They certainly don't like to have me involved in confrontations as I have such a hair trigger "reaction", courtesy of the perps' ongoing games.

A 1.5 hour nap just ended, and as usual, the post-nap groggyness is being applied. And not only that, but they are rendering the text on this LCD panel to be fuzzy and out of focus which is extremely annoying. I am still dragging my ass, and expect that to be the prevalent mood when I set off for the part time cleaning job tonight, then one at the car dealership.

The tiredness has come on again, and with an elevated tempurature. One thing I learned was that my blood pressure was a normal 112/64, unlike the pre-overt harassment days when it was 135/90, borderline of "too high". But then again, they are running so many bodily functions that I cannot keep up.

A forced coughing jag was cause for a rage-ification response; no lung congestion of any kind (it seems) and yet the coughin would not stop.

Onto bedtime soon, as I am too whacked out to do much else.


Anonymous said...

Perps can also make you tired via their orchestrated harassment and usual humiliation tactics. They really can sap a lot of energy out of you in this classic, low-tech manner.

Interesting photo I found here:

It almost looks staged, with the guy standing there with his hands clasped behind his back. Perps often want me to see silhouettes of people standing just like this guy here.

AJH said...

Answer to: Perps can also make you tired...

They likely have hundreds of ways to drag a person down. This seems to be emulating a low grade but persistent flu that only flares up when I don't get 11 hour sleeps.

The photo is interesting; the hands clasped behind the back is a big time pose, as the ass area and spine immediately above it seem to be prime locations for "energy chakras", and mixing the energy off the meridians in the fingers with those of ass/spine area makes for better remote assay potentional as the victim becomes proximate. Just my take, if you don't like "energy chakras" just stick to "electromagnetic signature" which is part of the picture at least.

Anonymous said...

Also note that the plane is banked parallel to the side of the building, i.e., at a 90 angle.