Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eleven Hours Sleep Again

Another eleven hour sleep, unperturbed thankfully. I measured my temperature last night, and I was 0.2F above normal, and I was feeling extra warm as well. No results from the test yesterday, which means a protracted jerkaround that may go on for months as a constant ogre as to allowable activities and their duration. The berry picking activity has already been messed with, along with the "big spending" plans that went with them. Getting out of hock was the first plan, and even that isn't accomplished.

There was no call from the doctor's office today, so that means the overtired condition is now in the mystery tour category. I do feel better today, but how long is that going to last? A few days of berry picking and I should be done over again. One of those situational conditions that governs from the perspective of keeping the lid on remunerative activities.

It has been a heavy adversity day, aka, rage-ifiied. The assholes even stopped me from dealing with their crumb mess they created in the kitchen sink, messing with my finger control. And while yelling at them and bringing in the word "work" into the slew of epithets that followed, why, a large drop of sweat landed in the center of my left side glasses for temporary vision perturbation. And if this is where the perps are at, pulling rage shows to then pull more pranks at that time, then this Fuckover show has years to run. Seven years of this insane abuse and this is where they are at, flicking water (faux sweat) drops in mid-rage while mentioning a pre-scripted word.

There were about 50 rage-ifications by the time the morning breakfast, shower, shave and dental hygeine routine was done. I figure the big excitement for the perps was the starting of a new loaf of bread, as it is crusted and browner than all the rest of the slices. This coincidence has been noted before, and could of been the initiating circumstances for an in-apartment rage Fuckover show. The incremental event of eating a slice each day and getting further from the bread end is of intense interest to the perps, and like many other color "transitions" (to them), they go fucking beserk with rage-ification abuse. Similarly, the slow change of color when infusing tea is also of intense interest, seated only 6' away while it happens in a glass teapot. They often crank me up just prior to teamaking for better remote readability it would seem. Similarly, visiting the bathroom and flushing down the toilet contents and the related color changes are also of perp interest, but they don't rage-ify me then for whatever reason.

The perps had me scripted for an afternoon visit to the downtown ATM. I normally avoid this time of day as it is a total excuse to plant gangstalkers everywhere, usually doing dumbshit stuff, posing as tourists and locals. Anyhow, they were big on the big people, especially clothing them in red for crissakes, just to be more reactive. I had a three-person wide block from exiting the ATM, doing a skit about who's turn was next. Like I don't care, I just want to get the fuck out of there. Eventually, the lemon yellow suited geriatric closest to the door went first to give me some escape through the bank door. By then, my block long tubby tail in a pink shirt had also accompanied me into the bank, and presumably was still in line. Then more obesers, and no relief when in Staples to get some things, like an HP cartridge to see if this printer is going to work. (it does). As always, I get fucked with so I cannot find everything I want, and being the ever helpful store they are, why, an oversized woman in a red shirt with a yellow band of her underneath garment was availible to help me look for A9 journals.

At the car dealership cleaning job they put on one of the seeming staff to do some posing as an overweight Unfavored demographic group member. He was in a pink shirt, and it was plain that I was meant to see him on this chair and outlined on profile to appear extra plump. Tonight, a new salesman was also profoundly overweight and posing in the same location, also with a deep pink shirt on. I just don't know why the perps have to be so fucking obvious as to planting fat people in my path, but to dress them up in red is over the top.

It has been a five negro gangstalker day (all males), which is also high for this Unfavored demographic group; Three on the way to yoga, and two of them were doing the Cheersing in mid-street, both with disgustiing skinheads, something I cannot bear to look at these (highly managed) days. The third one was suited up to look extra obvious at this semi-vagrant part of downtown. They like to put on tall negro males it seems, taller than me, and I have no recollections as to what the perps' intent is as to this particular group they like to arrange in flushes.

I notice they like to use their gangstalkers to "front run" me; a three or four wide group that is walking ahead of me, and slowing me down as I drop to their walking speed as I don't have far to go to the next intersection. Today, they herded a bad red hair dye job in front of them, so I also got this despicable hair mess to look at while contemplating as to how to get around the Fuckwits in front of me.

Another early night to see what the fuck it does to me, like making me better. It seems the big game is to jerk me around with this "condition" that "flares up" after going berry picking and actually getting paid work for once.


Anonymous said...

I do get a lot of planted gangstalkers at various times of the day. Last night, I set out at around 6PM, and it was prime time for gangstalkers. I had them coming from every single direction I looked. They had me zig-zagging through various side-streets to avoid them.

I have much better luck going out much later at night, when the gangstalker troops have drastically thinned out. They compensate by having the cops "patrol" the area where I am walking, happening to arrive at the exact place I am walking or driving. They like to use this "patrolling" excuse to shine their bright spotlight on me while I'm walking in the dark; it's so really annoying and bright.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get a lot of planted gangstalkers...

I get them all the time, no matter where or when, save twice in the past seven years. The gangstalker level is usually (not always), representative of the time of day and expectable crowd numbers. The city buses are usually overpopulated with gangstalkers though, as they like this to be a mobile freakshow for me to cast judgement (Favored or Unfavored or even unviewable) on the Fuckwit in question.