Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Floaty Sensations

The perps are up to their brain denergization fuckery again; the floaty sensations mean that they are fucking with my temporal lobes, as in reducing their energy. It would seem they are attempting a whole takeover and haven't yet figured in all out. The sickos were also pulling these floaty games when in the berry field, and instant relief was found anytime I put my arm over my head to block the beam. There must be at least four towers in the area, and all spit out masers and plasma beams.

And ugly day all round; at least 30 screaming "response" ragifications at 0430h when having breakfast and doing the morning routine. These were designed to rile me up; the usual litany of causes; faked crackling noise at my joints when I move them, dithering my fine motor control, faked touches, crumb inundation and screwing me over when picking them up, the crumb "flying" out of my hand due to extra-gravitic fuckery and a few more choice aggravations. They didn't let up during the day, fucking me with tayberries flying from my grasp, dithering my finger control when the scene is that the farm hands want me to speed up somehow, dumping 8 pint trays at once by rocking the containing carrier back and forth and then have it accelerate to flip it over. I wasn't allowed to do anything than watch until cleaning up the big dump of berries.

An ugly night last night too; the residual sensation I got little sleep, it was intruded upone by some bizarre cinematic motif that I couldn't decode. Vexing to say the least, and don't forget the perps learned to override my dream bailout defences over a year ago, so they can now keep me in a fugly dream for as long as they want.

Losts of comments I see, and I published them all. I am too wiped to reply tonight, this infernal bullshit of yesterday with a prior 9 hour sleep and then a 2.5 hour sleep in the afternoon. (This would be at least the second time in six months that they force me to have a nap on the just laundered bedsheets under the bedpread). Then they sacked me with the pseudo-sleep of last night, and are keeping me very tired. I wonder where this is going as I want to continue with berry picking to make some dough and keep me out of hock, the inevitable conswquence of this infernal chocolate addition they plague me with. The theory is that the brown chocolate is less than an inch from my brain when in my mouth, and has a direct interaction due to its color. What the perps cannot seem to do is to separate the brown color effect from differing sources at the same time; chocolate, shit, brown fat and any other brown organs and substances is all one brown melange that has a direct effect on the brain, and they cannot yet figure it all out. Not my problem; go fuck your own to figure it out.

As a partial answer to one of the comments, I am getting the Asian/native Indian/Phillipino/dark Mexican exposure in the raspberry fields, and on the bus. They put a cranked up Caucasian boy of 3 or so with a Phillipino nanny and because the boy was misbehaving, she took him to a seat closer to me. Gee thanks. But he did settle down; interesting that he had a blonde sister only about a year older than him. Fugly green checkered shirts are also getting plenty of extra airtime, and the boy was full measure for having such a shirt. In the picking it seems that there is a sample first, and then they bring in the native Indians later in the day. First it was the Mexicans nearby, then later it was native Indians. Ditto for today, starting with Phillipinos, then the native Indians some 80' away, coming around before noon. Go figure.

I am too tired to continue this blog posting, and will sign out now, hoping to get to bed before 2100h. Extreme for me.


Anonymous said...

The "brain de-energization" is very familiar to my situation as well. That's the "blast of negative energy" I feel sometimes, which causes a temporary dulling of my consciousness, but it's not nearly enough to make me faint. They seem to do that when I'm witnessing certain harassment skits.
Not sure why that is... maybe they want the full effect of the skit, yet they only want me to remember vague details of the skit, so I can't blog about it. Or maybe the combination of the de-energization "blast" and the skit are supposed to add up a certain way.

In reality, the "skit" I experienced the last time was some young hottie wearing shorts walking past me with a snooty, nose in the air attitude. When she got to the mailbox at the post office, she just stopped there and looked back at me, in a "pause".

Anonymous said...

They do that to me all the time: have me oversleep one day, and then get me cranked up enough that I can't sleep at all the next night. And it's always before a big day the next day. Seems like they want us to be sleep-deprived, to see how the brain can function under such circumstances. maybe what they're after is to measure our resiliency. It's well-known that we don't function very well (in general) when sleep deprived. Research has shown that the sleep is cumulative over a period of days. So, if you are getting 4 hours per night for a week, it's not the same as getting 4 hours after a series of restful nights. What they do with me is have me get like an hour of "sleep" without any REM or very little REM at all. Maybe they want to study how we function with a dreamless sleep, i.e. stage 4 without REM.

Those REM-less nights of like an hour or so at a time happen after a couple of nights of very restful, normal sleep.